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It has been WAY too long since I've done this, thought Dave languorously. He gently stroked the soft arm draped across his chest and turned to stare at his sleeping lover.

To say that he and Mindy MacCready made an odd couple was an understatement. Dave was gentle, levelheaded, and cool under fire, while Mindy, she burned with an animal passion and ferocity in the heat of battle that made her the textbook definition of a firebrand. Dave had chosen to be a superhero, putting himself out there with nothing more than a costume, a pair of weighted rattan sticks, and a bullheaded determination. Mindy, it seemed, was born to be a superhero, with an origin story that would not have been out of place in a Greek tragedy.

And yet, in spite of these differences, or perhaps because of them, Dave and Mindy had become fast friends after their famous assault on the D'Amico penthouse, friendship eventually giving way to courtship and love.

Smiling, Dave gently pulled back the covers of the bed to look at Mindy's sleeping form. She groaned gently and turned, her body now facing him. When they had first met, she'd been a slender (albeit well-toned) little girl of 11. Now, she was a robust young woman of 14. He trailed his finger down her neck, across her firm, developing breasts, and finally stopped at her mons pubis. Mindy smiled curtly, but did not wake, simply burrowing deeper into the blanket as Dave replaced it over her. With her long golden hair spread about the pillow, Dave couldn't help but think how angelic she looked in the moonlight that streamed through her window.

If you had told Dave two and half years ago that he'd be in this situation with Mindy, he'd have thought you were just a pervert and a nut case. His then-girlfriend, Katie Deauxma, had broken up with him shortly after Mindy's 12th birthday due to a combination of displeasure with his superhero lifestyle and feelings of inadequacy when measured against his friendship with Mindy. He'd also briefly dated one his coworkers, a busty blond name Riley O'Dwyer, but that relationship didn't last beyond a few months. It was nobody's fault, really; they were just different people with different life goals who didn't have much in common besides a love of sex. Dave was glad that they had decided to stay friends.

Dear lord, Katie had been a great fuck. She'd had seemingly no gag reflex, always seemed able to time her orgasm to Dave's, and could even be made to squirt when he was on the top of his game. Riley had been even better; her orgasms were longer and more frequent, she could drink semen like a fish and was up for doing it in positions and locations that would have made Katie blush.

But as pleasurable an experience it had been while fucking Katie or Riley, it had always been just that: fucking. They had fucked, banged, done the nasty, bumped uglies, knocked boots, taken the skin club to the baby seal, and just about every filthy sexual euphemism he could think of.

But he had only ever made love with Mindy. With Mindy, it had been so different; her lips and hands had covered every part of his body, and her essence had filled every part of his mind. There was no awkward shuffling to change positions, for they had instinctively known what the other wanted, what they other needed. Her inner walls seemed to be custom-made for his cock as he'd entered her, like wine filling a glass. The emotional release of her final orgasm had brought Mindy to tears of joy, and Dave had not been ashamed to cry with her.

The road ahead would be hard. If and when their relationship came out, Dave would be demonized, horrible words like "monster," "pervert," "pedophile," and "cradle-robber" thrown at him by people who wouldn't understand how honorable his intentions were and how chaste his love was. It would be even harder for Mindy, who would be seen either as a fille fatale, a little slattern who let an older man violate her and enjoyed every second of it, or a poor little rape victim who couldn't possibly have consented, no matter how mature and intelligent she was for her age. But in spite of these hardships, they would stand together. As Dave Lizewski and Mindy MacCready or as Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, they would take on the world, and they would win.

Dave's eyes began to grow heavy with post-coital exhaustion, and as he gently snaked his arm under Mindy's neck to pull her closer to him, he softly whispered, "I will always be here for you, Mindy. I will always love you and protect you, as long as I have a single breath in my body." He pressed a small kiss to her heart-shaped lips and allowed sleep to take him.

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