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Ch. 10

The Disappearance of Hinata


"Hinata…" I sighed mentally to myself as I found myself in an uncomfortable chair in the back of the room sitting beside a quiet and blank Hinata making the situation equally uncomfortable.

When she said she wouldn't talk to us or anyone, I was surprised to find that true. After she came back from the bathroom during art, the look in her eyes had changed. Instead of that slightly panicked look she held as she stiffly led me to the class, she seemed calm and dead. As if nothing would faze her. Nobody could get close to her. She didn't even seem to exist.

I stole a glance at her prone figure, sitting by the same window she had this morning with the same blank face. I hadn't even been able to talk to her at lunch because she snuck away to the library. Shino told me that was normal for Hinata to be on her own at lunch and nobody had the patients for a girl who wouldn't even look them in the eyes or try to communicate back.

I heard the chair besides me scrapped and watched as Sasuke plopped himself down tiredly while Gaara grabbed a chair and silently sat down in front of me. The two gave me a knowing look and a glance to Hinata who seemed completely unfazed by their probing eyes. During lunch, I had taken the time to talk to them and share with them what she had told me.

A note flew before me on the desk. Gingerly I opened it to find the familiar writing of Gaara and Sasuke.

Ga: Should we ask her after school?

S: No, we'll wait like we planed.

Ga: At our normal spot? The tree.

S; Yeah, we'll talk more there.

Ga: We need to let her know we'll meet there later.

S: We meet there everyday naturally, remember?

Ga: Things change.

S: Pass to N.

Ga: Will you tell her?

I picked up a pencil and began to write my response.

N: Have you seen her?! I don't think she'll hear me if I tell her or scream it. You know? Nada.

After that, I picked up the paper and threw it lightly to Gaara so that he could read it. The final bell rang but everyone kept on talking, no teacher having walked in yet. Hinata of course stayed out of this past time and kept her eyes firmly planted faraway. She completely ignored everybody else and I was afraid to take my eyes away from her tiny body least she fade away.

The not plopped back onto my desk.

Ga: She's been like that since second? I understand why, but, is it all we can do to wait?

S: Yes. So far that's all we can do and have ever done. Naruto, just tell her, write it on her hands if you have to, just do it. I didn't know you were a chicken.

"Sasuke! I'm no chicken!" Determinedly I wrote a quick reply.

N: I'll ask! But she's keeping this act up until she's out of here.

The chair screeched loudly under me as I scooted next to Hinata.

"Ne, Hinata!" I nudged her side and watched as she slowly turned to me.

Her eyes, I had never hated her eyes before. They were always kind and caring; her eyes were like an open book allowing anyone to see her emotions. Those once pretty snow eyes were dead. She didn't answer me, but I suspected that her looking at me was a form of acknowledgment.

"Meet at the tree later. Okay?"

She shrugged her shoulders uncaringly and turned back away. I was honestly a little hurt by that. Hinata always gave me attention. She looked at me, noticed me, and talked to me, Hinata never turned away from me like that.

I scooted back to my seat, ignoring the looks from the group. I guess even a shrug was a lot for quiet lonely Hinata. The note plopped back on my desk.

S: What was that?!

What was that? I'm not sure, it was painful that's for sure. That's what it was. Disheartened, I lifted up my pencil again.

N: Pass to Ga after this. She shrugged. I don't think she's coming. Besides, I think that she is going to her teachers to help her with something.

S: Didn't she do that already?

Ga: We know she lied.

N: She's not coming. :(

Kakashi walked in the room as I handed off the note back to Sasuke who laid it quietly on his desk. Kakashi started to speak to us about random news in the school.

"Soccer try outs are next week, Tuesday through Thursday, if you would like to join…" His voice droned out as I spent the rest of the short thirty-minuet homeroom class staring wide eyed at Hinata as if I could unravel all her secrets. Her stiff back never gave an answer.

The loud ringing of the school bell snapped me violently from my thoughts.

"Bye Kakashi-sensei!" A few students yelled loudly to the lazy teacher who seemed to have been roughly shaken from sleep. He waved a lazy hand in dismissal and most of the students took the chance to leap out of the room.

For once, I took my time, watching Hinata as she stood and gathered her things. Gaara and Sasuke stayed with me to watch, but once Hinata had her things gathered, she walked right by us and down the aisle. She ignored us completely and I felt my world shatter, Hinata just never ignored someone. I couldn't believe how hurt I felt, as if my heart had just dropped into the pit of my stomach and with its fall sent up a spray of vomit.

Kakashi looked up from his book with a kind brown eye. "Bye Hinata-san."

What shocked me was when she nodded her head ever so slightly in acknowledgement. "B-bye K-Kakshi-sen-nsei." She told him in a blank voice before walking out of the door.

My fists clenched tightly at my sides. "Naruto?" Gaara's quiet and calm voice questioned me.

I couldn't answer him for a hot feeling of anger exploded through my veins. It washed over my body and my vision flashed red, I could feel my body tremble at the unbridled rage scourging through it.

"Naruto!" Sasuke's firm hand on my shoulder brought me back out of my rage enough for me to take a deep breath and unclench my fists.

"What's wrong?" He questioned. When I turned around to face my two friends, all I could see in their eyes was a wary type of worry.

"It's nothin'." I said gruffly, shaking Sauske's hand from my shoulder.

"Damn, damn. Hinata, why do you ignore me like that? Like that teacher is better than me?!" Angrily I glared at the silver haired teacher, but he ignored us. Trying to calm my anger, I took a deep breath and grabbed my bag before stalking out of the room.

Gaara and Sauske walked out after me, filling the now empty halls with their worry and agitation. I could feel it crawl up my skin as I could feel my own anger boil. It wasn't until we stepped out the school doors that I calmed a little when seeing Hinata step into a green minivan with our art teach Kurenai. She didn't look at us, didn't even notice us, but I was able to see her shoulder visibly relax in way they had not been all day.

"Dude, what's the matter with you?" Gaara question with a shocked tone of voice and I suddenly became very nervous. While with Jiraiya, we had found out that I had a temper problem. He took me to a physiatrist after my first black out with him when I was thirteen, the old geezer doctor suggested my temper came from when I was a child and could not get rid of my anger. My fits of anger weren't often so powerful that I couldn't control myself, but once I hit puberty they became harder to control when I was set off.

Running a hair through my hair, I turned to my two friends to explain. "I…" Feeling shy I looked at the ground. "I feel like Hinata is leaving us, and, well, I didn't mean to get mad, but I feel so..." I tried to grasp at the word that seemed to elude my mouth.

"Abandoned." Gaara supplied.

"Forgotten." Sasuke added.

I felt a strong wave of companionship for the two, knowing that they felt the same and I expressed my gratitude with a quick hug. "Yeah." I whispered as I stepped back.

"It's like Hinata is gone and left us all alone. She's disappeared somewhere and left a stranger in her place."

The sound of a car driving away drew our gaze to the street, where the green mini-van disappeared in the traffic of cars. Sitting inside was a stranger with blank eyes. A girl I didn't know how to save.


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