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Oh God, thought Mindy, catching her reflection in the mirror across the room, I look like death itself.

Carefully untangling herself from her sleeping lover, Mindy tiptoed across the room, sat naked at her vanity, and began trying to brush her hair into some semblance of neatness. It was a shame that they didn't sell the right kind of hemorrhoid ointment in the States anymore, because she could use some for the bags under her eyes.

Not that Dave looked much better. His usually neat jewfro was wild and unkempt, his own eyes were almost as darkly circled as her own, and there were raised lines along his back and sides where she'd scratched him during their lovemaking. Mindy smiled as she recalled how that night had come about.

Mindy had come down to have breakfast like any other day, but was surprised that Dave was there, making her her favorite: chocolate chip pancakes.

"Dave? What the fuck are you doing here at 8:00 in the morning?"

"Making my girlfriend breakfast," he said innocently, "I know that Marcus had to go out of town for that police convention in Atlantic City, and I'm not leaving you alone on your 14th birthday."

Breakfast was for the moment forgotten as the young couple indulged in a quick round of heavy petting.

Dave had been Mindy's best friend since she was 11, and she'd had feelings for him almost as long, but it wasn't until shortly before she'd turned 14 that they'd finally started dating.

Well, if you can call it 'dating,' thought Mindy sardonically. Because of their age difference, they couldn't show affection in public or in front of their friends, or even give anyone any indication that they were anything more than the thick-as-thieves pair they'd always been. They made out in private (a LOT), but had never gone farther than upstairs-outside.

"Can I help in any way?"

Mindy turned to the store attendant and said, "Yeah, I'm looking for a pair of that kind of stockings with the racy seam up the back. They have to go with these." Mindy held up a pair of Catwoman-style spiked heels and a short, strapless black dress.

"These will match perfectly," said the attendant, grabbing a pair off a nearby rack, "but if you don't mind me saying so, you seem a little young to be dressing like this."

"You're right," said Mindy sweetly, "I DO mind you saying so."

Mindy tittered slightly at the memory. It must have taken the woman a good thirty seconds to recover from that riposte. Although, in her defense, that ensemble did have a pretty strong "come-and-get-it" vibe. But then, that was the whole point.

It was seven o'clock, and Dave was due to take her to dinner at any minute. Mindy gave herself one last look in the mirror. Eyeshadow? Striking. Rouge? Subtle. Lipstick? Wickedly sensual. Hair? A nice little half updo. She'd briefly considered stuffing her bra a little, but decided against it. She wanted Dave to "come-and-get-it," but she wanted him to "come-and-get-it" because HE wanted to "come-and-get-it," not because she was all but telling him to.

And boy, had he. He hid it well, but Dave was clearly hiding a serious boner the entire car ride to the restaurant.

Mindy gently cleaned the smeared remains of her makeup off her face, relishing the warm water from the bathroom sink against her chilly skin, and then carefully wiped Dave's cold jism away from her thighs. Dave had (weakly) protested that they should use a condom, but Mindy had wanted to experience that feeling of ultimate togetherness with Dave properly, without any barrier between them. Besides, she was on the pill and it was her safe day.

The dinner had gone very well. Everything had been cooked to perfection, a waiter and cook got into a fist fight in front of everyone, and Dave hadn't noticed anything but Mindy the entire time, much to her delight.

"Come inside and have some coffee," said Mindy later, trying to cajole Dave into coming inside, "it's my birthday, and I want to spend the rest of it with you." She not-so-subtly placed her hand on his inner thigh.

So he did. They flipped the radio on, drank their coffee and talked for hours about the new players on the superhero scene, who was the new top contender for "deadliest villain," and any new training methods they'd heard about. But just as the radio began to play Taylor Swift's "Sparks Fly," both of them fell silent. Mindy's eyes turned to the clock, which flashed 11:11.

"Wow," said Dave, looking at the clock himself, "I've heard that moments like this are when dreams come tr-urmmph!"

Dave was silenced as Mindy launched herself at him, pressing their lips together in a fiery kiss which he eagerly began to return. Without really meaning to, Dave's fingers began to slowly crawl down Mindy's back, across her butt, and finally stopped to mischievously tweak the elastic on her stocking.

Mindy broke the kiss, cupped Dave's face in her hands, and said, "You've been treating me like a lady all night, Dave Lizewski. Now take me upstairs and treat me like a whore."

Of course, he hadn't. Even as they went at it like rabbits, Dave took the time to be gentle, worshiping every inch of her body as if she was some perfect goddess and he her high priest.

Mindy had dated other guys before she and Dave got together. A few of the boys in her classes had been nice, and she hadn't had a terrible time, but she just couldn't connect with them the way she did with Dave. The fact of the matter was that they simply were not normal people. They had made the choice (or, in her case, the choice had been made for her) to be special, and there was no going back once you went in. The boys at school couldn't leap across rooftops. They boys at school had never dashed into a burning building to save someone trapped inside. The boys at school couldn't take bone-crushing blows and get back up. Only Dave could do those things. So only Dave had managed to steal her heart.

Mindy crawled back into bed and wrapped Dave's arm around her, causing him to instinctively pull her close to him.

"I love you, Dawid Franciszek Lizewski," said Mindy softly, "You're my Dave, and I'll never you go." Her eyes grew heavy, and Mindy drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

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