I Want You

It was as if a switch had been flipped. Kurt instantly folded to Blaine's will, submitting himself like it was nothing. The tiniest, quietest yelps popped from his throat, just turning Blaine on all over again. Both the vest and his shirt fluttered to the floor, leaving his torso bare and open to Blaine's hands.

The dark haired man's eyes were hungry as he trailed over his flawless porcelain skin. He kissed him gently, as if he might break. Kurt was like putty in his tender hands, folding against his chest, sighing and cooing while he kissed his neck.

Suddenly the dark haired man hoisted him up onto the counter, caressing his collarbone with his lips. Kurt shivered, allowing the treatment. He moaned aloud when he felt Blaine's fingers rake down his thighs through his incredibly tight jeans.

Unlike the lustful soul he had seen previously, this side of the beautiful, delectable man before him was soft, sweet and gentle. He was the meekest lamb, his eyes so innocent and willing, body ready to comply with what Blaine did.

"Come here, baby." He held his back, kissing his jaw-line and caressing his arms. "Do you want me to make you feel as good as you made me feel?" He whispered. Kurt nodded, leaning into his lips, gripping his back, gasping heavily as Blaine touched, kissed and massaged his body. His hands slid down to clasp his butt through his jeans, groping desperately.

"God, Kurt, you're so…" He couldn't finish. He was too far gone in his skin, hell-bent on making those beautiful noises, bringing a blush to his white, silky skin and a light sheen of sweat to his body.

He worked Kurt's pants down his thighs, tonguing his neck, feeling his skin grow hot beneath his lips. Kurt leaned into him. "Rougher, Blaine," he purred. "I want you to touch me like you want me."

Blaine obliged, grabbing a fistful of his hair and holding his head back to attack his throat. Kurt growled, clawing at his back, bumping his head on the cabinets and enjoying the small twinge of pain that followed.

"Yes, Blaine, like that. Just like that," he breathed, eyes closed. He put his hands on his thighs, caressing and clawing at them, making those high-pitched, lovely noises that made Blaine sweat.

Kurt threw his head back, biting his lip and raking his teeth over the skin. Blaine's stomach tightened, watching him lick his lips, breathing hard. He attacked him.

The pale boy lost track of where exactly his dapper fiancé was. His lips and hands were positively everywhere, sending sensations through his trembling body that he didn't know were possible. He moaned and whimpered, kissed when his lips were pressed against his, touched when he was touched, clawed his fingers down his back when it was all just too much for him handle.

"Blaine!" He'd invaded all of his other senses, why not his ability to speak as well?

"God, you're hard," Blaine breathed. "We haven't even gotten to the good part yet."

"Blaine, it's starting to hurt," he said, large eyes pleading with him, mildly confused about the sensations completely new to his body.

"Shh…" He was tearing off his briefs, kissing him hard and gripping his legs. Kurt was gasping, using every bit of strength he had not to touch himself and wait for him.

"Harder," Kurt demanded. Blaine kissed and bit his neck, holding his sides. "Harder!"

"Kurt, I'll bruise you, baby," he warned. Kurt looked at him, eyes dark and hungry again.

"Bruise me, mark me, bite me, make me yours, please!" He growled. Blaine moaned, obliging. He squeezed and kneaded his sides and his legs, kissing and biting his deliciously soft neck. "Hahn, uh, Blaine, touch me!"

He kissed down his chest, sucking lightly on his skin, leaving what would be several hickeys in his wake. He sighed against his skin, feeling how soft and wonderful he felt and tasted.

"Please, please…"

He ducked down lower, dragging his tongue up his length. He gasped aloud, shuddering. His eyes fluttered closed, slamming his head into the cabinet behind him. "Oh, oh GOD!" Blaine dipped his head, almost engulfing him completely. Kurt screamed, biting his lip. "Oh my, oh…" He had no idea why they hadn't done this sooner. God, it felt good. So fucking good. He spread his legs wider, allowing Blaine more leverage and more skin to touch and taste. The dark-haired man threw his legs over his shoulders, taking one of his fingers and touching his puckered entrance.

He squealed, whole body tensing before going limp, moaning and whimpering as Blaine continued to work him. "Oh my, oh my, uhn! Blaine, Blaine, yes! Oh!" Blaine continued massaging the area, causing Kurt's thighs to twitch. He said Blaine's name over and over again.

By the time Blaine had two fingers inside of him, he was sobbing, drenched in sweat, digging his fingers so hard into the granite counter he was sure there would be dents when he let go. "Blaine, OH!"

"You're such a slut for me, aren't you?" Blaine asked before hollowing his cheeks over him again, lips hot pink, cheeks just as red, hell-bent on giving Kurt as much pleasure as he'd given him.

"UHHN!" He screamed desperately. "Just for you, only for you, baby, only for- HUH!"

The front door opened and neither of them noticed.

"Hi, guys," Rachel said from the living room. "I knocked twice and you didn't answer so I let myself in with the key under your matt and-"

She froze, mouth wide in shock. "Oh my god!"

"Get out!" Kurt screamed, voice raw. "For the love of GOD, get out!"

She snatched her dress off the couch and ran out, hiding her eyes. "ThankyouI'msorrybye!"

Blaine moved faster and sucked harder, taking a few long, luxurious licks over him before quick ones over the tip. His free hand moved deftly over the sensitive skin on his inner thigh. His eyes flicked up at his lover, moaning gently at the lovely sight that met him.

Kurt was long gone, his whole body buzzing with pleasure, shaking softly. His eyes were closed, fingers gently rubbing the base of Blaine's skull absently, almost like it was an unconscious movement.

Blaine decided it was time to finish him off.

Kurt snapped out of whatever stupor he was in when Blaine's tongue started practicing a new trick, something that made him jerk involuntarily, bucking into Blaine's mouth and screaming so loud someone might call the police.


He came down hard and fast, screaming Blaine's name, legs tense on his back and squeezing him closer.

Then everything went black.

"Kurt? Kurt, wake up, baby!" He tapped his love's face, worried. His eyes fluttered before opening slowly. He sighed, relieved. He looked at him, then blushed deeply.

"Oh God, I fainted, didn't I?" He said softly. Blaine nodded, giggling quietly.

"Yes, you did. And it was adorably sexy," he teased, nuzzling his nose against his cheek. "And I think we have some explaining to do to Rachel."

Kurt shrugged. "After round three," he nodded. Blaine's brows shot up, grinning stupidly.


The porcelain boy kissed him, a finger on his chest, pushing him toward the bedroom. "Or however long it takes to knock you out." They continued to kiss all the way to the bed, where Blaine fell on his back, staring up at his fiancé with a deep want. Kurt grinned wickedly, falling over him. "Blaine Warbler, I'm gonna rock your world."

Blaine swallowed hard. He hated to see what happened once they were married.