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Chapter 24

"I cannot believe you gave me a hickey," Kurt huffed indignantly for what had to have been the sixth time as he tied a scarf around his neck to match his outfit and hide the rather obvious mark. He gave a scolding glare in the mirror at the reflection of his unrepentant boyfriend who was standing behind him.

Blaine shrugged nonchalantly and smiled his most charming smile. He came to stand beside Kurt to look at the two of them in the mirror.

"What can I say? You were irresistible and I couldn't help myself." Rather smugly, he moved the scarf to expose the dark mark that stood out prominently against the smooth paleness of Kurt's neck. Pleased, he leaned forward and licked it, whispering "I like it. It tells everyone that you're mine."

Kurt shivered slightly, then turned and glared at Blaine. He moved the scarf back into place and stepped back to put some space between them. Crossing his arms, he raised an eyebrow and began chiding Blaine.

"Don't try to distract me, it won't work. Of all times to give me a hickey, Blaine, of all times you decide to do it right before I go home? Not some time where it would have time to fade? My dad might have another heart attack over this. And I can hear Santana in my head already, her and the rest of my friends." Kurt shook his head.

Blaine bit his bottom lip, unsure now if Kurt was really mad at him or not. "Will they give you a hard time about it? I just wasn't thinking, Kurt, you were just so hot and you smelled so good, and God, you felt-"

Kurt stopped Blaine's rambling with a finger placed gently on his lips. "Shhhh, Blaine. I can handle my friends. And I can handle Dad. I may be able to conceal it from him one way or another. If he sees it, then I will deal with it." He gave a small shudder and frowned. "I just hope he doesn't see this as another opportunity to give me the sex talk again."

Blaine gave Kurt a hopeful smile and batted his eyelashes. "So you aren't mad at me?"

Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes for a moment before leaning towards him and nibbling on his lower lip. He nuzzled across Blaine's cheek towards his ear, smiling as Blaine made a contented sound low in his throat. Kurt whispered, "I wasn't stopping you at the time, was I? When I look in the mirror and see it, I know it was you who put it there and you who turns me on. It's actually pretty hot, and when I am all alone in my room this weekend I can look at it and feel it and know I'm yours." He then blew a gentle breath into Blaine's ear before licking it.

Blaine made a strangled sound and felt his knees weaken. Damn it, it wasn't fair for Kurt to do this to him when he was about to leave campus for the weekend. Taking a shaky breath, he struggled to stay upright and not drag Kurt over to the neatly made bed to muss it up in a deliciously thorough manner. Kurt placed a hand on Blaine's ass and gave it a mischievous squeeze before turning casually and placing the cover over Pavarotti's cage in preparation to leave.

There was a sudden movement behind him and Kurt suddenly found himself propelled towards his bed and on his back with Blaine straddling his hips. Blaine leaned down to look into Kurt's eyes, his own eyes darkening. He licked his lips slowly and growled in a low voice, "It isn't nice to tease. You are teasing me and you are about to leave me and it just isn't right."

Kurt did his best to keep breathing normally, but he had to admit he really, really liked this. Blaine's warm body on his just felt so damn good, and it would be so easy to lose himself in the warm browns and greens that made up Blaine's soulful eyes. Lose himself in the sensations Blaine always evoked in him. Lose himself in Blaine's delicious kisses and caresses. Kurt was just about to throw it all to the wind and pull Blaine down on top of him when his phone started to ring. Both boys jumped, Kurt struggling to sit up and Blaine scrambling off him awkwardly. Both of them had to quickly adjust themselves, looking away from each other briefly.

"Hi, Dad," Kurt answered the call, feeling his face flushing even hotter at being 'caught' making out.

"Kurt? Haven't you left school yet?" Burt sounded surprised.

"Ummm, sorry, Dad, I had to make sure I had everything I needed for Pavi," Kurt made up a hasty excuse and hoped his father bought it. He smoothed his clothing and motioned for Blaine to follow him as he gathered his things together to head out to his car.

"What's a Pavi?" Burt sounded confused.

Kurt tried not to roll his eyes. "Da-a-ad, Pavi! Pavarotti? The Warbler bird?"

"Wait, you're bringing a bird home?" Burt did not sound enthusiastic.

"Honestly, Dad, you can't expect me to leave him here for the weekend and me not here. I am responsible for him! He's a bird in a cage, not a dog or a pig or something. He'll be no bother at all. Will you, Pavi?" Kurt cooed.

Blaine couldn't contain the snort of laughter that escaped him. He struggled to look contrite as Kurt shot him a warning glance. He followed behind Kurt, carrying the small duffel bag containing Kurt's clothing for the weekend. His attention veered from Kurt's conversation with his dad as his appreciative gaze traveled down his boyfriend's backside. When they got to Kurt's Navigator, Kurt opened the passenger side door, took the bag from Blaine and tossed it into the back seat. He then leaned down to carefully place Pavarotti's cage in the floorboard, still talking to Burt. Unable to resist, Blaine gently grabbed Kurt by the hips and grinded into his ass teasingly. Kurt jerked slightly in surprise, nearly dropping his phone. He whipped his head around to glare at his boyfriend, who was enjoying this far more than was necessary.

"Listen, Dad, I am about to leave and I forgot to charge my Bluetooth, so I will see you when I get home, okay? Love you too." Kurt hung up the phone and turned around. Blaine prepared himself for a well deserved reprimand and was stunned when Kurt flipped their positioning to pin him against the side of the vehicle. Kurt put his hands on Blaine's face and held him immobile while ravaging his mouth and grinding into him. Blaine moaned in the back of his throat, losing himself completely when suddenly Kurt pulled his mouth away.

"Payback, Blaine, payback," Kurt whispered saucily. He pulled Blaine away from the car and smacked him playfully on the ass. Blaine stood there, stunned as Kurt closed the passenger door and sauntered to the driver's side. His eyes sparkled playfully at Blaine as he gestured him over. "I have to go now, Blaine, are you gonna come kiss me goodbye or are you going to just stand there?"

Blaine shook himself out of his hormonal stupor and walked over to the driver's side. Kurt had already gotten in the vehicle and had the window down. The two regarded each other a little sadly, both feeling the heaviness of impending separation yet feeling silly about being so down over two days apart. Blaine gave Kurt his best puppy dog eyes, lips turned down slightly in a pout. He leaned his head down, touching Kurt's forehead with his own, both of them closing their eyes and breathing deeply of each other.

Kurt nuzzled Blaine's nose with his own and placed a gentle and chaste kiss to his lips. "I have to go now, Blaine. I am running late and Dad and Carol have family plans for tonight. So I will text you when I can but I probably won't get to call you until late. Is that okay?"

Blaine's small smile was sad. "It's fine, Kurt. You know I'll be waiting to hear from you. Be careful on the road and let me know when you get home so I know you are okay, alright?"

Kurt nodded. "I will. See you in a few days, okay?" Kurt put the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking place. He blew Blaine a final kiss before getting on the road.

Blaine stood there a moment longer, feeling a bit lonely. He ran his fingers roughly through his gelled hair and sighed. It was almost frightening how much a part of his life Kurt had become. Blaine wasn't ready to consider what that might mean. He walked slowly back to the dormitory where he was met by Wes, Nick and Jeff, all of them looking at him sympathetically.

"So, I take it Kurt's on his way for the weekend?" questioned Jeff, taking in Blaine's glum countenance.

"Yup," Blaine said, putting his hands in his pockets. "He'll text me when he gets home."

"That's cool. He said he was bringing back cookies so make sure you hold him to it, okay?" Wes gave Blaine a soft punch to the shoulder.

Nick flashed a winning grin at Blaine. "Come on, B, let's go to your dorm. David is getting ready for his date and we need to support him like we did you!"

Blaine rolled his eyes good naturedly and said, "You mean scare him to death and make him question his sanity?" The four boys joked amongst themselves as they walked towards Blaine and David's room, already planning an evening of video games.

Kurt stretched before throwing himself across his bed, sighing in comfort and pleasure at being in his own bed. It had been a great night. He had texted Blaine when he got home and his boyfriend had answered that they had seen David off and were now playing Halo, so Kurt knew that Blaine was being entertained. He had been greeted with enthusiasm when he walked in, his dad hugging him tight enough to make him squeak and Carol smothering his face in kisses before running her fingers through his hair to hold him while she looked at him. She swore he looked different somehow and her knowing gaze brushed over the scarf knotted around his neck, causing his face to heat up. Finn grinned from ear to ear and pulled a very surprised Kurt into a bone crushing hug, lifting him up off the floor.

Carol had cooked an amazing dinner and Kurt was pleased that it was a healthy one that his father seemed to enjoy. Conversation had flowed freely, Kurt telling them all about the ins and outs of an all boys private school, which had Finn listening in amazement as he ate his way through three helpings. The brothers had agreed to keep their respective Glee clubs off topic so as not to create any awkwardness or inadvertent revelations, so they stuck to safe topics. Burt's shop was doing well, Carol was keeping busy at the hospital, and the lawyer had called Burt to let him know their suit against the school was moving forward. Even after dinner was finished, they all sat at the table, just enjoying the company and feeling of family. Kurt helped Carol clear the table and told her about his plans to spend some time with his friends while he was home, while Burt and Finn chatted about the upcoming football game they planned to watch the next day.

Finn had excused himself to go to his room to log on and play XBox live with Puck, and Burt and Carol had gone to the living room to watch a movie. Kurt lay across his bed, feeling relaxed. His thoughts wandered to Blaine, as they tended to do. Kurt sighed, missing Blaine yet feeling ridiculous since they had said goodbye to each other only a few hours ago. It was important for them to be able to maintain their sense of self and do things apart from each other, but Kurt felt a little hollow in his chest and knew it came from missing having Blaine next to him. Kurt closed his eyes thoughtfully. They were still so young, but Kurt knew he had never felt anything like this before with any of the crushes he had prior. What did age have to do with it anyway, he wondered. He was 17, less than a year away from being able to vote and having to register for the draft. If he could do those things, who was to say he was too young to know what he felt? What did age have to do with knowing his own heart? Would he really have that much more self knowledge in a few years as opposed to now? Kurt rather doubted it. All he knew is that Blaine made him happy, happier than he had ever felt outside of his family. Blaine made him feel comfortable, safe and complete. When he was with Blaine, he felt like there was nothing he couldn't do if he wanted to. It was far to early to use the L word, but Kurt felt like he was well on his way.

It was terrifying and amazing all at once.

Kurt flipped over onto his side and grabbed his laptop, powering it up. He had thought a lot lately of the physical aspect of his and Blaine's relationship. Other than each having given each other one over the underwear hand job, they hadn't really gone much further. Their shirts had always stayed on, he had never seen Blaine's bare chest, though if what his hands were feeling was any indication he was going to probably be incredibly turned on once he laid eyes on it. Blaine had broad shoulders, something that Kurt had always liked. His waist was trim and his stomach felt muscled. Kurt knew he had seen a light dusting of hair when he had undone the top three buttons on Blaine's shirt that one time, and though he hadn't looked at Blaine's stomach when he had palmed Blaine's dick that time, he felt pretty sure there had been a trail of fine hair there. Kurt felt himself drooling. The brief glimpse of Blaine's ass the night before had been a tease. Kurt admitted to himself he was more than a bit interested in seeing more. Blaine had muscular legs, too. Kurt had often found himself distracted in class or at Warblers practice by the sight of Blaine's thighs stretching the material of his slacks.

All in all, Blaine was perfection wrapped up in a yummy form.

Kurt started surfing the Internet thoughtfully. He felt like maybe, just maybe he was ready to go a little further with Blaine. Not actual sex, not just yet, but that didn't rule out other things they could do. Blaine had mentioned one time that he had learned things from the Internet. And Kurt knew there had to be things he could learn about as a gay teen. A man on a mission, he went to Google and started his search. An hour and a half later it was a wide eyed and semi aroused Kurt that finally closed his laptop.


Kurt decided that he wanted to know a little more. He grabbed his cellphone and sent a text to Brittany.

Hi, Brit! I'm home for the weekend and I was hoping that maybe I could see you and Santana tomorrow. Would that be okay? -K

Sure, boo! Can you come to my house? Santana is already supposed to come over, she promised to help me put a new password on my computer since Lord Tubbington changed mine and I can't get into it. -Brit

No problem, what time? -K

3:00? -Brit

Sounds good. See you then! -K

Okay :) -Brit

Kurt smiled. That gave him time to go shopping and have lunch with Quinn, Mercedes and Tina at the mall. He could go by Brittany's after that. And once he left Brittany's house he could meet Rachel at the Lima Bean before going home. Finn had already said that Puck, Sam, Artie and Mike were coming by Saturday evening and Sam and Puck would be staying the night. Finn had made Kurt promise to play Call of Duty with them for at least a little while. So Saturday was shaping up to be a busy one indeed.

Kurt closed his eyes and let his mind drift. What he had found online began to play across his thoughts and he shifted slightly as he started to feel himself getting hard. He hummed lightly to himself as he pictured having Blaine beside him, exploring and touching as they immersed themselves in each other. His breathing hitched as he rubbed himself, picturing Blaine's hand on him.

Maybe it was the fact that he had spent time researching sex tonight, or maybe being turned on made him a bit more daring, but Kurt suddenly decided that he absolutely needed to hear Blaine's voice. He crossed the room and quickly locked his door, then plugged in his iPod so the music would block any noise he might inadvertently make. He quickly shed his clothes and changed into loose fitting flannel pants. Climbing onto his bed, he dialed Blaine's number and waited for him to answer.

Blaine leaned back against the couch, watching in amusement as Wes, Nick and Jeff concentrated on their game. He had played with them but had opted to sit out this one, preferring to relax in his own thoughts. He was definitely missing Kurt. It felt different now, being here without having Kurt's hand in his and laughing at Kurt's snarky commentary. Idly he wondered if David was having a good night and what Kurt was doing right now. When his phone rang, he felt his heart lift and a smile crossed his face when he saw Kurt's name on the callID.

"Hey," he answered, "how's everything? Your family doing okay?"

"They're fine. I was missing you and wanted to hear your voice." Kurt's almost breathless answer caught Blaine's full attention. He sat up straighter on the couch, concerned.

"Are you alright?" he asked, wondering what was going on. Suddenly Kurt made a noise on the other end that made goosebumps raise on Blaine's arms.


"Blaine. Are you alone or still with the guys?" Kurt's voice had a gravelly tone to it that had Blaine scrambling off the couch and making his way towards the door.

"Hold on a second, okay?" Blaine turned back to his friends who had paused the game and were looking at him in concern. "It's Kurt, guys, and I am gonna go to my room so I don't distract you or anything, okay? See you tomorrow?"

Jeff and Nick both waved and turned their attention to the game. Wes snorted and made a comment under his breath about 'Distraction, yeah I just bet' before he, too, went back to shooting on the screen.

Blaine practically ran to his dorm and locked the door behind him. "Okay, I'm in my room now. So, talk to me."

"Mmmmmm, Blaine. I wish you were here. I miss you right now." Kurt sounded breathless, the sound going straight to Blaine's groin. He suppressed a groan as he lay down on his bed, one hand reaching down to palm himself.

"I miss you, too. What have you been doing?" Blaine licked his lips as he listened to Kurt's breathing on the other end.

"I spent the evening with my family. But I decided that I was curious about a few things so I went online."

Oh, Jesus. Blaine's eyes snapped shut as he imagined Kurt looking up things, eyes sparkling in curiosity and arousal, touching himself like Blaine dreamed of one day touching him.

"Kurt. You're killing me."

"Mmmmm, Blaine, I definitely don't want to kill you, should I let you go and I can just-"

"If you dare hang up I swear I will call you right back. There is no way I am missing this. Tell me, Kurt. Tell me what you thought about what you saw online. What did it make you feel?"

"It made me-God, Blaine-it got me so hard, thinking what it must feel like. What it would be like with you, touching you and you touching me."

"God, Kurt, you're driving me crazy here. Are you touching yourself right now?"

Kurt's breath stuttered. "Blaine, are we really doing this? And yeah, I am."

Blaine made a noise that was between a moan and a laugh and said, "Begging your pardon, sir, but as I recall, you called me and started all this. I'm only human, how am I supposed to resist when my hot boyfriend that's in another city tonight calls me and basically tells me he's horny from the Internet and I can tell he's jerking off?" Kurt moaned at this and Blaine stifled his own moan. He was not letting this opportunity pass him by. "Tell me what you're doing. How are you touching yourself? What gives you pleasure?"

"I am running my hand down my chest right now, just light touches with my fingertips that almost tickle but instead feel incredible."

Blaine copied Kurt's description, running his hand down his own chest. "Go on."

"Now I'm feeling under the edge of my pants. I really want to touch my cock but the anticipation feels good." Kurt's breath hitched and he continued, "I've got it in my hand now, Blaine. I'm so hard right now and I'm just barely running my fingers up and down it. Feels so good. Ahhhh..."

Blaine was pumping his own cock firmly, feeling insanely turned on at hearing his boyfriend describing pleasuring himself and the mental images it caused. "What else?"

"Now I'm moving my hand up and down. Slow, and now faster, now I'm squeezing a little and Jesus, Blaine, it feels fucking awesome and I wish it was you touching me, I wish it was you because I'm not gonna last much longer."

Blaine was breathing in harsh gasps now, much like Kurt was. He wasn't going to last much longer, either. His rhythm sped up and he said in a low voice, "Come for me, Kurt. Come with me. Let me hear your sexy noises while you make yourself come."

"Yes, Blaine, yes, unnnffff, feels good, ahhhhh...Aaaahhhhhhhh, Blaine!"

Hearing Kurt was all it took to put Blaine over the edge as well. His grasp on himself tightened and his body shook as he came. Panting, he lay there, feeling boneless and spent. He could hear Kurt on the other end, breathing in quick gasps. They both were silent as they caught their breath.

Blaine spoke first. "So. Wow."

Kurt laughed breathlessly and said, "Yeah."

"That was interesting," Blaine said, sure he was grinning foolishly.

"Mmmhhmm. And fun," agreed Kurt. "Did I mention I miss you?"

"Miss you, too. A lot."

Kurt said, "Crap. Hold on a second." Blaine could hear him calling to someone who was apparently knocking on the door. He came back on the line and said, "Blaine, I gotta go. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay. Goodnight, Kurt. Sweet dreams."

"Sweet dreams to you, too." Kurt blew a kiss into the phone before hanging up.

Blaine breathed deep of his pillow that still smelled faintly like Kurt, then jumped up to change clothes for bed before David got back.

Kurt ran up the steps leading to Brittany's front door. He had spent part of the morning and the early afternoon shopping with Quinn, Mercedes and Tina. They had had a fun time, giggling and gossiping. They had all had questions about Blaine. Fortunately none of them involved the scarf tied around his neck. Kurt had been waiting for the inevitable question, but it never came. The girls had been too excited to see him and too involved in their shopping. When he finally left them Kurt had breathed a sigh of relief. He rang the doorbell and waited for Brittany to answer.

The door opened and Santana looked at him with a smirk. "Hi, Porcelain. Nice scarf."

Kurt looked at her, dumbfounded. "How did you...how did you know?" Jesus, did she smell it or something?

Santana's smile grew wider as she stepped aside to let Kurt in. "I didn't, actually. But seeing as you just confirmed it for me without me asking directly, I would say it was a hell of a lucky guess." She pushed the scarf aside with a quick movement, catching Kurt off guard. He felt a flush cross his cheeks as her eyes widened slightly and she gave a low whistle.

"Holy cow, Kurt, does that thing go through to the other side? Nice one!" Santana motioned for him to follow her and they walked towards Brittany's room. The door opened and Brittany rushed out, throwing herself into Kurt's arms. She squeezed him hard and pressed her lips to his in a quick smack.

"Kurt! I'm so glad to see you! I miss you so much now that you've gone to Hogwarts." Brittany beamed at him.

"Dalton, sweetie, my school is Dalton. It's a little different. And I miss you, too," Kurt smiled fondly at her.

Brittany grabbed Kurt by the hand and pulled him into her room. She looked around in some confusion, saying "I told Lord Tubbington you would be here. He was excited to get to see you again, but I don't see him. He's probably off smoking again," she sighed in exasperation. Santana smiled at her gently and patted the bed next to her. The two girls linked pinkies and looked at Kurt expectantly.

"So, Kurt, talk to us. As glad as I am to see you, and I do mean that, I know there is something more to this little rendezvous. What can we do for you?" Santana looked at Kurt shrewdly.

Kurt sat down on the bed, taking a deep breath. It was now or never. "I want you to teachmehowtogiveablowjob," he said in a rush, his face flaming.

The two girls looked at him, stunned for a moment. Then Santana crawled over to him and took him in her arms, crushing him to her chest. "Oh, my God, Kurt, just let Auntie Tana love you for a minute here." She grabbed his face and placed a kiss on both off his cheeks. "I didn't think this day would ever come." She scrambled back to Brittany's side, a wide smile on her face. "You've come to the right place. What do you want to know?"

Kurt threw his hands up helplessly. "Well, I mean, I think I get the gist of it, but how exactly do I do it? I mean, how do I do it right where it feels good and I'm not dying of embarrassment?"

Santana held up a hand to silence him. "Stop right there. You are talking about taking a guy's dick into your mouth. You are going to have to get the idea about it being embarrassing out of your mind. Otherwise it is going to be awkward and neither one of you will be able to enjoy it."

Brittany smiled at him. "You know what feels good. It'll be easy. Just think what you would want for yourself, you know?"

Santana nodded. "It's pretty straight forward, actually. You start by-" she stopped, looking thoughtful. "Brit, don't you have popsicles?"

Brittany smiled and clapped her hands. "I do! Cherry ones! Want one, Kurt?"

"He sure does, Brit," Santana answered for Kurt, looking at him mischievously. Kurt gulped and nodded.

Brittany quickly ran downstairs and returned with three popsicles. She handed one to both Kurt and Santana and unwrapped her own.

Santana looked seriously at Kurt. "Okay, Porcelain, what do you do?"

Kurt looked at her, eyes wide. "I- well, I don't-"

Santana shook her head at him. "Don't overthink it. What do you do?"

Kurt gulped nervously and gave the popsicle a quick lick. Santana nodded approvingly.

"That's actually good. Building up to it makes it even more intense. That's not saying that there won't be times you just start off full deep throat, but licking around the end is a good start. Observe."

Santana started licking the end of her popsicle suggestively, running her tongue around the end in a circular motion before pushing the end into her mouth. She moved her mouth down the frozen confection, then back up again. She smiled at him encouragingly. "Now you try."

Kurt thought he might just die of embarrassment, but he imitated Santana. She nodded and resumed with her own popsicle, demonstrating different tricks and techniques. Kurt relaxed and got more into it, working his popsicle with a little more enthusiasm. Santana showed him how to open up his throat and how to work his tongue, and by the time Brittany supplied them with new popsicles Kurt was really starting to get into it. He and Santana both expertly at this point were moving the popsicles in and out of their mouths and neither one noticed Brittany taking a picture of them. The blonde posted the picture to her Facebook page, tagging both Kurt and Santana and captioning the picture as "Cheerios practice," smiling delightedly at her own wit.


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