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Okay there were a few things I wanted to put into the summary of the story but couldn't. I have played around with the ties of the fairies. Claudette is still alive and is a fiery part of the triplet. But you will see much later in the story that they have no ties to Dermot; or Niall or any of the others. They in this too but we won't see them until we enter act II of this FF "The Pam and Dermot Saga" I did it in my last story and I liked it so much I couldn't help it when I saw them together in this one. As far as I can think of that is the only recurring thing.

I hope I have laid down some of the necessary foundations to build a fun piece. As you all know these characters do not belong to me (sighs with longing) they belong in full to Charlene Harris. With that out of the way Enjoy!


Chapter One


My day began like it always has for much of my adult life: breakfast; gym; shower. I checked my stock reports and headed into the office. Usually my attire was business casual on days when I had meeting I could be caught in a suit it was not something I enjoyed. The car service showed up at the same time as it did every weekday and I was off for another day at the office.

I sat in the executive board room of Encore Enterprise. I was settled at the head of the table to the right of me was the vacant chair of my sister. I was the owner and Chief executive officer. Pam was my partner and Chief Financial officer. The five chairs next to her were occupied by our immediate subordinates. Maxwell and Clancy headed transitions and business acquisitions. Chow was our operations officer. Indira and Bill headed Technical development and Commerce innovation. Together we made up Encore Enterprises.

It started as consulting services for financial analysts. It was now a leader in sales and consolidation and liquidation for everything from small businesses to large corporations. Businesses I bought and couldn't save I tore down and sold in parts. Others were simply bought at a discount, revamped and sold at a profit. In short I made money from the birth of ideas and the deaths of businesses. Like Leclerq Inc. who's higher ups were sitting across from mine. It was quite intriguing. There was a full out staring contest going on. The leading champions as of thirty seconds ago were Chow and jade flower.

I watched my sister do what she did best. She was circling the room like a predator corralling prey. I could roll my eyes. It was all part of her act. She was making the men in the room focus on her and nothing else. She was shaking their focus. My face was blank as I looked at the projections on the screen. She stopped at the chair I was in and stood behind me. This is where she was going to go for the kill. Pam enjoyed this much more than she should.

"You are bleeding out. We know it and so does everyone else" The second in command of Leclerq Inc. (That little shit would be Andre) glared daggers at her. We both ignored him. This wasn't his decision to make. Pam continued. "You need us" Andre lost his cool then.

"The arrogance of the Northman tandem is something I can never get use to" I know it was meant as an insult but I couldn't help but smile. I knew above my head Pam was doing the same. We are arrogant. So fucking what? We were two Swedish born orphans that have risen to the height of corporate America if that wasn't license to be arrogant then I didn't know what was. "If you are done wasting our time we will bid you good day" He dismissed us with a small wave of his hand. The first thing I would do is demote him to door man once I acquired this company.

I saw in his eyes that he would go down with the ship so to speak. He had members of his board of trustees that were present. They did not share the sentiment. Andre saw this too and turned to glower at them. He was being emotional about this. He was fiercely loyal to Sophie Anne the owner of Leclerq Inc. I could understand not wanting to lose something that you had built form the ground up.

Problem was Sophie Anne didn't work to get her company. On second thought maybe she did. We can even say she bent over backwards; forward... well you get the picture. Rolling around in the sack with a man almost fifty years your senior couldn't have been easy. Gross. They even had kids. Ugh. She went from Peter's secretary to his wife in six months. All she had to do was wait patiently for him to die. I don't know how she pulled it off but he left her Leclerq Inc. Seven years later the legacy of her late husband was going down the drain.

"We are listening" The daughter of Peter, Jade Flower spoke. Andre was giving her a look that could chill ice. She was unfazed. Although Sophie Anne owned the company and got herself appointed CEO she was not the majority shareholder. She had enough of the company to carry weight but not enough for free reign. She still had to answer to the board. All corporations did. Including mine except I had the foresight to appoint the most random and under qualified people I could find (one of them was a janitor or maintenance man). I did not want to answer to anyone and secondly it was pointless. Between Pam and me we were the majority shareholders. No one could veto any choice we made or the direction we wanted to take our company.

Unfortunately for Sophie Anne Jade Flower was on her board. Needless to say there was division amongst their ranks. What with her father denying her her birth right and giving it to some random skank. That had to sting. In any case we would capitalize on it. I have come across Jade many times throughout my years in the business. I have only heard her speak a hand full of times. I can't say I have ever seen her smile in fact I don't think anyone has. She reminded me very much of Wednesday Addams of the Addams family but she was twice as creepy if you can picture such a thing.

"Jade if I may speak of a personal matter briefly" She gave me a hard nod and her face creased. Good God, I wonder if there was a procedure to pull out whatever was stuck up her ass. "I knew your father we both did. We respected and admired him" At least until he lost his ever loving mind. I didn't say it but it was implied. She answered with another nod of her head. Andre rolled his eyes.

"When the quarterlies post there will be blood in the water and the sharks will come" Pam continued for me. It was an extreme description but it was still very true. This wasn't some shock and awe campaign. This was a dog eat dog world. "By then the best you can do is dismantle half of the company and sell it in bits to recoup even then you will still go under" Pam was never one to sugar coat a damn thing. As defiant as he was even Andre could not argue.

Pam continued the briefing with the rest of my staff. It wasn't an in depth explanation because we didn't know if they would be on board. My phone vibrated. I ignored it. It rang again. I was becoming worried by the third consecutive ring. I was going to excuse myself as Bobby entered the room. He was under very strict orders not to interrupt. This was an emergency. I had no idea of what nature. The only urgent matters that arose in my life came from the office. Bobby walked over to me and whispered. "Shreveport Police" I was more confused than alarmed. I waved him away while maintaining an air of calm. I waited fifteen minutes or so after he had gone to make my exit.

"Pam will you need me further? I have another appointment." She knew something was wrong but she smiled and waved me away merrily. I stood and faced the room.

"I leave you in the capable hands of my sister and I hope we see each other soon" With that I gracefully bowed out of the room. Bobby was lurking outside the door of the conference room. He fell in step next to me as I walked to my office. He handed me a message slip. "Detective Herveaux. He did not say what this was about. I have already called your attorney and head of security" I nodded. Bobby was annoying on his best day but he was very efficient and loyal. He followed me to my office as I made the call. Mr. Cataliades was on the line as was Thalia then he added the number of the detective to the call. I sat and waited.

"Alcide Herveaux" I did not speak as the detective answered. There was a reason I paid the ridiculous retainer for my lawyer.

"Hello, I am Mr. Cataliades I am the attorney of Mr. Northman. He is on the line as is his head of security. Mr. Northman will not answer any questions that I have not agreed to" I sat with my fingers interlaced under my chin more curious than concerned. "Let us start by you explaining the nature of this call" The detective was speechless for a brief moment then he continued.

"It is nothing criminal I assure you. This is about Dawn Green. I think this will be easier if you met me at Shreveport memorial" My lawyer agreed and the detective hung up.

There was never a shortage of women throwing themselves at me. The only reason I even remembered Dawn was because she was an executive for first national bank. Our relationship was strictly physical. Shreveport wasn't her original base. It was the ideal no strings attached situation. Whenever she was in town she would look me up. She was very much like me. Her work was her priority. I didn't have to worry about her being clingy or wanting more from me. We never talked about anything outside or the trivial. Nothing explained why I was being contacted if something had happened to her.

"Eric is there anything I should know" Thalia asked. She was good at what she did. I knew if I asked her to move a body she would do it. She was tiny but you shouldn't let that make you complacent. She was an ex-navy seal. She put on her résumé that she could kill someone with a piece of paper. Aside from that charming ability she was stealthy. She could get into places that no one could. She worked within the confines of the law-mostly; well as far as I knew.

"No Thalia"

"I am on my way to the hospital" I heard her engine accelerate and she hung up leaving me on the line with Mr. Cataliades.

"Any idea what this is about" My lawyer asked. I could hear him getting a move on as well.

"None" I heard the ding of an elevator coming from his end.

"I'm coming to pick you up" He hung up. I sat there deep in thought. There had to be something I was missing. There was no way she would list me as an emergency contact. She was just as impersonal as I was. It was also impossible I was the last person she had spoken with. I hadn't seen her in over six months. She had said she going to settle for a permanent position. At the time I hadn't cared enough to ask where or why. I just assumed always being on the road was beginning to wear on her. I would miss the mutually detached company we shared but I was sure I could find a replacement. In fact I had several runner ups.

"Mr. Northman" Bobby shook me from my thoughts. I had all but forgotten he was there. "I will clear your schedule for the remainder of the day. Is there anything else you need?" I waved him away then I stood and headed for the lobby.

Mr. Cataliades was a round man who was generally jovial in nature. When there was any situation he was an absolute daemon. His driver opened the door and I sat in the back seat of his black Lincoln town car with him. The drive to the hospital was short. During which I explained to him my association with Dawn which took thirty seconds and two sentences. I met her at a charity gala two years ago in New York. Our encounters had been casual and sporadic. There wasn't much else to tell unless he wanted the X-rated version.

When we arrived at Shreveport memorial. Thalia was already out front. In the heat of the spring afternoon she was sporting an all-black ensemble. There was a manila folder in her hand. She had found something. We sat in a quiet corner of the hospital before asking for the detective to find out what.

I don't know how Thalia got this information I knew better than to ask. "Dawn Green" she began. Opening a folder to reveal a blown up image of Dawn's driver's license. They looked at me to confirm. I nodded. "Born March 15th, 1980 in Hot Shot, Louisiana" I shrugged it sounded as right as any other date. I didn't card her. "Child of Otis and Lucile Green, graduated Sigma Omega from Columbia, employer since graduation has been First National Bank" She took a deep breath and looked at me and I knew something bad was coming. "She died three days ago. Cause of death was an Obstetrical Hemorrhage" I was lost as to what that meant but I was glad it sounded medical and not something like blunt force trauma or stab wounds. I wasn't going to be implicated in a murder or anything messy.

"She died in child birth" Thalia clarified. On second thought would take the murder charge on any day of the week in fact with Cataliades on my side I would take a double homicide. I had no idea what the look on my face was. I was sure I looked as aghast as I felt.

"Before six months ago when was the last time you were with her?" I swallowed. My throat suddenly felt dry and I didn't get a chance to answer.

Thalia whispered "Incoming" She closed her folder and tucked it under her arm. I got my game face on just in time to hear my name being called.

"Mr. Northman, I am Alcide Herveaux" He extended his hand and I shook it.

"Pleased to meet you" I introduced him to Thalia and Mr. Cataliades. He gave Thalia an appraising look that she answered it with a glare. If he wanted to have a dick measuring contest Thalia would win hands down.

"The reason for my call" Alcide continued. Mr. Cataliades interrupted him.

"We are well aware. It does not explain why you have interrupted my client's day" Cataliades' tone was dismissive. Alcide looked to me. My face was expressionless despite the fact that my mind was running amok.

"Can I ask how you found out?" the detective asked. Thalia replied because I had no intention on saying anything.

"No" she barked. Telling him to go fuck off would have been a more subtle show of her dislike and hostility. Alcide raised his hands in a gesture to show submission. I thought it was wise between these two they would rip him apart.

"Listen I'm not judging" That was funny because I was certain that he was. Working class people often harshly judged the rich. As if I didn't work for my living. Now was not the time to tell this mutt where to go. I nodded for him to continue. "Dawn really had no friends I went over her phone records and your number came up around eight months ago and your name also came up with her therapist" He was looking at me for a reaction again the usual carefully constructed mask I wore was gone. I had no idea what he saw. I never had unprotected sex. But it was looking like I had fathered a child. People didn't usually lie to their therapists well except really crazy people but Dawn wasn't.

"Dawn was a good person" The detective said. He was looking at me as if looking for confirmation I nodded. "I owe her and I'm just trying to do everything I can to help her little girl who's been left all alone in this world" Alcide continued.

That didn't sound right. "Dawn's parents, what of them?" I knew nothing about them or whether they were living but surely if they were they would want their grandchild especially now that their only child was gone. I was also sure Dawn had left behind enough money to provide for her child. If she hadn't I would be willing to provide financial assistance. It was the least I could do. I liked Dawn. It was superficial and a matter of convenience but it still counted.

"I informed them personally the day their daughter passed" His face was twisted in anger his disgust was evident. "The first thing they did was collect on her estate and life insurance. They buried her as cheaply as the law would allow and made clear they wanted nothing to do with her bastard" I was quiet as I tried to reign in my emotions. There were just no words. That was a different brand of appalling.

"This all very tragic but my client is a busy man and cannot entertain you any longer. Good bye detective" Mr. Cataliades stood as did Thalia. I looked up at them and knew I should as well.