Disclaimer: Credit goes to Eiichiro Oda for the creation of the One Piece universe and for allowing us to play in this wonderful world.

Author's Note: I am not generally one for fluffy one shots, but I have read so many good ones out there that I just had to give it a try. One Piece seems to lend itself well to the odd moments that define a character. Nor do I really take part in challenges. This is not a response but it does follow similar guidelines as a collection of pieces each expanding upon some facet of the Straw Hat crew. I am focusing on Roronoa Zoro in this collection. I do not know how many shorts there will be, nor when I will update, but whenever one comes to mind I will post it here.

Summary: Zoro's napping skills as observed by Robin and Chopper with commentary from Nami.

Napping Skills

Beneath the tree onboard the Thousand Sunny Zoro was reclined, arms behind his head, legs cross, snoring away. It seemed unreasonable for the swordsman to be sound asleep as Luffy ran wild across the deck. Chopper eyed the man closely as he walked passed to join Robin on the bench. As far as he could tell Zoro was dead to the world and no matter how many times he witnessed it Zoro's ability to block out everything amazed him. Even as he placed his basket of dried herbs on the bench he could not stop staring at the man.

"Is there something wrong, Herr Doctor?" Robin asked politely. Chopper jumped at the question. He had been so focused on Zoro that he didn't notice the older woman setting down her book.

"It's just, I've never seen anyone sleep as much as Zoro." Chopper shook his head and started to set up his work. "It's just not natural."

"Have you ever considered that he might be faking it?"

"I've thought about it. But he's just so… convincing if he is."

"You should watch him more closely, Herr Doctor. He is not as deeply asleep as you might think." Robin gave the small smile that said she knew so much more than everyone else.

"Why would he pretend?"

"Why do you think?" Her eyes flitted to Luffy and Usopp trying to pull in a giant fish. Then to Franky and Brooke holding a loud duet. Followed by a quick glance to Nami sunbathing on the deck above them.

"But…" Chopper wasn't sure he was coming to the right conclusion. "Why would he want to avoid us?"

"He's not avoiding us, Herr Doctor. He's joining us in his own way. He's just not a social as the others. Can you really blame him for not wanting to partake in the insanity?"

"Well… I guess. Though he joins in well enough when we're having a celebration."

"But then he's drinking too. And it is an excuse. As you can see, you are not going crazy and you're still here to enjoy our company."

"Well I… I have work to do…"

Robin smiled softly. "The only kind of work Signore Swordsman has is training and if he were to do that all the time then he would be avoiding us. His type of training cannot be done while idly chatting."

Frowning Chopper studied his pestle and bowl. "But is he really asleep?"

"Without a doubt." That grin made the little reindeer wonder if it Robin was playing a joke on him. She returned to reading her book while glancing around periodically. Chopper meanwhile started to grind the medicines into a fine powder.

"You must watch him a lot," the doctor declared suddenly.

"I do. I have been watching him since I arrived on the Merry. He is quite interesting." Robin paused and tilted her head as Sanji burst through the kitchen door, hollering to the ladies about some drinks or snacks he had made. "Speaking of which, watch," Robin gestured to the chef, but was staring at the swordsman.

Sanji was prancing across the grassy deck in his weird noodle-like fashion, tray high above his head. Zoro was still reclined against the tree, snoring away just as before. Chopper looked between the two men, curious about why Robin would have him watch this daily routine. Then he realized that Sanji's path would take him dangerously close to the swordsman. It always did. Even though the Thousand Sunny was larger than the Going Merry the actual deck space was still small. And if Sanji was going to avoid the joyful dancing of Usopp and Luffy then he had to pass directly by Zoro. It was all completely normal until Chopper heard Robin giggle.

The reindeer had to think hard about what he had seen that made Robin giggle. The scene was still the same. Zoro was still sprawled out on the lawn. Sanji was still fated to have a disastrous run in if he didn't pay attention. Then it dawned on Chopper. Zoro had moved. It was perfectly natural to shift while sleeping. Only Zoro had stretched his legs at the precise moment when Sanji was about to step near him.

"YOU IDIOT!" Sanji yelled over the spilt tray of delicacies as his foot came crashing down on the swordsman. Only the white katana, sheath and all, stopped the highly polished leather shoe before any damage could be done.

"Oi, what's the matter with you, dartboard brow?" Zoro grumbled, still half asleep.

"Watch where you're going, marimo!" The kicks rained down. This time Zoro dodged easily enough until he could stand and draw his swords. Chopper sighed and returned to his task. The fight would continue for many long minutes.

"Are you sure he was asleep?" Chopper asked Robin yet again.

"For this encounter? It is hard to tell. There are times when I feel certain he is faking and there are others when I am certain he is asleep. He seems able to blur the line so it is very hard to tell the difference." Robin smiled and watched the two men fight across the deck.

"Hey, Robin? What makes Zoro's naps so annoying is that he will sleep through anything." Nami shifted in her chair to watch the fight and noticed the two of them below. "You should have seen him when we first entered the Grand Line. We experienced the weirdest weather from hurricanes to snow storms. While we were trying to keep the Merry afloat he snored away. And then had the nerved to ask what happened." Nami huffed in annoyance. "That guy can sleep through anything. And an empty headed buffoon to boot." Sighing once more with displeasure she called, "Sanji, dear! Why are you wasting time over there?"

"Coming, Nami dearest!" Sanji immediately broke from the stalemate to gather a second tray of delights.

Zoro rolled his eyes and headed towards the mast with the obvious intent of making his way to the crow's nest.

"There is no way a man could sleep through all of that!" Chopper declared.

"Are you sure? We have seen Signore Swordsman sleep through some impossible things."

"But Robin, when a person is truly asleep they cannot control their body to that extent! Just staying in one place while the waves shift the ship requires conscious effort!"


Chopper stared dumbfounded at the question.

"Sometimes the best sleep isn't what happens when we're unconscious in our beds. Someone like Roronoa Zoro is sure to have figured that out with all his meditation." Robin smiled, leaving the doctor to stare after the swordsman in awe.