I Want You

Blaine finished the dishes, sighing and leaning his head back. He missed his fiancé. He and Kurt had been busy for weeks, rushing back and forth between jobs, rehearsing until the wee hours of the morning, barely being able to say hello before rushing out the door again or passing out from exhaustion.

He dried his hands, hanging his head, a dull ache in his chest, wishing Kurt was here right now. He gasped when he felt someone wrap their arms around his waist.

"Guess who's home early?" Kurt grinned, pecking his neck. Blaine smiled, sighing softly.

"You don't know how good it is to hear your voice right now," he said, turning and leaning up into his lips. They kissed over and over, Kurt's hands sliding up his chest.

"It's just you and me for the rest of the night. Well, Rachel may come by later to pick up the dress I made her, but I'll just throw it at her and kick her out," he said, his sassy smile in place. Blaine smiled lazily, kissing him again.

"Wonderful." They were at each other's lips again, kissing with a slow, burning fire.

"I missed you," he admitted, sliding his hands inside his cardigan.

"I missed you too," he breathed, sighing against his kiss. Kurt smirked, going for his neck again.

"How much did you miss me?" He whispered, working on the buttons of his sweater. His fiancé's breath quickened, reaching up to touch his cheek.

"More than you'll ever know," he whispered, kissing him again. Kurt un-tucked his shirt as the cardigan fell to the floor, attacking the buttons, lips beside his ear.

"Why don't I show you how much I missed you?" He said, enticing him. Blaine nodded desperately.

"Yes, please, Kurt, show me," he gulped. Kurt's incredibly soft fingers worked their way inside his shirt, caressing his skin, teasing him. Blaine bit his lip, leaning his head back into Kurt's shoulder, breathing heavily as his shirt slid from his body. "Wait, you want-want to do this, mmn, here?"

"Mmhm," Kurt smirked, pressing his lips against his neck.

"Bu-but you said no, ah, no sex in your kitchen." He was almost whining.

"My kitchen, my rules, and I can change them whenever I please," he whispered, letting his lush mouth ghost over his skin to make him shiver. Blaine turned his head, connecting their lips, his tongue moving slow and deep inside the crevices of that glorious instrument. Kurt moaned softly against his kiss, hands clenching Blaine's slender waist.

"God, you smell good," he breathed, lips beside his ear.

"You feel good," Blaine gasped, tensing and inhaling sharply as Kurt bit his neck. His hands traced down his stomach, sliding to the button of his jeans. Blaine choked a moan. "God, Kurt, do you have any idea what you do to me?"

"I can guess," he whispered, his hand sliding down the front of his pants, feeling the already hard member underneath. He toyed with him for a moment, his own jeans tightening while Blaine whimpered and writhed softly against him. "Does that feel good?" He asked gently.

"Huhn!" Blaine choked, arcing into him. "You, you know it does. Oh, Jesus, Kurt!"

Kurt continued to palm him, making him gasp aloud, swollen lips parted in desperation. "Oh…huh…" He watched the blush rise slowly to his cheeks, using his free hand to touch them and thumb his lower lip. Blaine took the digit into his mouth, making Kurt's whole body jerk. Kurt slid his hand inside Blaine's jeans, feeling him through the thin fabric of his underwear.

Blaine couldn't help but rub himself against Kurt's small and eager hand, rolling back enough so he could feel Kurt through his jeans, knowing he hit his mark when his lover's knees buckled, a small moan jumping from those perfect lips.

"Blaine," he sighed, swallowing hard, moving back to kiss him more. That was something he could never get enough from Blaine. More.

But he wanted more. He wanted to see his skin, wanted to taste him on his tongue, wanted to simply bombard his senses with him just so he could try and fill that constant want of Blaine. He spun his fiancé around, pressing him against the counter. He tore his shirt away, leaving his hands to trail over his back, parting his lips with his tongue and venturing inside.

Blaine positively melted against him, eyes fluttering, loving the side of Kurt that he saw very seldom: the dominant, lustful glutton that ravaged him so perfectly. He had such grace and eloquence when he behaved like this, much like a large cat intent on toying with it's prey until it took what it wanted. The glint in Kurt's eyes told him what he was in for, and he was beyond ready and incredibly compliant to anything Kurt wanted him to.

"Off," the pale man he loved more than anything demanded. He let them fall around his ankles, stepping out of them while Kurt positively mauled his mouth. He touched his cheeks and his hair, tangling his fingers in that soft chestnut. Kurt tugged at his curls, kissing under his jaw, placing mewling licks on his Adam's apple.

He was shaking, knees so weak Kurt had to support him. "Kurt, please, baby, it hurts. Please, just…"

Kurt placed a gentle kiss on his wet lips. "Shh, right now, right now, darling."

He kissed, licked and bit his way down his chest and his stomach, still massaging him through his underwear. He mouthed him through the cloth once he dropped to his knee, causing Blaine to clutch the counter as tightly as his hands would allow.

"Kurt, please-"

"Shh…" he slowly pulled down his shorts, kissing the sensitive skin surrounding a ready and willing member. He kissed so gently, suckling his hip.

"Oh!" He gasped, jerking his hips. "N-now, now, please, baby…"

Kurt obliged, wrapping his lips around the tip and his hands around the base. Blaine threw his head back, moaning so loud he might have been screaming. God, his mouth was so fucking perfect, knowing exactly where and how to touch him, despite that they've never done this before. Normally, they simply rubbed together, so lost in their love for the other they never really focused on the pleasure aspect of it. At least until this very moment.

Blaine was wound so tight he might have snapped, face and chest flushed, sweat slicking his toned, taut body.

"Oh God, oh Gohod, Kurt, YES!" He begged, helplessly jerking his hips into his reddened lips. Kurt smirked up at him, knowing good and well what he was doing, and knowing that Blaine was hurtling toward his release. "More," he whimpered. "Oh, yes, baby more. Please, please give me more, hnn, ah! Yes, huhn, OH!"

His eyes rolled back in his head, feeling every minute movement of his tongue, fingers tangled in his hair.

"Kurt, I-I…I'm gonna- Baby, I-I'll-"

Kurt just pumped faster, squeezed tighter and sucked harder.

Blaine screamed his name, the sound ripping from his throat like a hungry animal, primal and wanting. He went blind for a moment, nothing but an explosion of stars and white light. He finally went limp, gasping for air. Kurt held him, kissing him gently, smiling a little.

"How, how did you do that?" he whispered. Kurt shrugged.

"I honestly have no idea," he chuckled. Blaine kissed him hard, undoing the buttons on his vest.

"I think it's your turn now," he breathed.

-More soon-