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The Hazard

Chaos…it is a hazard. It's only exists for the sake of destruction. It is not on the side of good or evil. It is not darkness, for it doesn't consume. Once it's unleashed it near impossible to stop. For it only cares for destruction. So how does one stop it?

"Double Impact"

The bullets flew straight at Rika and Renamon. They barely turned, but it looked to late for them to make a difference.

"No!" Mako yelled as he stepped between them and held his arms up. The bullets then diverted slightly and bounced off the gauntlets.

"What?" Beelzemon exclaimed confused. He knew Mako built the gauntlets to counter him, just not that well.

"Rosetta Stone"

The sphinx like digimon had attacked by sending a square shape stone at Beelzemon from his perch and out of the temple. He landed unsavorily outside. The ground was hard and he looked up. It was just smooth metal and a really big temple for miles. If you had to ask him he had no idea how he ended up here. Maybe he shouldn't of blasted the keystone. Luckily he was able to use one of the dark crystals to hide himself from that sovereign. He got up and laughed as they all came out. "Look… I'll leave you alone if you just let me get the prisoner back."

"Do you mean Jeri?" Henry asked as he readied an arrow.

"Hey, I'm just a mercenary. Details are details." He said getting up.



"Terriermon Matrix Digivolve to…. Rapidmon!" Skipping the champion he formed his ultimate and charged the demon. "Rapid Fire" He then shot two projectiles at him.

The demon just stood up and took the blast. "Is that really the best you got?" Beelzemon took aim at the green digimon, "Double Impact" the two weapons fired and struck Rapidmon hard knocking him down.

"Rapidmon!" Henry said as he fired an arrow and went to his digimon.

"Don't think I don't remember about my contract on you archer." He said laughing.

"Guardian Barrage" Beelzemon used his tail and deflected the attacks. "Uh-oh."

"No way…" Kazu said shaking in fear.

"This guy is really powerful." Kenta stated as he was shaking with MarineAngemon.

"You two are useless," Mako muttered as he charged the digimon. "Ha!"

"Guilmon digivolve to… Growlmon!"

"Renamon digivolve to… Kyubimon!"

The two new champions, with Takato riding Growlmon, followed the assassin as they went for Beelzemon. Beelzemon grunted, he couldn't shoot with those gauntlets there. "Fine, if you want to do this the hard way." He put his fingers to his lips and let out a loud whistle and charged them as well.

Mako was closer and didn't understand the point of the whistle. Although, why he did that didn't matter right now. He was going to make him pay.

"Mako, look out!" He heard Takato called

He turned back for a second, but returned his attention to Beelzemon before looking up. "The hell!?" An object was falling at him fast, so he stopped his run and back stepped as fast as he could. The impact of the object was so great that he lost his footing for a second for being so close.

"Darkness Claw" He was still shaken up and he couldn't defend himself and took two slashes.

"Ahh!" He said as he landed on his back with his cloths ripped.

"I'm sorry it came to this…" Beelzemon said as he stepped on his chest causing more pain as he stood on the wounds. "But you have grown into a bigger pain in my side."

Mako coughed, "Is that how you saw us?" Beelzemon looked away. "Did we really hinder you that much!?"

"It was a deal gone bad…" Beelzemon muttered.

"Taking care of us was a raw deal!?" Mako then grabbed Beelzemon's foot and was able to flip him.

It wasn't enough. Beelzemon slashed Mako again and got him on the ground again. He took off the gauntlets and frown, as he was about to strike at Mako, when a face flashed in his eyes "Ai..."


"Pyro Sphere"

Takato slashed at Beelzemon who jumped off, but got knocked back by the well-timed blast. "Mako!"

"Gah…" He breathed heavily as he held his chest.

"Growlmon take him back." He said as Growlmon picked up Mako. "Digi-Cast: Speed"

Growlmon took off with his new speed to take Mako back to the others. "Oh no you don't." Beelzemon said as he aimed.

"Dragon Wheel" Spinning in a wheel Kyubimon wrapped her flames around his arms burning them.

"Ahh! That's it!" He said as he jumped back onto the red and black object. It was strange. He sat on it, but it was wider and had two wheels. "I'm ready to roll." The machine itself began to move.

"Pyro Sphere" Growlmon rejoined them as he began firing blasts at him, which Beelzemon and his vehicle dodged them.

Kyubimon then attacked him causing both of them to tumble as the vehicle skidded. Beelzemon and Kyubimon got up and lunged at each other. "Darkness Claw" They crossed and Kyubimon couldn't stand. "You know foxface… You better hope you didn't mess up my ride." He threatened as he walked over to finish Kyubimon.

"Don't you touch her!" Growlmon shouted charging. Beelzemon turned and kicked the dino digimon back a ways.

"Wait you're turn! I'm not finish with you either!" He said turning back to Kyubimon when someone grabbed his arm. "Wha?"

It was Leomon. "Listen, I don't know why you would want to take Jeri." He said firmly, "I do know that you shouldn't destroy everyone here to get her."

"So hand her over and I'll be done."

Leomon tighten his grip. "I'm afraid I can't allow that. I made her a promise that I'll keep her safe. If you had anyone you cared for you know what I mean."

"I…" Beelzemon began, but images kept flashing in his mind. He repressed them before he can do it again. He didn't need to remember.

Leomon saw the hesitation. "You do know."

"Stop…" Her face… his face.

"Then I ask you, please, don't hurt anymore of her friends."

"Stop…" Their eyes… their trust…

"You don't want to do this!"

"Stop mocking me!" Beezlemon shouted as he brought his hand together… and stabbed Leomon clean through with his claws.

"Gah!" Leomon cried out letting go and stumbling back.

"NOOOOO!" Jeri screamed in her own pain. Everyone around her froze at the sight. "Leomon!" She said running to her partner.

"Jeri!" Rika yelled chasing her only for Jeri to pause.

"He got Leomon." Kazu said in disbelief.

"He's so strong… What can we do?" Kenta squezzed MarineAngemon. He couldn't send his friend to fight that. MarineAngemon can't do much damage.


"Rapidmon stay down. You can't take another hit like that." Henry said.

"But I need to try…" Rapidmon said struggling to get up on his knees.

'So… this is my destiny…' Leomon thought as he landed on his back. He turned back to the others and focused on Jeri. "Jeri… stay strong. Remember… you have a lion's heart." Then he dissolved into data. Only to be absorbed by Beelzemon.

"I don't need to protect anyone… All I need me!" Beelzemon said looking back over at the humans.

"You… He was only trying to ask you and you…" Growlmon stuttered before his eyes dilated and he let out a low growl.

"You… That's it… Ahhh!" Takato yelled as he and Growlmon charged. As they ran the mark glowed and Growlmon digivolved to WarGrowlmon.

Beelzemon however wasn't in the mood to fight them. He headed straight for Jeri. He was tired of these people stopping him from completing his job.

"Pyrosage" Rika yelled standing in front of Jeri as her staff let out a fury of fireballs. Beelzemon easily dodged them and was about to strike Rika away, "Kyubimon!"


"Rosetta Stone"

Kyubimon jumped up between them, but Beelzemon simply caught her and threw her hard at the incoming attack form the winged digimon and sent them both crashing into the temple then faling to the ground. "No!" Rika said as she was about to summon a different spell.

"Get out of my way!" picking up Rika.

"Let her go!" Takato yelled to deft ears.

Then… He threw Rika to the temple hard. She landed face fist on the ground… not moving. "Finally…" He said as he picked up a dazed Jeri by the throat. "You are more trouble then you are worth." He told her, oblivious to the reaction he caused.

Takato… had stopped. They both stopped. Dead in their tracks they looked at where Rika and Kyubimon landed. They weren't moving and Kyubimon's form was struggling to stay together. He didn't protect her… He failed. He couldn't protect her. Whether his friends saw him, he didn't care. He hurt her…. He hurt Rika… He… Now he has Jeri. He killed Leomon. He's hurting Jeri.

"I'LL MAKE YOU HURT!" He shouted catching everyone's attention, "I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!" Then he and WarGrowlmon let out a blood-curdling scream.

"No…" Henry, Rapidmon, Kazu, and Kenta said noticing Takato… Knowing it was too late.

The two continued to scream as the mark took full control. WarGrowlmon's chest blinking and Takato's mark burning through his glove. The hazard mark had formed below their feet with them in the middle. Soon, it erupted in a dark red flame surrounding them both. WarGrowlmon… then began to change.

He no longer had any legs, but a large serpent like tail with a jagged spiked edged. His upper body was covered in a strong metallic Digizoid with his chest looking like a rib cage and a chest plate with the Hazard mark on it. His arms had blades that ran along it and his shoulder pads also baring the mark. He gained wings and many fangs. He shouted his new name "Megidramon!"

Takato was not left without his own transformation. He now wore flames in similar manner of the dragon's wings. He also had dark red armor and full helmet with his visor down similar to Guilmon's face and bat ears. Also he had the same chest plate as Megidramon as well as the arm blades. With amazing speed he closed the distance between himself and Beelzemon. He punched him and Jeri was dropped.

"Jeri!" Kazu yelled as he and Kenta went with their digimon.

"Takato…" Jeri muttered. She saw his eyes. They were devoid of emotion than rage and anger. Takato was full of blood lust. 'And Guilmon… what did he do to you?'

Takato paid her no mind and looked at Beelzemon. He placed a hand on his chest and shot the demon back with a huge force. "Jeri, come on." Kazu said grabbing her arm.

"No! Don't touch me!" She snapped removing her arm. "Leave me alone!"

"Jeri." Kazu said stunned as she started sobbing.

"So… I was right…" Beelzemon said getting up staring straight at the unmoving dragon. "What are you so stupid that you forgot how to move!?" He took out his weapons again. "Double Impact" He yelled blasting the digimon, who seemed unfazed.

"Raaawerrr!" Both him and Takato roared. Then Megiramon began to move.

He focused on Beelzemon and his chest mark began to blink. "Meggido Flame" He blasted Beelzemon who dodged, but found flames that had burnt him. Then still in the air something wrapped around him. "Raaaahh!" He growled and proceded to continuously smash Beelzemon to the ground. All the while Takato grinned with his mark on his hand blinking as well.


"What's going on!?" Zhuqiaomon roared and in seconds his Devas appeared.

"It sssseemssss like it'ssss coming from the temple region." Sandiramon a white and purple cobra digimon said.

"Yes it would appear so." Pajramon commented a sheep centaur like digimon. The digimon beside her was Indramon a bipedal horse digimon with a huge cornucopia on hit's back.

"That's it! I knew I shouldn't have trusted those humans! I'll deal with this myself!"

"Wait!" Mihramon called flying into the hall, "You mustn't my lord!"

"And why shouldn't I?" Zhuqiaomon demanded.

"Because the area is unstable and if you enter you'll disrupt the region's foundation!"

"How would you know that!?"

"Azulongmon told us to warn you. The presence is destruction incarnate. It's existence is slowly destroying the realm any intrusion would just speed the process."

"Impossible! What can cause this!?"

"An old member long since thought dead…" Azulongmon said entering the chamber, "I figured you would be the one I need to personally explain."

"Then do tell."


"What is that!?" Yamaki demanded. He was staring a huge beam of red light that was now coming from the center of the temple. It generating a huge amount of heat.

"I don't know…" Ryo said just staring at it. Not knowing what to do.

"It's him…" Cyberdramon growled getting the attentions of the humans. "He's back. Megidramon."

"That's impossible!" Yamaki yelled in defiance. "He was destroyed! The mark just found it's way to Takato!"

"You didn't know Yamaki?" Ryo asked

"Didn't know what?"

"Guilmon… is Megidramon."

"And Takato has been feeding him the energy he needed to be reborn."


'Where… where am I?' Takato was just floating. Everything was red. What did this mean? What he did know was the air around him felt powerful. It was keeping him in place. It was to powerful… he should give in. Let it consume him… he then began to close his eyes


"Guilmon!" Takato shouted snapping his eyes open. He then began to flop till he felt he was right side up. "Guilmon!"


"Shit…" Mako said looking at the scene where Beelzemon was being smacked to the ground yet again. He looked over to Takato. "I thought Yamaki had him under control…"

"Are you okay Mako?" Henry asked with Rapidmon slowly wobbling behind him.

"I'm fine," he said getting up.

"Woah! You were slashed pretty… What?" Mako looked at Henry skeptically. What was wrong? Then he looked at his chest, sure it was cover with blood, but the cuts… were not deep. "Did he graze you?"

"Didn't feel like that, but… it was a lot worse."

"Maybe it's this place… Something about seemed different."

"Maybe, but what do we do?" Rapidmon asked. "No way I'm going to fight that."

"No… but we should check on Rika right now."

A loud CRACK was heard and they turned to the battled, but it wasn't from the impact. The mark was flashing rapidly and the ground was becoming unstable. "Oh man…" Rapidmon said grabbing the two. The ground began cracking more around them and some shifting higher. Gaps were formed and Jeri and the rest became separated as their floor shifted.

"There's Rika!" Henry said pointing to her still lying on the ground. Rapidmon set him down and Henry ran to check on her.

"Look out!" Mako yelled.

Henry dropped to the ground as an arc of fire past above him. He turned and found Megidramon had stopped, but still held an unconscious Beelzemon in his tail. "Stay… away… from… her…" Takato muttered in his state.

"Great, he's like that and-"

"Not now Terriermon!"


"Wake up… Come on wake up."

Rika slowly open her eyes and found herself on the ground. Where was she? Looking around her she saw she was in an all white area… "Huh? What?"

"Good, your awake." A women's voice said.

"Wait!" Rika said noticing the familiar setting, "How am I here? Where's Renamon!?"

"Calm down. It's okay. Your partner is fine. She should be joining us soon."

Rika took a breath and asked, "Wait… how did I get here though? You're one of the heroes, so how?" She remembered that she tried to protect Jeri then Kyubimon took a hit then Beelzemon got her…

There was a flash of pink light and an angelic digimon appeared placing Renamon down. "Rika!"

"Renamon!" The two ran to each other, "I was afraid he killed you too…"

"I'm sorry… it appears that I wasn't much help in the fight." The angle digimon said, "I am Angewomon."

"You were also that digimon back there weren't you?" Rika stated.

"In a sense, but I didn't mean to harm you."

"But I don't understand… we didn't enter the hall… how are we here?"

"It's because you took a bad hit." The voice said.


"Don't be afraid, you aren't dead." The voice reassured them, "But you consciousness are not in your bodies right now."

"Don't tell me we have to prove are worth right now." Rika complained,

"No… because something worse needs your attention." She said half-heartedly.

"What could be worse?" Renamon asked unsure and guarded.

"Look." Angewomon said as she created a window like image back to the fight.

It was shocking to them both. The sight of Megidramon alone was enough to stop their thoughts. The area was getting in disarray with the blinking symbol on his chests and the ground around breaking apart. When the scene sifted to show Takato it showed him actively trying to attack Henry who was only barely dodging each strike. What was worse was the look on their eyes. It would've been one thing to see them soulless, but in them were rage. A deep hated was burn in them. They were out for blood. Was this the full power of the mark?

"No…" Rika said in disbelief.

"…What do you want us to do?" Renamon asked, "We can't possible stand up to that power."

"No." Angewomon agreed

"But you can get through to them."

"I don't know… I don't know if we can." Rika said.

"Don't worry," The voice said trying to sound optimistic, "Do you believe that Takato's still in there?"

Rika looked back at the image. Did she? Could those two really… 'No! Don't think like that!' She told herself. If she believed that Takato was gone, then she would be saying the same for her brother. They were in there. She knew that, "I do."

"So do I." Renamon said

"Then you already halfway there."


"Stop Takato!" Henry said as he tried to dodge again, "It's me Henry!"

"Hen…ry?" He repeated as he tried to slash again.

"I'm your friend Takato!" Henry yelled as backed away.

"Friend?" Takato said with a smirk, "My… friend…?"

"Henry!" Rapidmon yelled as he charged Takato who simply grabbed the rabbit thing. "Uh oh."

Takato then slammed Rapidmon to the ground hard. "My friends…" Takato began before turning to Henry raising his arm and blade.

Then both the dark dragon and knight shouted in unison, "HAD ME DESTROYED!" Takato then brought his arm down.

Henry braced for the impact, but it never came. Mako had intercepted with some short blades. "Moving is ideal here!" Henry took the advice and Mako pushed Takato and got away. "I need to end them."

"No you can't!" Henry shouted before he even knew what he said.

"You suggesting I let him kill us?"

"No, we fight back, but Takato is still in there!"

"Watch out!" Rapidmon yelled telling them of another arc that came between them.

"Takato's gone Henry, we need to stop this and that monster."

"No." Henry said, "Their our friends, I'm sure they're still in there."

Mako just stared back at Henry. Why couldn't Mako see that he was right? To be honest, Henry wasn't sure where this belief was coming from, but he knew that if he doubted Takato now… it would be wrong. "Fine, you'll need a this." Mako said handing him one of the blades. "We do this your way… for now."

"Thank you." He said as they prepared to stop Takato.


"Guilmon! Guilmon!" Takato shouted as he began to run. He didn't know where the ground came from, but that didn't matter. He was going to find Guilmon. But the more he ran… the more the air got heavier and a force kept crushing him. It just kept increasing and increasing. It was getting irritating. Why was this happening? What was doing all this? "Argh! This is hopel-" He then stopped himself. What was he saying? Nothing's hopeless. They both swore to the Heroes that they would carry the crest of Hope. That no matter what; they won't give up.

So he stopped and took a deep breath. What did Henry and Rika say about the crests? Look inside. Yeah focus inside for the crest. Then he felt a starange energy inside him, a pure one. The area was normal again. No pressure on him and he could breath. Still… where was Guilmon?


"Takatomon! Where are you Takatomon! I don't want to play Hide n' Seek anymore!" Guilmon yelled as he continued walking. It was just a dull red everywhere. Where was he? Why did he feel so weak? None of this was making any sense. "Takatomon!"

"Enough!" A voice rang out.

"Huh?" Guilmon tunred and looked around. There was no one he could see in this place. Then something happened. A beam of red energy shot from his feet and stopped not to far from him. Something then rose from it, a figure. It had a tail and was crouched, and his ears resembled… bat wings. "You're me!" Guilmon exclaimed pointing at the Guilmon in front of him.

The Guilmon before him gave a look of displeasure and annoyance. "No. You're me."


"Hra!" Mako and Takato yelled as they clashed, but the impact nearly broke Mako arms. At least that's what he felt. It

"Ha!" Henry then placed a kick in Takato's chest to make him step back and change Targets.

They continued their fight and Jeri sank to the ground. She couldn't watch this. That wasn't Takato. He was gone and so was Guilmon. Just like Leomon. Why was this happening? Why was their always pain where ever she went? "Stop!" She cried clutching her head.

"Why isn't Megidramon doing anything?" Guardomon pointed out.

"What?" Kazu said looking back at the dragon. Despite breathing heavily it wasn't moving. Beezlemon was still out, but their was no knowing when he would wake up.

"Hey yeah…" Kenta agreed.

"Phoo! Phoo phoo!" MarineAngemon exclaimed

"You think?"

"Just translate already!" Kazu said.

"Uh… MarineAngemon thinks that maybe… only one of them can attack at once."

"What?" Kazu said looking confused

"Well they both have the mark…" Guadromon began.

Kazu looked back at the dragon and back at Takato. They have only attacked separately and when one was done attacking they would stop. Did that mean… What did that mean? "Argh! I'm going to go help Henry! Watch Jeri!" Kazu yelled as he went and jumped on Gudromon.

"Hey!" Kenta protested as the ground shook again.

"Go back and make sure their okay Guadromon." Kazu said as he jumped off of them to attack, but Takato wasn't going to be tricked easily.

Takato sent out a shock wave as the flame wings flapped pushing Henry and Mako back. He then shot himself up and caught Kazu in the air.

"Dude… If you weren't trying to kill me… That's just cool…"

Takato didn't acknowledge him and just threw him towards Mako. "Arahhh!" Takato screamed, as his flame wings grew darker.

"Takato…" Henry muttered. "You okay you two?"


"I will be once this guy gets off!" Mako yelled


"But… but… I'm me." Guilmon said.

"I suppose technically I'm who you were." The other Guilmon said.

"Who I was?" Guilmon asked tilting his head "Um… do you know where we are?"

The other Guilmon sighed at Guilmon's change of the subject. "We are in our shared mind." He said as he looked around, "Apparently the Hazard is not in full effect here. Lucky you."

"Where's Takatomon?" he asked,

"Pretty sure the boy is in his own mind, probably being destroyed by the hazard as we speak."

"You gotta help me find Takatomon!" Guilmon said, "He's my friend, please."

"You disgust me…" The other Guilmon said glaring at Guilmon. He then sighed, "But I don't have the right to say anything bad about you. Only me. Fine." The Guilmon then turned around him and held his claws up at the empty space. "Hrah!" He slashed the space before him and tore it. There was now a big slash mark outlined in red leading to a similar setting on the other side. But it was apparent that there was this pressure seeping from the other side.



The two ran to each other and Takato noticed there was two Guilmons. "Wait, what?"

"Oh yeah, Takato, this is me. Well… old me… but I don't remember me… I…" Guilmon stuttered.

"Enough, You're going to harm our health." The other Guilmon said. "But for clarity sake." There was a gush of red "wind" from both sides of the tear and it covered the other Guilmon. He then transformed into a serpent tail dragon, which shocked both Guilmon and Takato. "You may call me Megidramon."

Takato and Guilmon both stared in shocked. Something clicked. Fear. Anger. Sorrow. "Ahhhhh!" They both screamed as red lightning zapped them from their sides of the tear. Something came back to Takato… Two faces… they were full of fear… then it flashed… something red shot at him. What did he see?

For Guilmon, it wasn't flashes… but an entire lifetime. Although… there wasn't a conncetion. None of it was his. Nothing reminded him of anything. It wasn't his life. Yet… he knew it was his.

"Good, you remember now." Megidramon growled.

"What… was that?" Takato asked, "And what's going on"

"You too just remembered important events. As for what's going on, you have on yourselves to blame for that."

"You mean…" Takato said putting the pieces together.

"Yes, you've succumbed to your anger and the Hazard and are currently rampaging against your friends."


"Do you really think we can reach them that way?" Rika asked,

"It's the only way right now. I can't give you the crest right now, but I helped you two the only way I can right now."

"I expect that we are also losing time out there, so this will have to work." Angewomon said.

"It will." Renamon said assertively. It was no time to doubt it. They'll just have to get through.

"Then off you two go." Angewomon said as a blinding flash came.

Slowly Rika opened her eyes. And say the four fighting. Takato was easily fending of the attacks, but casting random blasts form his blade. He was not caring if was going to hit or not. "Let's go Renamon." She said as she got up. Renamon then got next to Rika and they took off. Renamon had to carry Rika a couple of times for the ground was unstable and still breaking apart. "Stop!"

The others turned to her for a second before Takato sent another flame arc at them causing to be blown back. "Damn it!" Mako yelled as his arm got caught.

"Mako! Your arm is fine!" Henry yelled before he turned to Rika, "Rika, it's not safe! Takato's gone now. He could h-"

"I know, but I got to wake that idiot up!" She said, "Takato!" She yelled as she jumped from Renamon's arms. Takato stared at her, anger still in his eyes, with a hint of confusion. Still, it was just another target. He lifted his arm up to strike.

"Stop!" She yelled as she wrapped her arms around him. Stunning him. "Stop Takato!" she yelled again as she focused inside her. Calling the crests they began to wrap around Takato. He was bind by energy whips of pink and green along with her arms. He began to protest with anger and the mark desperately blinking causing the ground beneath them to crumple. "Please Takato, come back!" She yelled. He took off the ground a little and yelling in rage. "Please! BRING MY TAKATO BACK!"


"So…" Takato said after letting the information sink in.

"Once again, I'm sorry." Megidramon said, "I followed through thinking it was my birth right."

"Then… why make me?" Guilmon asked.

"I was trying to make a new body to be reborn. I didn't know that most of my conscious was still tied to the mark." Megidramon said staring down at Guilmon, "You are your own being now… you make your choices. I'm just a shadow of what once was. Time really makes you think."

"So how do we get out?" Takato said.

"I'm not sure… This was the same thing as last time."

"Then were stuck!?" Guilmon yelled in horror.

Megidramon shook his head. "Depends… do your friends trust you? Do they believe in you? Do you believe in yourselves?"

Takato and Guilmon looked at each other and nodded. "I'm sure they do."

"And so do we!" Guilmon said.


Takato turned back to his part o the rift and saw a shinning orb. He turned back to Guilmon and Megidramon. "Time to break free." He then jumped into the light.


"AHHHH!" Takato screamed in pain as his head felt like splitting. He was back, but the anger, the power, the Hazard, it was all present. He had to press it all back. He had to beat it.

"Please! Takato!" Rika yelled. It was harder than she imagined. It was one thing summoning both crests, but with the mark actively trying to break free. This caused her to use more energy to just keep the binding, but… she couldn't hold it. The bindings disappeared, and she let go.

"Rika!" She heard her friends call, but she closed her eyes.

That's when he caught her. She looked up and saw Takato had caught her. He was flickering… No it was his armor. He put them down and a flame surrounded him then his armor disappeared and he was back. Seeing his smile, was enough to rejuvenate her and she talked him into a hug. Tears were falling, but she didn't care. He was back.

"I… thought he killed you." She heard him say.

"I thought I lost you."

"You did." He said. "But you brought me back. Th-"

Rika then couldn't take it anymore and masked her lips onto his. He didn't have to say thank you. He was back. After seeing what he done, he was back. Takato was shocked, but retuned the kiss. They stayed like that for a while until they needed air. "Don't… scare me like that again you idiot."

"I'll try not to…" Then his eyes widened. "Wait, Guilmon!" He said right when there was a huge roar.

Megidramon was roaring in pain holding his head. By him was a thrown Beelzemon and Renamon trying to clam him down. "Stop! This isn't you Guilmon! Fight it!"


"What will happen to you?"

Megidramon looked at the digimon below him and tilted his head. "I'm of no use now. I don't deserve a second chance. This is your time now. Be you."


"It's okay. After all… I'm just your shadow… of what you've been." he said as he shrunk down into an actual shadow.

"This isn't you Guilmon! Fight it!"

A light then appeared and Guilmon looked at it, then to his shadow. 'But, you're still you…' He then shook his head, "And I'm me." Then he jumped to the light.


Megidramon shrunk down in a bright red light and was lying on the ground as Guilmon. Renamon crouched next to him. "Guilmon?"



"Is it play time now?" He asked. Renamon just laughed at his innocence. She was glad he was back.



The two looked and saw Takato and Rika. "Well… isn't this just TOUCHING!"

They turned and saw Beelzemon up and glaring at them. "Rika, you and Renamon better get out of here. We got unfinished business."

"No way! We're going to-" She began to protest when he saw the look in his eyes. He was confident. There was no anger. "Okay."

"Double Impact" He yelled shooting at them.

Guilmon eyes glowed red and a holographic tail like Megidramon's appeared and swatted the attacks away. "Go… now." Guilmon said and Renamon nodded taking Rika.

"Are they crazy!?" Kazu yelled.

"I think they're nuts." Rapidmon said.

"They're your friends." Mako comment

"Yeah… They are. So we just have to trust them."

Beelzemon glared harder and was getting angrier, "Youse think you can make a fool out of me!? I'm Beelzemon! I will not lose to a dead dragon and a lowly knight!"

"I am not that Dragon!" Guilmon shouted. "I am Guilmon!"

"And I'm not just some night." Takato said holding the Ranmayaku up. "I am Takato Matsuki! A knight of the Beast Kingdom and Prince and Sole Heir to the Dramon Kingdom!"

"Did he just say prince?" Kenta asked

"To the Dramon Kingdom?" Mako gasped

"And we're going to stop you!" They both shouted as a bright light enveloped them.

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