"Come on!" 14-year-old Nina Yamada cries to her blue-haired boyfriend and brown haired best friend.

"Zero just teach her already." The brown haired boy named Ichi said.

"No! Ichi I just got it back!" Zero cried.

Nina pouted. "It's so NAWT fair if you don't teach me!"

"Hun…'-Zero said leaning closer to Nina cupping her chin with his hand-'haven't you heard that LIFE'S NOT FAIR!"

"Zero you IDIOT!" Nina yelled back blushing.

"Please Zero just teach me." Nina begged.

"Fine. But only after I get used to it again."


Then Zero-kun was off. Skating down the streets by Nina's house. After what seemed like forever he was back and his blue hair was ruffled funny.

"I see why I wore a hat." Zero muttered to him self. Ichi rolled his eyes. Ichi looked at Zero's new skateboard. It was dark blue and had baby blue wheels.

"Zero. Your cleaning that thing when your done." Ichi said. The fifteen-year-old boy stuck his tongue out as a response.

"Come on Nina. I'll try to help your poor soul out."

Nina started to smile then it dawned on her about what he said.


Zero helped Nina onto the skateboard. Then explained to her what to do. She nodded eyes wide with a determined expression.

Soon after paying attention to Zero she was off. And there was Zero running after her his hands in the area around her waist so she didn't fall off. She was pretty good.

"Zero your such a dad!" Nina smirked. She stopped paying attention to what she was doing and WHAM! A gravely road can do a lot to a couple it seems. Well to explain Nina flew off the skateboard and landed hard on top of Zero and Nina's purple DC (it's a shoe brand if you don't know) flew in front of the skateboard and stopped it.

Nina laughed and Zero winced.

"Niiii-Naaaaa! Get off of me!" Zero whined.

"Oh shut up!" Nina said as she leaned forward and kissed him.

"Idiot." Zero murmured as she pulled away.

"ZERO!" From a distance Ichi saw what happened and smiled. You can totally tell those two were in love.