Summary: Usopp consoles Sanji over their wanted posters after Enies Lobby. Really, 77 million beli isn't so bad once you think about it.

Wanted Posters

Of the eight wanted posters spread out before him, three pictures had members of the crew who were absolutely horrified. For vastly different reasons. Those three did not understand why the others had to bring the wanted posters onboard the ship. Nami hated the idea of her picture being shown around the world. Chopper couldn't believe the government thought him worth only fifty beli. And Sanji… His picture was only a vague recollection of what the man looked like.

The cook's hand reached out to grab the flyer, intending on crumbling it into a small ball and setting it alight with his matches. It seemed like a fitting end to the horrific sketch on the poster. It wasn't even worth calling it a drawing. For Sanji it was nothing short of a nightmare. Women everywhere would be glancing at these posters and no doubt fawning over the attractive wanted men. The chef wanted to be one of those well-admired men. That way when he entered a town bar or local pub he would be the center of attention for all the lovely ladies in the area. Just to have that privilege was worth the risk of having a bounty and courting danger with the Marines. But some low life photographer ruined that chance!

"Hoi, Sanji, what are you doing with the posters?" Usopp had entered the library and aquarium room just in time to witness the one handed crumple of a flyer.

"Just removing the eyesore," Sanji grimaced at being caught, the wad of paper bounced across the tabletop.

"That's proof that you're famous. Why do you want to get rid of it?"

The cook merely rolled his eyes to glare at the sniper. How dare he make light of the problem! "It doesn't even look like me. It's some crappy drawing and no one will recognize me from it. I don't even know why we have them on the ship."

Usopp shrugged as he approached the table with the wanted posters spread out so they were easy to see. "Robin said it was important to keep copies of the information the Government has on us so we can be aware of their next moves."

"And the reason they're on display? We know who we are."

"Guess she hasn't put them away yet."

"Have you seen the posters? Everyone else has a photograph except me."

"Would you like me to send them a more accurate portrait?" Usopp offered seriously. He did not expect Sanji to round on him with a glare intense enough to start a fire. Carefully the sniper backed off. "Think about it this way… If the bounty hunters can't recognize you, you can still go places without worrying about a disguise. Just ask Nami… She would be glad to have an unrecognizable drawing instead of her photograph."

"It's about the recognition. Proof that the government has taken you seriously." Sanji returned his glare to the papers on the table.

"If you just think about how much your first bounty is, you'd realize that they have taken you seriously." Usopp tried a different tactic. "I mean Chopper only has a bounty of fifty beli. The World Government doesn't even know what he's capable of. At least with seventy seven million beli, you are on the radar of the bounty hunters. Even without a proper picture you're going to be recognized. I was wearing a mask, so no one even knows what I look like. Eh…. Sanji?" Usopp tried to regain the cook's attention.

Sanji was glaring at the wanted posters as if his stare alone could burn up the offending article. The stupid sketch that looked nothing like him. How was he supposed to find something positive about the whole situation? He had to be the laughing stock of every bar, every town, every sea! And Baratie! How was he supposed to get back there and kick everyone's ass?

"Hey, Sanji!" Usopp's voice finally penetrated the cook's furious musings. When Sanji turned to regard the sniper, Usopp retreated slightly. "Hey… Sanji… Stop thinking about the picture. Everyone knows your name right? Black Leg Sanji. That's really all you need if you think about it. Once people hear us call you by name they'll know. And if you really think about it, seventy-seven million beli is a fantastic bounty. It's higher than Luffy's or Zoro's first bounties."

"What?" Sanji's glare turned to surprise as this fact thundered through his head.

Usopp fumbled for a moment to understand what the chef was referring to. Once that clicked he surged forward with a new strategy of taking Sanji's mind off the picture on the wanted poster. "Uh… you first bounty is larger than Zoro's first bounty? It's nearly twenty million beli over Zoro's first bounty. Fourty million beli over Luffy's first bounty. That has to be impressive!"

For a moment Sanji did nothing but stare at the pages on the table. His first bounty was greater than either Zoro's or Luffy's. That was worth something. "Seventy-seven million… That is a respectable amount…" Sanji pulled out a cigarette as he considered this. "It is higher than marimo's first bounty," the chef smirked in amusement.

"That's only because of whose crew you're on," a deep voice called from the doorway, causing Usopp to jump in surprise. "And look at how long it took you to get a bounty."

"Zoro!" the sniper called out as soon as he recognized the man who had walked in on them. "What are you doing here?"

Zoro shrugged and meandered in to the library to glance at the papers on the table. "I was looking for the galley."

"That's in the complete opposite direction, shitty marimo!" Sanji yelled at the swordsman's stupidity. "It's not that big of a ship, how can you get lost?"

"I was following the sound of your voice, you idiot love-cook. Because you're always in the galley." For a moment it looked as though the two young men were going to fight dangerously close to the aquarium, then Zoro completely disregarded Sanji in favor of studying the wanted posters himself. "Still complaining about your picture? Sheesh, it's not like it is such a big deal."

Usopp fled before Sanji's foot hit Zoro's sword. He wanted no part of their battle.