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flash backs in italics


Ch. 1



Out in the middle of a rain soaked park spun a small petite girl. The skies tears soaked her through and washed away any feelings but happy bliss. Her pale arms spread out wide, bare feet splashed against the wet green grass. A black shirt and blue cargo pants clung to her body, her short indigo hair dripped with water. A pale face was lifted up as if looking to the gray clouds even though her eyes were closed with a pleased smile glued to her face. The winds made the air smell clean and fresh.

I could watch Hinata forever. Such a happy expression on her angelic face was rare, a gift from heaven. She was so sweet, I really think she deserved more than a few minutes of happiness like this. She deserved forever.

"Hey you!" The tiny girl looked up at me with pale lavender eyes wide and uncertain. I held out my new toy cars that I carried inside my pockets. "Wanna play? Those teme's over there wont play with me." I pointed over my shoulder. There behind me was a broody read head swinging slowly back and forth on the swings and a dark haired chicken head laying in the shade.

I was prepared for her to say 'no'. My shoulders tensed in waiting. No one ever wants to play with me. So I wasn't ready when she looked at me with this honey smile and rosy blush.

"O-okay." She made room for me on the sidewalk and nudged a box of chalk out in front of her in case I wanted to draw with them too.

Sitting down next to her I reached for the black chalk to draw a street for my cars; but being careful of her own drawing of flowers. The grin on my face must have been humungous.

"I'm Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki!"

She giggled with pink tinted cheeks. "Hinata H-Hyuga."

I opened my eyes and shielded them from the sudden sunlight breaking through the gray clouds. Thinking back, her cheeks had always turned red around me. We were six when we first met and it was a weird habit even then. But Hinata was Hinata, and that was fine by me.

Hinata waved her hand and walked towards the tree we all sat under to wait out the sudden down pour of rain. I laughed when she stumbled on the wet ground. She resembled a cute, but wet kitten.

"Have fun?" She stood before me, face red and tired but still happy she nodded.

"Naruto." Gaara's monotone voice said from my right. I turned to look at him. He leaned against the tree, a small breeze ruffled his spiky red hair so that it brushed across his ai mark on his forehead. Sea-green eyes gazed at Hinata amused, the only emotion readable on his blank face.

He brushed some dirt off his maroon shirt before resting his hands on his brown shorts. He can never finish a sentence! It's the most damn annoying thing in the world because he starts one and never finishes one! "He's such an ice-cube!"

"Dobe, give her her jacket back." Saskue finished for him on my left. Onyx eyes calm and arms crossed over his nice clean blue shirt glaring at a new hole in the bottom of his black shorts from time to time -thanks to moi. He's an ice-cube to.

"Hey!" I shouted at the boy with the strange chicken but style hair. "I challenge you!" Then I -very unskillfully- put my fists in front of me. I didn't really like his know it all look.

He didn't even look up from where he lay, just peaked open an eye and then closed it.



"Go away dobe."

Shuffling off I mumbled under my breath. "Snotty teme."

"Loser dobe!" He yelled after me. I sighed and instead decided to try the red head on the swings.

"Hey!" I pointed at him with one small fist on my hip. "Race you to the top of the swings?" His sad, almost cold green eyes just stared at me. Just stared. Not saying a word.

"Hello?" I waved my hands in front of him.

"Go away." His voice was neutral, but he looked so mad.

"Fine!" Once again I shuffled away and decided to give a try one last time. So I walked to the only other person left in the park on this hot and heavy summer day.

"Here Hin-a-ta!" I sung out her name and handed her the pale jacket.

As expected, she blushed deep red. "Thank y-you, N-Naruto." Sauske scooted over making room for her between us while she sat down, cuddling into her jacket.


I watched as Hinata's breathing calmed and she leaned unconsciously on Naruto's shoulder. To all the world, she seemed an innocent sleeping girl. But to my eye, I saw a hurt child. Hiding a black and blue bruise on her shoulder. I could see it when she leaned on Naruto. The jacket slipping off just a tat, showing that blemished pale skin.

Instinctively Naruto covered up her 'shame.' by pulling her jacket up again to rest on her small shoulders. Hinata slept on. Gaara turned to look at us, his gaze traveled to Hinata with these sad knowing eyes. The lonesome red head was probably the only one who understood this type of pain. His own dad was an a-hole too. After all, he couldn't hide that hand print on his upper arm.

We leaned back in silence. The only sound was the tip tap of rain and Hinata's soft sighs. Occasionally Naruto would move around and his orange jacket would make a skitch skitch sound.

"Why don't we tell?" This wasn't the first time Naruto had asked in that sad, confused voice. He didn't understand the word family, but he knew that it shouldn't be what Hinata and Gaara experienced. Even I could put the words family and love in the same sentence, because once, that was a right of my own.

"Hn." Gaara offered instead.

We all knew. We were -we are- terrified little kids with no one to trust in or to believe. A band of sad lonely misfits forgotten to the world. Forgotten; all but to each other. Each with our own demons which bought us together one hot summer day.

Naruto, the sad orphan with big ambitions that no one acknowledged. Gaara, who took the blame for his mothers death, the woman who brought him into this life. Hinata, who tired to be noticed by an unloving father. Then me, my family murdered by my own brother. We were all alone, today we were together, and today was our last day for three years to see eachother.

"Hey!" Naruto broke into a wide grin, his happy yelling having woken up Hinata who shied back red in the face. How she loved that idiot.

"What dobe?"

"Three years." He pulled Hinata to him and laughed before letting her go. "WE will be back home in three years."

'Home' meaning the streets of Konoha in which we freely roamed.

"What are you getting at?" Gaara leaned forward.

The blonds grin got wider till it scrunched up his eyes. "When we all come back, we'll meet here. No matter what," his face grew serious. "We'll meet back here as friends."

Those words meant a lot to us; to me. Naruto, though I would never admit to him, was my best friend. Almost a brother.

"I promise." I looked at them. "No matter what."

"P-promise." Hinata grinned.


"Then lets make a blood pact!" Naruto demanded with a laugh.

Serious mood gone. None of us are sure where he got the idea in his head, but he hadn't dropped the subject for three months. After a few seconds of shocked silence while Naruto beamed as only an idiot can, we were set into fits of laughter.

Even if in out heads was a map of the places we would go. Gaara to his home town in Suna. Me with an unknown guardian I've never heard of named Orochimaru. Naruto would travel with his new guardian; on more happier terms then me. Hinata would stay here in Konoha. There were nice kids in our class though, so we were okay to leave her with them, they wouldn't make her feel left out.

"See, look!" Naruto pulled out a small orange pocket knife. Waving it around like a trophy.

Gaara glared. "You planed this."

"No!" Naruto defended while I grabbed the knife before he stabbed a wide eyed Hinata or a glaring Gaara. "Never." He laughed nervously. "Coincidence."

"Do you even know what that means!" I yelled, holding the knife away from him just in case.

He looked to Hinata for help. "Uuumm..."

"T-that you just h-happened to ha-ave it." She stuttered. Poking her fingers together.

"Hinata," Gaara sighed. "Let him dig his own grave and climb out."

"Just give me your hands." Anything to please the blonds nagging. But we couldn't hide out grins.

I then proceeded to give our hands a cut, my hand turned ever so slightly from the bottom of our thumbs to the bottom of our palms. The bloody mark was an inch long, it wasn't perfect but no one really cared. As we slammed our hands together with a final bang as the last shot of thunder and lightning stormed above us in the clearing clouds.

How much could a misfit band of twelve year old change in three years?


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