*Since there have been some complaints, here is the story behind Twokit's name. The reason the kit is named Twokit is because we found a tiny tortoiseshell kitten in our back yard that my little brother named Twoface (huge batman fan). She died, and that kit is her memorial.* I also apologize for not updating for so long; I needed to get my grades up…

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Twokit couldn't sleep. She was just bubbling with energy, tossing and turning in the warm moss nest. Every time she managed to stop wriggling, she'd feel an itch at the base of her tail, or a loose piece of moss would tickle her nose, and she was up again. Eventually, not wanting to wake up her brothers, she slipped outside to find a way to vent some of her energy.

The pale moon cast a faint glow over the camp. Eerie shadows danced across the hardened ground, and the wind seemed to whisper and moan as is stirred among the trees. A small shiver crawled up Twokit's back, and she hesitantly padded out of the nursery. Her pawsteps were echoed by the faint crunch of dead leaves, and as an icy wind penetrated her kitten-soft fur, she knew the icy claws of leaf-bare would soon penetrate the forest.

The sudden snap of a twig startled Twokit out of her day—or more accurately, night—dream, and she quickly spun around to see who had made the noise. Her paws slipped on the dew-slick leaves though, and Twokit found herself lying on her back, the wind knocked out of her. Fox dung, she swore to herself as she lay on her back, gasping for air. A dark shadow loomed over her and she felt herself shrink with fear. Suddenly, the shadow spoke: "Hello, Twokit."

Firekit felt a sudden emptiness in the nest, and a chill crept through his fluffy pelt. Blinking blearily, he lifted his head and turned to look around the nursery. Squirrelflight's fluffy tail was curled around him and Tigerkit, who snored loudly. Twokit's spot was empty, though, with the moss still clinging to her warmth. Suddenly concerned, Firekit rose to his paws and followed her scent trail outside.

How does she know my name? Twokit thought fearfully. The stranger that had her pinned down was definitely a she-cat, but didn't smell of any clan that she knew of. "How…y-you shouldn't be on Thunderclan territory…" she mewled bravely, but her voice was several octaves higher than normal, and she cringed at how squeaky it sounded. The she-cat purred softly, and Twokit felt herself flush underneath her pelt. "Very brave of you, Twokit, but you have nothing to fear from me." The she-cat stepped back into a shaft of moonlight, and Twokit scrambled to her paws and quickly bowed her head in respect at the stranger. "I-I'm sorry—I had no idea…" For in front of Twokit stood a beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat whose fur glimmered with starlight. In front of Twokit stood a cat from Starclan.

Firekit barely held back a gasp as he saw the dark cat holding down his sister step back into the light. Her sleek pelt shone with the stars, and he realized that he was seeing a cat from Starclan. But, instead of being filled with awe, Firekit was filled with a creeping sense of dread. He didn't know why, but he didn't trust this cat. A thought suddenly struck him. But wait...what if…what if she isn't a Starclan cat…? What is she's from the Dark Forest?

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