Five Years Later

It was a beautiful summer day, the sun shining beautifully without being oppressive and the only clouds in the sky looking like white cotton candy. There was a gathering in a garden that had clearly been decorated expertly and would have looked gorgeous even in the rain, but in the sun was radiant. There was an air of excitement filling the air and the reason wasn't that difficult to figure out – it was the day of Ruby and Sapphire's wedding.

Yellow and Red stood together, a bit apart from the general mob. Red had his arm around Yellow's shoulder, a small gold band glittering in the light and matching the one on Yellow's left hand. "I have to admit," Red said. "I wasn't really sure they would get this far."

"Really?" Yellow wondered surprised. "I thought they'd be the first to get married. They've been together the longest."

"But they could never agree on anything about the wedding. Sapph wanted to have it in the woods and get married in a dress made of leaves."

"And they compromised with the garden. Though that did take them about a year to agree on."

"My wedding was way easier to organize," Blue added startling Yellow who jumped backwards into Red making him stumbled back a few steps before steadying them both. "Green refused to have anything to do with the planning so I got to do whatever I wanted!"

"I remember," Yellow said, clearly reliving the past.

"That cake," Red muttered, his voice one of trauma. "And the music."

Blue simply cackled gleefully. Green arrived carrying a baby girl who was tugging insistently on his tie. Yellow walked over instantly and started playing with the baby. The baby was Blue and Green's daughter, Aqua (so named because Blue wanted her name to be a color between blue and green and Green vetoed her first choice, Turquoise, which Aqua will surely thank him for later).

"Hey Green," Red greeted the man. "Excited for the wedding?"

"Why would I be?" Green asked.

"It's Ruby and Sapphire!" Blue exclaimed, hitting Green. "I've been waiting for their wedding for years!"

"You're more than excited enough for the both of us," Green pointed out. Blue pouted at him and he pointedly ignored her. "Besides," Green finally said after he couldn't take Blue anymore. "I'm not a groomsman so I don't have to act excited."

"You're not?" Yellow said. "Why not?"

"Ruby was offended when Green refused to let him make Blue's dress," Red replied.

"Yellow! Blue! We need you!" yelled Crys from somewhere in the throng of people.

"Sounds like Sapph needs us. See you later Red. And you," Blue leveled a glare at her husband. "Don't let any weird wedding guests touch Aqua."

"I wasn't going to," Green retorted.

Blue kept staring at him as she walked backwards until she literally ran into Crys who didn't budge. She just pushed Blue off her. The three flitted through the crowd and reached a pavilion that was closed off from the rest of the garden.

Sapphire sat inside on a chair in a beautiful white dress. However, she looked quite uncomfortable and was staring unhappily at herself in a mirror.

"Are you sure I can't get married in sweatpants?" She asked desperately when she noticed the three.

"You could try but Ruby would probably postpone the wedding until you were wearing something appropriate," Blue pointed out.

"Besides, what you're wearing is less frilly than whatever Ruby would have made," Crys added. Ruby and Sapph had decided it was better for their relationship if he didn't make her dress. Instead Sapph had gone dress shopping with Crys and Yellow deciding that the two of them would be the least annoying company.

"Yeah," Yellow agreed. "I let him make my dress and it was so puffy I couldn't figure out where my head was supposed to go."

Blue started snickering and added, "Watching you try to put that on was one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen."

"You're just lucky Green refused to let Ruby have anything to do with your wedding," Yellow muttered.

"Ruby's still upset about that," Sapph said. "He thinks not picking Green as a groomsman will punish him, but I figured Green would be happier that way anyway so I just let him do it."

Blue laughed again, "Yeah he is happier. Green actually tried to convince Red to pick someone else as his best man. The only reason he even ended up doing it is because I told him the maid of honor and the best man have to go on a date later."

"You made that up," Yellow accused.

"I did it for you," Blue replied innocently.

"Liar," Yellow muttered, though without any real reproach.

"Where're White and Lyra?" Crys asked glaring at the door as if to make them appear. Sapph had asked Platina if she wanted to be a bridesmaid but the other woman declined, saying she wasn't as close to Sapph as the others, but the truth was she just didn't want to wear the same dress as everyone else. Dia and Pearl both declined being groomsmen as well so they could hang out with Platina in the audience.

"Dunno," Sapph shrugged.

"They'll be here," Yellow said. "White probably got distracted with the video she was making for the wedding. Last time I saw her Black had to drag her away from the editing so that she'd sleep."

"Hey everyone!" the aforementioned White gasped as she burst through the door. "I'm so sorry, I got caught up, but the video – it's perfect now. Phew." She stood panting in the doorway for several minutes.

"Now we just need – "

"Hey everyone!"

"Lyra," Crys finished.

"You look so pretty!" Lyra cooed at Sapph. Sapph glared in response.

"She'd prefer to be tough," Yellow said.

"So Crys," Blue said in her way-too-innocent voice.

"Yes?" Crys replied suspiciously.

"Are you going to catch the bouquet? Don't you think it's about time you and Gold got married? Then you can have a baby and Aqua will have someone to play with!"

"Can't Aqua play with Yellow's baby?" Crys asked.


"Oh, had you not told her yet?" Crys addressed this to Yellow.

"I was waiting for the wedding to be over," Yellow replied a bit sheepishly.

"YOU'RE HAVING A BABY?" Blue screamed and at Yellow's nod picked her up and squeezed her.

"Help! Blue. Can't…breathe," Yellow gasped. Blue set her down and the others all congratulated her as well (though with less exuberance than Blue).

"How could you have told Crys before me?" Blue asked over her jubilation and now accusatory.

"We went to lunch last week so I told her," Yellow said. "I wanted to give the news in person."

Blue looked slightly mollified but she still gave the smaller woman a long glare. "And you!" Blue said suddenly changing targets and glaring at Crys. "I love weddings so tell that man of yours to propose."

"I'm not doing that," Crys replied. "And if you keep bugging me about it maybe we'll just elope one day like Lyra and Silver."

"No! You are not doing that!" Blue yelled. "I was so angry at Silver for that!"

"That's true," Lyra said. "She yelled at him for three hours straight." Lyra giggled. "Poor Silver."

"What about Platina and Dia?" White wondered. "They've been dating for a while."

"I don't think they'll get married until Pearl has a girlfriend," Crys said. "They feel bad that he doesn't have anyone."

"Then we must find him a girlfriend!" Blue declared.

When it looked like she was going to march out into the audience and find him a girlfriend right away, Sapph stopped her. "This is my wedding Blue. Find 'im a girl later."

"Right! Sorry Sapph. Are you ready for your wedding?"

"Ruby's more worried about it than I am," Sapph replied with a shrug. "Though I'd be happier in sweatpants." With this last comment Sapph resumed her prodding of the dress, apparently trying to make it more comfortable.

White slapped her hands away. "You're ruining it," She scolded as she fixed the way the dress hung on Sapph. "Much better."

"Soooo," Blue said as she sidled over to White's side, who sensed a predator and prepared to bolt. "Are you getting married soon?"

"What are you going to do when all your friends are married?" Crys asked, saving White from having to respond. White sent her a grateful look and started fixing Sapph's hair. It was in a complicated bun, but she had somehow managed to get some loose.

"That's obvious," Blue replied confidently. "By the time all of you get it together enough to get married we'll have grown children and I can start shipping them."

"Shipping?" Yellow repeated.

"When you think two people should be together you ship them," Lyra explained.

"Exactly!" Blue praised, slinging an arm around Lyra's shoulders. "We should hang out more. Yellow always gets worried about peoples' feelings. It gets boring."

"Yes…Yellow's empathetic nature is a terrible thing," Crys said sarcastically.

"They just don't understand the wonder of shipping," Lyra said, ignoring Crys.

"I know I don't," Sapph muttered as she tried to fight off White while White tried to fix her hair.

Music filtered in from the garden signifying that the wedding would be starting soon. Crys pushed White away from Sapph and said, "It's time for the wedding now. Are you ready Sapph?"

"Yeah," Sapph replied easily. "I don't see what the big deal is. Ruby and I have already been together for five years."

Blue looked like she was about to start some sort of shipping rant, but Crys cut her off. "It's time, let's go!" She tugged Sapph up and urged her out the door and everyone assumed their wedding positions.

In the groom's room, several minutes before the wedding:

"Your suit looks fine, Ruby," Gold assured Ruby who was nervously fixing his suit.

"Fine isn't good enough Gold! I have to look spectacular!"

Gold rolled his eyes and turned away. "Black?" he said, looking for support from the other male.

"You look spectacular Ruby," Black assured.

There was an annoyed sound from the doorway and Gold turned to find Silver looking very unenthusiastic.

"Hey Silver," Gold greeted. "Don't you want to tell Ruby how good he looks?"


"Come on Silver!"


"Guys, this is Ruby's wedding day. Get along," Red scolded as he entered the groom's pavilion.

"I was getting along," Gold said defensively while Silver just glared at the floor.

"Aah!" Ruby shouted, startling the others. "There's a loose thread. What do we do? WHAT DO WE DO?"

"Calm down," Black said. "We can just cut it."

"No. It's ruined." Ruby fell backwards onto a chair, the very image of despondence. "We have to delay the wedding."

"No one cares," Silver growled.

"Clearly at least one person does," Gold pointed out as Ruby looked a few seconds away from sobbing.

"You're an illusion mage," Black said to Ruby. "Can't you just magic your suit into looking perfect?"

Ruby stared at him, and his expression gradually brightened until he was beaming. "I can! Yes! The wedding isn't ruined!" He made a few hand gestures and was briefly covered in a light purple sheen which soon vanished and he looked…exactly the same. "This looks so much better! Thank you Black!"

"Uh…you're welcome?" Black replied, staring at Ruby and trying to figure out what had changed.

"Does he look any different?" Gold whispered at Red who just shrugged.

"Can I leave yet?" Silver asked.

"No, you're a groomsman," Gold replied.

"Why do I have to do this and Green doesn't?" Silver demanded.

"He wouldn't let me help at his wedding!" Ruby declared.

"I didn't let you help at mine either," Silver pointed out. "In fact I didn't invite any of you."

"Exactly!" Ruby replied. "You excluded all of us equally. Green specifically didn't let me be a part of the wedding."

"Well, can you blame him?" Gold asked. "You wanted to make Blue look like a cupcake. And cupcakes are not sexy."

"Well that depends on the cupcake doesn't it?" retorted Ruby.

"You think there are sexy cupcakes?" Red said bewildered.

"There could be," Ruby muttered.

"Are you getting married in that?" Black asked, pointing at Ruby's white hat and, thankfully, changing the subject from cupcakes and whether they can be sexy.

Ruby clutched the hat reflexively. "I – I always wear this. But…wearing hats with formal attire is rude…" He looked helplessly at his friends who were not much help. Silver glared at him, Red shrugged, Gold just grinned at him and Black started listing instances of people getting married in hats, which was really not helpful since Ruby had never heard of any of the people before. "Why do you even know that?" Ruby blurted after Black stopped listing people.

Black smiled sheepishly and said, "I read a lot."

"About people getting married in hats," Silver deadpanned.

"There was a book about it," Black muttered.

"Did it say anything about their married lives being marred by their decision to wear a hat on their wedding day despite it being against the civilized dress code?"

"What?" Gold asked.

"No, it didn't say anything about that," Black replied.

"You're getting married to Sapph," Red pointed out. "She's not going to care about what you're wearing. She's probably complaining about the dress right now!" (Red was right. She was. Loudly).

"Yeah, you're right. Everything's going to be fine," Ruby said to himself. "We have flowers and cake and music and - "

"Everything's ready," Black interrupted. "You really don't have to list everything." Ruby ignored this advice and continued. Red and Gold took this as permission to talk amongst themselves.

By the time Ruby had finished his list of wedding necessities and their status, it was time for the wedding to begin. "Ruby, it's time, let's get out there." Ruby jumped up and shot out the door. This startled all the groomsmen and after taking a second to compose themselves they rushed out after him.

In the garden a few minutes before the wedding:

Platina stood holding Aqua with Dia and Pearl staring at the child and Green looming over them all, making sure none of them hurt his daughter.

"Stop trying to give her candy Diamond!" Pearl chided, stopping Dia from giving some of his secret candy stash (which he kept with him always) to the baby girl.

"But she looks hungry," Dia said.

"She's not," Green stated, glaring at the perpetually-hungry man. Dia subsided immediately.

"Ack!" someone screamed interrupting their conversation.

The baby started crying and the four turned to glare at the screamer.

"Emerald," Platina greeted the man who had screamed. "It is pleasant to see you."

"Platina, did you- Is that your baby?" Emerald spluttered. "When did that happen?"

"No, this is Green's child," Platina replied.

"Oh," Emerald said. "But she looks too nice to be related to him." Green glared at Emerald and Aqua matched the look. "Never mind."

"Aww, look at the cute baby," said Wally appearing by Emerald's side.

"Hi Wally," Pearl greeted.

"What's her name?" Wally asked as he played with the girl's fingers.

"Aqua," Green replied.

"Aqua?" Emerald said. "What kind of a name is that? What if she ends up being a fire mage or something?"

"Then she can set anyone who makes fun of her on fire," Green replied as he took Aqua back from Platina.

"Well if she doesn't I'm sure you will," Pearl muttered.

The musicians suddenly started playing which put a halt to all conversation in the garden.

"Oooh! Time for the wedding!" Dia enthused.

"About time!" Pearl said.

"I am quite excited myself," Platina said.

The group took seats near the front and waited for the wedding to begin.

The Wedding

Ruby stood under an arch made of living plants and waited anxiously for the ceremony to start. Gentle music filled the air and the stares of the audience made him fidget uncomfortably. Then he saw Sapphire walking down the aisle. Her dress was much simpler than he would have made, but it suited her as much as any dress could. As he watched her walk towards him up the aisle he knew he would do anything for her to be happy. For them to be happy – together. And when she reached him and took his hands, he knew for certain that they would be.

After the wedding:

Blue, Yellow and Red stood together away from the dance floor, baby Aqua in Blue's arms. "You have to take it easy Yellow," Blue said. "Take care of Aqua's new best friend!"

"They're already best friends?" Red said. "What if they don't like each other?"

Blue's face took on a dark look which she turned on Red (Aqua seemed to find this amusing and Red could have sworn the baby smirked at him) and proclaimed, "They will be best friends."

"Just go with it," Yellow whispered to Red. "She's crazy."

"Yeah. I thought maybe Green would have grounded her after all this time," Red whispered back.

"I think if anything she influenced him."

"What are you two muttering about?" Blue demanded.

"Nothing," Red and Yellow simultaneously replied, both with too-innocent smiles on their faces.

"Blue," Said Green as he walked towards the trio. "Are you ready to leave?"

"No," Blue replied. "But I think Aqua is." She sighed dramatically and turned to Yellow. "Get ready, soon you'll have to leave all parties early."

"Really?" Yellow asked excitedly. "I would love an excuse to leave early!"

"I'm ashamed that you're my best friend," Blue deadpanned. "Now we must depart." She took Green's arm with the one not holding Aqua and waved to Red and Yellow. They stopped to congratulate Ruby and Sapphire once more, then went on their way.

"We can leave now too is you want," Red said.

"I just don't like being around this many people," Yellow explained sheepishly.

"I don't really either. We see everyone all the time anyway so we might as well go home. Let's just go say goodbye to Ruby and Sapph before they leave on their honeymoon."

Yellow smiled gratefully at him and the two made their way to Ruby and Sapphire, who were surrounded by well-wishers. Sapph looked a bit annoyed at all the attention while Ruby flourished in it. Sapph had somehow ripped the sleeves off of her dress and lost her shoes somewhere. Her hair had also escaped the bun and was in an odd half-up, half-down blob. She saw Yellow and Red approaching and waved at them. "Hey guys!"

"We're going to leave now," Red told her. "But we wanted to congratulate you one more time."

"Thank you very much," Ruby said joining the conversations. "It was lovely having you attend our wedding."

"What's wrong with him?" Yellow asked, shocked out of her normal polite nature.

"He gets like this in crowds," Sapph explained. "Something about the attention turns him into…well, that." She waved in his direction where Ruby was acting like a talk-show host.

"Right…" Red said, sharing a puzzled look with Yellow. "Well, congratulations on your wedding and have a nice honeymoon. We'll see you at the post-honeymoon party Blue is certain to throw."

"She does love her parties," Sapph agreed. "See ya guys."

Red and Yellow smiled and the pair left. Their spot around Ruby and Sapph was soon taken by Gold and Crys who were fresh off the dance floor.

"Hey Sapph," Crys greeted. "Uh…what happened to your dress?"

"I made it more comfortable," Sapph replied.

"If you'd have let me make the dress it would have been much nicer than that one," Ruby muttered. The other guests had left and now he was back to his normal personality.

"Hey! You're back to normal!" Sapph said.

"What do you mean by that?" Ruby asked.

"Ya were actin' pretty strange with all the attention."

"I was not!"

"Red and Yellow even mentioned it."

"They did not!"

"They did," Crys added.

"Yep. I heard them," Gold agreed.

"I – Well – I get nervous in crowds," Ruby finally admitted.

"You're not the one in ripped clothes and hair that looks like it was done by a yeti," Gold said.

"Gold!" Crys scolded, hitting him and sending him staggering several steps to the side.

"Are yeti's bad hairdressers?" Sapph asked. "I'm not sure if having my hair done by a yeti is an insult or not."

"It's an insult," Ruby informed.

"But yetis have a lotta hair. Wouldn't that mean they'd be good with hair?" Sapph pointed out.

Gold started laughing and slung an arm around Sapph's shoulders. "We should hang out more," he said.

"No!" Ruby and Crys said simultaneously.

"Oh! There's Silver! I'm going to go bother him!" Gold ran off.

"He just ditched me," Crys complained.

"Don't worry Crys. He always comes back to you right?" soothed Lyra as she wandered over to the trio.

"Says the woman who just ditched her husband to get harassed by my boyfriend," Crys muttered.

"I still can't believe you didn't invite anyone to your wedding," Ruby said to Lyra. " I would have made you a beautiful dress."

"I don't think anyone is letting you anywhere near a woman getting married after what you made Yellow wear," Lyra told him.

"Yeah. Blue about died laughing when Yellow tried to put that on," Crys said, a smile appearing on her face as she remembered the scene. The tiny blonde girl lost amongst a seeming ocean of white fabric.

"Heh, that's why I didn't let him anywhere near my dress," Sapph explained. "I was afraid I'd call the wedding off because of his insane fashion sense."

Lyra laughed. "A wedding halted because the bride wanted a less pretty dress. Well you never do anything in the traditional way do you?"

"That's a bit rich coming from you," Crys said. "You and Silver disappeared one night and came back married the next day."

Lyra grinned. "It was a great wedding. It's a shame you all missed it."

Because you didn't invite us," Ruby said.

"Yeah, well I wanted to get married, but Silver didn't want anyone seeing him do anything romantic so we compromised by having a secret wedding!"

"Lyra we need to leave," a harried looking Silver said, grabbing Lyra's hand and tugging at it.

"Is Gold being mean to you?" Lyra asked in a slightly mocking tone. "Don't worry Silver, I can protect you!"

Silver grumbled something about being a grown man, but when Gold found his way over he still made sure that Lyra acted as a buffer between the two of them.

"Gold," Crys said as the man stared at Silver, clearly planning something. "Leave him alone. You don't want to ruin another wedding do we?"

"I didn't ruin Yellow's wedding!" Gold said defensively. "Yellow should have specified that she didn't want any of the plants to be on fire!"

"Yes. Because that is something people have to explicitly state," Silver mocked.

"It got put out!"

"Blue put it out and in the process accidentally soaked Red."

"Guys!" Crys yelled. "Stop it!"

"It's okay Crys," Sapph assured. "This is way more fun than sitting around and talking to boring civilized people." Sapph spat the word civilized as if it were the worst insult imaginable (which for her it probably was).

"Civilized people are good people," Ruby reminded her. "Barbarians like to destroy things. Like dresses," he glared at her missing sleeves as he said this.

Sapph grinned proudly. "Tearing those sleeves off wasn't easy," she said. Ruby sighed.

A few feet away

"Look at all the food!" Dia exclaimed as he piled food on his plate until he had a tower of food that tilted precariously and threatened to topple over.

"Careful Dia," Platina said. "You do not want to get food on your clothing."

Dia nodded absentmindedly but was more focused on consuming the food as quickly as possible.

"I do not understand how he has not become overweight," Platina mused to Pearl.

"He's always been that way," Pearl replied with a shrug. "He ate and ate and never got fat. The girls all hated him."

A girl Platina had never seen before started waving enthusiastically at Pearl who waved back a bit reluctantly. "Who is that woman?" Platina asked.

"Blue has been introducing me to people all night," Pearl replied. "She's really insistent I get a girlfriend for some reason."

"It's Blue, does she need a reason?" White asked as she wandered up to the blonde boy.

"She probably just thinks you're lonely," Black added as he slung an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "All of the rest of us have significant others."

"Emerald and Wally don't," White corrected.

"Oh yeah. I keep forgetting about those guys," Black mumbled.

"We never did spend much time with either of them," Platina said. At this point Dia came over, back from refilling his plate.

"Wow. That's a lot of food!" White exclaimed.

"Are you going to eat all of that?" Black asked. Dia nodded. "I don't think that's humanly possible. Does your magic give you some sort of super-eating ability?"

"I don't think so," Dia replied.

"It defies all the laws of nature," Black said as he observed Dia like he was some sort of lab animal.

"Leave him alone Black," White said, gently hitting him.

"We had better leave before Dia finishes off the food," Platina said. Dia looked disappointed, but agreed it was for the best.

Platina walked off authoritatively and Dia followed, though he did end up grabbing a few more snacks as they passed the snack table.

"So how have you two been?" Pearl asked White and Black.

"Great!" White exclaimed. "How are you?"

"Fine," Pearl replied. "Though I would like Blue to stop setting me up with random women."

"You don't want to meet people?" Black asked.

"I would like to meet someone. But everyone she's introduced me to is insane. Like that girl." Pearl pointed out a girl with her hair dyed several different colors who was doing handstands on the dance floor.

"Yikes," Black said. "How did she get her hair that many colors?"

"No idea. I don't know if Blue only knows crazy people or if she thinks I like insane people."

"Well, these are Sapph and Ruby's friends so Blue doesn't even know them all that well," White said. White's thoughts went back to the conversation before the wedding but decided explaining Blue's though processes would make things worse.

"She's introducing me to people she doesn't even know?" Pearl mused. "What a weird girl."

"She's an enigma even to me," Black added. "Usual my magic helps me read people, but it's useless in the face of her insanity."

"Heya guys," Sapph said, appearing next to Pearl.

"Sapph! How's it feel to be a married woman?" White greeted.

"Why would I feel different from before?" Sapph wondered. "Ruby and I have been together for five years now. Being married doesn't really change anything."

"But our honeymoon will," Ruby cut in. "We're going to Lumiose City! It has the most amazing boutiques and I'm going to look at all the clothes and it will be amazing!"

Sapph mimed gagging, but stopped before Ruby looked at her. "Uh…That sounds nice?" Pearl said though it came out as a question.

"I heard that there are all kinds of battle cafés there," Sapph informed. "I'm really excited!" She grinned wolfishly.

"Sounds fun," White said.

"Yes it does, we should go! We should go now! Honeymoon time!" Sapph grabbed Ruby's arm and started dragging him away.

"We'll see you all afterwards!" Ruby yelled as they disappeared outside.

"Well, I guess the party's over," White mused.

"Yeah, I better leave before one of the women Blue introduced me to eats me. I don't like the looks their giving me," Pearl said glancing at a few women suspiciously.

"You can leave with us," Black said. "We can protect you from zombie women."

"If there's a zombie I'm running away and leaving you two to deal with it," White informed as they headed out.

"After all we've been through you'd ditch me because of zombies?" Black said in a fake hurt voice.

"If it turns out zombies are real all of society will collapse anyway."

"Well it turned out Pokémon are real so you might not want to make zombie jokes," Pearl cautioned.

"Hmm. That's actually a good point," Black replied. "I wonder if there could be zombies. I should - "

"Not look into it," White finished for him. "I really don't want to know if zombies are possible."

Black sighed but conceded, though he decided that he would look into it when White was distracted with her talent agency.

The three left the wedding in time to see Ruby and Sapph getting into a limo heading for the airport and looking the image of married bliss (even with the ripped dress and missing shoes).

White smiled as she saw them and turned to Black. "Everyone is so grown up now. I'm sort of afraid we'll grow apart," she confessed.

"I don't how grown up. I mean Ruby had a freak out before because of a loose thread," Black replied. "And besides, the important things haven't changed. We're all still the same people, we just live a bit farther away from them."

"It doesn't matter how much time passes," Pearl said. "With all the stuff we've been through we're all going to be friends for life."

"He's right," Black said. "Besides Blue is sure to throw some crazy party and we'll see everyone again in a few weeks."

Three weeks later White received an invitation from Blue inviting her to come to Blue's "Celebratory Post-Ruby and Sapph's Honeymoon Party." There was a note afterwards that said that anyone who didn't come would be tracked down, thrown into a sack and brought to the party by force. White grinned and ticked the "Will Attend" box.

Author Note:

And there it is. The end. I hope you enjoyed the story and thanks for the kind reviews!