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Bramblestar paced outside of the nursery, his body tense with worry. A small, pained cry echoed from inside, followed by a weak mewling. Agitated and filled with worry, Bramblestar poked his head inside the nursery. Jayfeather was crouched in front of a furry ginger shape on the ground, and turned when he heard Bramblestar's approach. "Is everything alright?" He sank his claws into the soft earth when he saw Jayfeather's concerned face. "How's Squirrelflight? Is she okay? What about the kits?"

"Bramblestar…I'm sorry…" Jayfeather mewled quietly. He opened his mouth to continue, but Bramblestar cut him off.

"No…no!" he yowled, pushing past him - only to see Squirrelflight smiling up at him with three kits suckling at her belly.

Jayfeather sighed. "I would be grateful if you would let me finish…Anyway, what I was trying to say was that you'll have to leave soon. It was a difficult kitting, and Squirrelflight is exhausted." The blind gray tom shook his head in exasperation. "You should really learn to listen to your medicine cat, oh great and powerful leader of Thunderclan."

Bramblestar smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, Jayfeather. And thank you." Jayfeather nodded in return, staring at him with unseeing blue eyes.

"Now that you're all happy and whatnot, can we please have Bramblestar meet his kits? And what about me?" Both toms gave her guilty looks. "Toms!" She grumbled to herself, but she was smiling as she did.

Bramblestar padded closer to get a better look at his kits. The largest one was a dark tabby like him, and kept kicking his sister away, a tortoiseshell with brown and ginger patches and tiny white paws. Peering closer, he could make out slightly darker ginger tabby stripes. And to the right was another tom, this time a fiery ginger, just like Firestar… Bramblestar felt a pang of sadness at the thought of his former leader and mentor. He had died four moons ago in a border skirmish, and Bramblestar returned to Squirrelflight in her time of need. He shook the memory away. This was a time for joy, not pain! "This one looks just like Firestar…why not name him Firekit?" Squirrelflight said, speaking his thoughts aloud. Bramblestar smiled sadly and nodded. "That way, Firestar can live on in his kin." The ginger queen added, giving the kit a gentle lick on the head. "And the tortoiseshell could be named Twokit, because with the two patches on her face, it looks like she has two faces."

Bramblestar smiled wryly at his mate. "Save one for me!" He meowed jokingly, gently butting his head against her shoulder. "The tabby tom…he looks just like Tigerstar…" At that, the three cats grew silent at the memory of the former Shadowclan leader, and arch-enemy of Firestar. Finally, Squirrelflight broke the silence. "Maybe we should name him Tigerkit…" At Bramblestar and Jayfeather's shared shocked looks, she hurriedly explained. "Perhaps…perhaps it's time the clans remember that name for something else; if we name him Tigerkit, they'll remember him for what a great warrior he was-or for now, for what a great leader his father is."

Bramblestar smiled affectionately down at his mate and gave her a loving lick on the head. "Alright…Tigerkit, Twokit, and Firekit it is."

After a few more moments, Jayfeather exclaimed in frustration. "Dear Starclan! Can you PLEASE leave now?"

And that is how two warriors were reborn.

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