So Angela gave Eragon and Me a piece of paper today and told us to write something. This is actually my second attempt because my first four-word answer didn't please Angela. Apparently 'Tall, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Tan' wasn't specific enough for her. To quote her "I want to be able to paint him using your words." So here I go. 'Describe Eragon'.

I guess I'll start with his head and work down. He wears his hair longer than most men of his race, letting it fall around his jaw and lets it frame his face. His hair is like mine wild, curly, with no respect for your wishes. In daylight his hair is a pine brown but when you see it in firelight it turns this orangey-red, and when his hair is wet it turns pitch black. His ears are long and tapered like an elf's but a little more round. They turn red when he's embarrassed or if he's lying. His eyebrows aren't thin but they aren't bushy either, it's hard to explain. His eyes are huge, like mind blowingly huge. They are the color of mud or some of those dwarf candies. With long lashes, you can find yourself getting lost in them. Not that that's ever happened to me or anything…moving on. His nose is what you humans call a button nose, and people seem to hate it. I hear women say all the time that it's his most unattractive feature. I think the opposite, I like the round nose and how it scrunches up when he laughs, or when Saphira says something he disagrees with. His bottom lip is thicker than his top but not by much. His lips are chapped because of his tendency to bite his lips when worried or stick his tounge out when attempting to do something hard. His lips look kissable as a general statement, not that I've ever thought of them that way though.

He's tall there's no other way then to describe it. I'm considered pretty tall and I only come up to his eyebrows. But on the other side I am perfect size to have him wrap his arms around me. But I've never really thought about it before though. His neck and shoulders are thick with muscle. His arms are muscled, not at all like his brother's or his cousin's arms but they're still thick. His chest and abdomen are well defined, extremely well defined. Many women blatantly stare at it when he does the rimgar to relax. And contrary to popular belief, I don't stare at him. If I'm walking by when he does it, I might throw him a glance or two. Nothing too major or I might attract attention to myself. His hands are callused and rough from his magic and work wielding a sword. Compared to his shoulders his waist is tiny. He has a wide stance and thick legs from hours of riding his dragon.

Well I re-wrote this stupid thing, are you happy?