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Once I'd decided that my only escape from Edward would be to leave by way of officer escort to the hospital, being ever practical started to kick in. I started thinking about my deductible, and coinsurance and copays and the fact that I'd be paying for this in more ways than one.

I didn't need the added expense of an unnecessary hospital visit. I was a grown woman and could care for myself. I could tell Edward to get lost, if I wanted, but I knew I wouldn't.

He was standing so close to me.

Just one look. For memory only.

Just one look.

The thing was, I was fooling myself to think I could look at him and not see him. My eyes met his and I could see all the pain and frustration and heartache so clearly because I had been looking in the mirror, and for so long my reflection was the same as his.

He came closer. He always knew when to make his move. His hands cautiously raised and rested gently on my bare shoulders. He pulled me closer still and my eyes instinctively closed. I could feel his breath on my face and when his nose skimmed ever so slightly up against my temple, and then the softest kiss placed, I couldn't help but breathe him in and relish the most intimate contact I'd had since I was last with him.

"Bella." He didn't say my name uncertainly. And even though it was only a whisper spoken from his lips, amongst the playing and water splashing and people everywhere, that small whisper was the loudest sound of them all.

I loudly cleared my throat.

"I'm really sorry," I directed at the kind officer and stepped away from Edward, "but I'm not going to need to go in after all. I really am feeling fine now, I just needed some water—it's rather hot out right now in case you hadn't noticed."

"Are you sure this time?" he asked. Perhaps he could sense the hesitation that had bloomed in me. He was willing to give me an out.

"Yes. I'm sure. I really appreciate all that you've done, but I think I'm just going to head home. It's not far from here." I didn't want to wait around for my mind to change, again, so I just started moving towards home.

I knew that Edward was going to follow me. Maybe this will be good for the both of us after all.

"Edward!" I heard from a short distance. I tried not to be obvious, but I had to turn my head to see that the woman I'd first seen him with was quickly approaching with a child on her hip. A young child—a toddler even.

"Hang on, Kate." Edward asked.

"Man, this guy was fast on your heels, honey. I felt like I was falling out of my top trying to chase after him chasing after you, chasing after her." She exasperatedly rushed out looking directly at me and gesturing wildly. "It's a good thing he has on his water socks, but I didn't get the luxury." She brushed some sand off her leg and left foot before continuing, "Now I have to get back to Elizabeth, who is positively dying for introductions by the way."


She openly laughed and then brought the child forward to place in Edward's waiting arms. She patted Edward on the back in such a comfortable way and then reached up to place a sweet kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks, Honey." she offered. And then she turned around and headed off in the opposite direction.

"Hey big guy." he tenderly said to this child. "And Bella, I know your mind. Do not freak out over this. It's not anything like what you may be thinking."

He knows my mind.

I scoffed.

I didn't know my mind right now. I was shocked, panicking, scared that I'd lost him, which was ridiculous since he hasn't been mine in so long! I didn't have a firm knowledge of exactly what I was feeling, how could he possibly know!

"Really, Edward? Please enlighten me then. Right now. Go ahead." Defeat was quickly being replaced with the anger I'd felt earlier when he held me bound.

"Let's get you home, wherever that is, and we can discuss this."

"Oh no you don't!" I scream whispered to him. It was sort of silly since we were outdoors and I'm sure no one was paying us any attention—the officer had left us alone a bit ago. And despite the fact I was deciding that I was definitely riled up, I didn't want to upset this little boy who had some sort of connection to Edward and was pulling at his face trying to garner his attention.

"Mets, come on." Edward adjusted 'Mets' to get him to stop. "I'm not letting you go again, Bella. It's just not possible for me at this point. I have to go with you. We're coming with you."

"'We're' who?" I mocked with air quotes.

"Me and Mets. We're going to follow you where ever you go. There's no getting rid of us now."

I was hopeful and angry and confused...possibly bipolar. Hot and cold, both, in less than an hour. However, it just took one look at this man before me to realize I wasn't going to shake him. That I've never, ever been able to shake him.

"Follow me. I hope you both have on a good sunblock."

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