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One's Beginning

For every story, there is many ways for it to be told. There is also many ways it actions would take; one's life, friends, meetings of friends, roles, sometimes family, and relationships.

This world's story shall start near one's birth.

"What should we name him?" asked a woman holding a sleeping baby on the main bed not a couple hours after the little one's birth

"My queen. His name shall mean something great." Said the man kneeling by the two.

"Then let it be Takato." The Queen stated

"Takato." Said the king letting the name sink in. "Takato, yes a most exalted name indeed. Welcome to our world Takato."

This world was a world filled with humans and digimon together. These two worlds merged sometime near the beginning. The world split into self into many different kingdoms around the world. A secluded valley surrounded by volcanoes held one such kingdom: The Dramon Valley. This secret valley was the only home to dragon digimon although other types resided with them under their 4 great dragons. Unfortunately one of these dragons will change everything for them.

"My sire we got trouble we need to get away from the palace and the city immediately!" cried a Knightmon

"What happen!" cried the king

"The Great Megidramon is on a rampage and heading this way. We need to get you guys out of the kingdom now."

"Takehiro?" asked the worried queen still holding onto the baby. She walked over to them to get closer.

"How far away is he?" he asked void of emotion. He pondered over if he had time to save his subjects of kingdom, if there anything he could do.

"He can be here any minuet we need to get all of you out of here. NOW" emprises the digimon.

"No. Take my queen and my son. Have the citizens evacuated yet?" He walked a ways to a balcony and looked out to see all run around some making it out. How? How didn't I know?

"Many are in a state of fear. Some have and some are trying. My men and the army are trying to prepare to defend against him."

"You must protect my family get them away now."

"My king." The king turned to see the queen's face "I shall stay with you. Maybe… Maybe we can reason with him to spare the kingdom."She said in a shaking voice.

The king knew he couldn't convince her to leave no matter how hard he can try, but he needed to convince her on another matter now. "Knightmon… take my son and escape out now."

"NO! He can't take him. He can't take my baby. Not a chance. NO!" The queen protested in anger.

"Yoshie… If we can't survive this, he must. I know he will be a great man someday. He needs to live on and carry our kingdom's name on." The queen was now in tears. The boy was only born a few hours ago and already he must leave. She knew why he didn't add king to her son. This kingdom will fall and his name would mean nothing to the other kingdoms he would be just another boy, not a prince, for their kingdom was hidden since the area was suited by the Dramon tribe. She couldn't do it, but she must for he would be their last kin till he found those who escaped. If her son will look for the ones that have escaped. She looked down and the boy was now awake and giggling as if saying he had the greatest dream in the world. This only made it harder for the parents as she handed the her baby and the king gave a blanket, a baby basket, and a note to the Knightmon.,

"Please *sniff* take good care of him." Asked the queen and turn away to cry

"Is it ready?"The king asked

"No. It still won't choose a rider to awaken it yet. I can't take it."

"Then take the entrance from there, I will see you out."

They traveled down to the secret hanger. The king looked at it with disgust. Why. Why won't you wake? You could help now. The king got no response. He finished the note and handed everything to Kinghtmon.

The king saw the knight out carrying his only son, on horseback, to somewhere safe. He then went back to the balcony were he saw his wife waiting and still crying. They then shared an embrace as all they could do was wait. In the distant a great red dragon was destroying everything below him as he neared the castle. His chest piece glowing a dangerous red on his symbol.


"Megidramon! Megidramon! What is the meaning of this. How did we anger you great dragon" The dragon looked around and came to a conclusion. He was being spoken through a link only accessible by a certain blood line. Powers that can communicate with the dramon even in a state like right know.

"ROARRRRRRRR" He cried in a chaotic rage and headed for the castle.


"Ahh" cried the king as he fell.

"What happen?" asked the queen as she helped him up.

"I… I don't know it's like he is just rampaging. There was something else too, but I don't know."


Megidramon flew steadily making sure he was destroying everything in his sights.


He looked down at the pitiful attempt to stop him. Launching catapults, attacks, whatever they had. These fools. They do not deserve to be in our presence. None of them or these digimon. "Megiddo Flame" He unleashed a deadly flame killing all of the men while the digimon burst into data. Satisfied with his work he charged at those who called him.


"Here he is." Stated the King

The great dragon was just floating there staring at them. "So you called." He mocked in the link

"What did we do?" he asked again

"You can say that I have taken on my true potential."

"Why are destroying our kingdom." He said feeling the link was useless

"You don't deserve to be king. You humans are useless. We great dragons are absolute."

"Please can we talk to him together?" asked the queen

The king took hold of her hand. If he focused enough he is able to share the link with another.

"Great Megidramon please spare this kingdom." Begged the queen.

"YOU DARE mock the link."

"NO we are trying to talk to you. To understand why?" asked the King

"Enough talk I shall destroy this place." "HELL HOWLLING"

The end came quick to the castle as it crumbeld with nothing else from the howl. He was about to turn to the rest of the world. It was then the remaining dragons arrived.

"What is the meaning of this Megidramon?"

"Why did you take these lives?"

"Megidramon… Why"

Three other dragons appeared too late to save the kingdom. Megidramon just stared at his brethren. He felt great; he had the power he wanted. Power in which he gained through help from another. He grinned and began to attack the other three. Although he had the power, he was aiming violently at nothing and everything "Megiddo Flame"

"Goldramon we must destroy our brother. We need to save the rest of the world." Azulongmon said

"I don't like this, but we must stop him." Magnadramon said.

Goldramon began to realize that he must take out one of his own. Something change and he couldn't control himself anymore. I wish there was another way. "Yes we must."

"Aurora Force" Cried Azulongmon as he summoned blue thunder.

"Apocalypse" Magnadramon summoned her energy bolts of light.

"I'm sorry… Gold Flame" Goldramon then seemed to explode as flames erupted from him.

One of these attacks a, digimon of his caliber would be able to survive and walk away. Together… Together not a single being will hope to survive this at any rate.

"NO! This can't be the end."

"Heh heh" a small giggle could be heard in Megidramon's mind

"What?" A link was formed with a human. He didn't know how he thought he killed them, but no matter, a new kin, "Maybe I can use him." Megidramon then started to manipulate his data, a skill that can be done from many powerful beings of the world. He sent a stream to a secluded part of the ruins in the form of an egg. The other stream headed to a small child. The three dragons miss the streams and only looked at the area one of their own was. There were thoughts in their mind, but they all had one in common: Why?


Knightmon rode and was far from the wreckage, but felt bad that he left. My brothers forgive me. He was too focused on where he was going ahead to not notice a red beam heading towards them. "Gahh" The beam went through him and into the child.

The baby proceeded to cry from possibly the pain and a mark formed on his hand. Four triangles connected on the edges with the middle surrounded by a thin circle. The symbol glowed a bright red before settling to black.

Knightmon had suffered a great wound from the beam. There now a hole through his chest with data bits leaking out of him. He kept fighting the pain till he came to a small village. Without looking around too much he found an orphanage and place the crying baby in the basket with a note.

He pounded the door and left to hide.


*Pound, Pound, Pound*

"Alright, alright. I'm coming." Stated a very tired woman. She walked out to see no one there. "Very funny." As she turned the baby started to cry. "Ohh are you okay there there."

She found the note and read it aloud: "This is our son: Takato Matsuki. Please, whoever is reading, this take good care of him. Tell him we should have done more."

She took the boy in shock he was left alone.

With his mission early complete he let his horse run while he laid by a tree, waiting for the end.

I did it. Now the boy will live. I don't know what happen to me, but I can rest with my brothers. He closed his eyes and burst into data bits that floated away. Knightmon thought the boy would be safe there. He thought that he would stay there, but fate took its course.

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