Jennifer Hart awoke in the middle of the night reaching out for her husband. Finding the other side of the bed empty she made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She walked in to find Jonathan sitting at the table eating a sandwich. She quietly came up behind him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him behind the ear.

"Oh, Louise you kiss better than my wife." He joked using the fake name she had given herself when they first met and she didn't want him to know she was a reporter he had been trying to dodge

She playfully swatted his arm as she pulled back, "Very funny." She said looking over his plate, "You know, I thought I was the one who was supposed to have midnight cravings."

He put down the sandwich and smiled at his wife, "Well maybe I'm having sympathy cravings." He pulled her closer and gently ran his hand across her abdomen, "I'm sorry if I woke you."

She placed her hand over his, "I reached out for you and I hate it when you're not there." She pulled away and sat down across from him

He sighed heavily, "I know and I'm sorry. I just can't stop thinking about Frank." He said referring to one of his vice presidents at Hart Industries who had died about a week earlier seemingly of a heart attack. They had been to his funeral earlier that day

Jennifer reached for the bread and took out piece, "I know, Darling, it is terribly sad. I'm glad you were named executor of his estate. Evelyn couldn't handle it herself. She's much too distraught."

Jonathan looked at the clock on the wall, "Well, I guess we should get back to bed. I mean, you are sleeping for two now after all."

She stood up and came over to him putting her arms around him she leaned down and kissed him, "Hmmm, thanks to you and the romantic atmosphere of Santa Luesa." They had spent a weekend about two months earlier in a little village and ended up hardly leaving their room. They returned with a little souvenir they just found out about a couple of weeks ago

He stood up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close, "I love you very much." He said, "With Frank's death I realized I don't want a day to go by without telling you."

"Darling, you tell me that in a million ways every day." She replied, "And one very special way." She pulled away, taking his hand placing it on her abdomen again

He smiled looking into her eyes, "You make it easy, you know."

She smiled back, "So do you." She said, "I love you, too, more than I can put into words."

He leaned in and kissed her, "Let's go back to bed, huh?" He suggested and they made their way through the living room and back upstairs, arm in arm


Jonathan and Jennifer walked into the kitchen to find their loyal houseman and friend, Max, preparing breakfast, with their equally loyal mutt, Freeway, by his side.

"Good Morning, Max." Jennifer smiled brightly despite a wave of nausea hitting her as soon as she smelled the bacon

"Morning, Mrs. H., Mr. H." Max replied, "Coffee is ready and I made a special breakfast for you. We've got bacon, biscuits, gravy and grits."

Jennifer quickly crossed the room and entered the half bath off the kitchen and promptly threw up. Max looked at Jonathan, "Something I said, Mr. H?"

Jonathan looked over at the bathroom door and back to Max, "Max, I think Mrs. H is having a hard time with the morning sickness so maybe you should cool it with the food talk."

"Got it, Mr. H." He replied

Jennifer came out of the bathroom still feeling slightly queasy, "I'm sorry, Darling, but it hit me before I knew it." She turned to Max, "Max, could I just have some toast and juice? It might help settle my stomach."

"Coming up." He said

"Darling, why don't you sit down? I'll get your juice." Jonathan suggested

Jennifer took a seat at the table, "Thank you, Darling." She said as Freeway jumped up in her lap, "Well, hello there. How is my boy today?" He replied with a sneeze and a bark

Jonathan brought Jennifer's juice over, "You know I think he's jealous."

"Jealous?" She asked kissing Freeway on top of the head, "Of what?"

"The baby, Darling." Jonathan pointed out sitting across from her, "He knows there will be an intruder in a few months."

"Jonathan, he's a dog, he doesn't have any idea I'm pregnant." She adored Freeway and he was a very smart dog but a dog nonetheless

Max brought over their plates and got Freeway down, "Come on, Freeway, we've got work to do." Max turned back to them , "It keeps his mind off of the b-a-b-y."

Jennifer and Jonathan just looked at Max then each other, "So now we're spelling in front of him?" Jonathan asked

Just as Jennifer was about to respond she was interrupted by the buzzer. Max went over to answer it, "Yeah, who is it?"

"Max?" A female voice came through the speaker, "It's Evelyn Mathis. I really need to speak to Mr. and Mrs. Hart."

Another look passed between Jonathan and Jennifer, "I thought she was coming to the office later." Jonathan said puzzled.

"Well, Darling she must really need to see us." Jennifer replied, "Please buzz her in, Max."

"Come on up, Mrs. Mathis." He said

"I hope she's alright." Jennifer said buttering a piece of toast, "She seems so fragile."

"Well, this has been quite a shock for everyone but we can only imagine how she feels." Jonathan observed

The doorbell rang and Max went to let her in. She followed him into the kitchen and it was immediately evident she was distraught, "Jonathan, I know I was supposed to come by the office later but I had to talk to you right away."

Jonathan got up and crossed the room, "It's alright, Evelyn. Please, sit down."

She took a seat on the other side of Jennifer, "Jennifer, I'm sorry to bother you so early. You probably aren't feeling too well." She knew Jennifer was pregnant. She and Frank were two of the first people with whom they shared the happy news.

Jennifer reached out took Evelyn's hand in hers, "It's alright, we told you if you needed anything to let us know." She assured her, "How can we help?"

"You can start by finding out who killed my husband."