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~New Divide~

"I'm alright!" Sam yelled at the twins hovering over him. Ever since Sam had, "appeared", a certain duo just couldn't stop fussing over him. Sam at first was still in shock from the rather unexpected transport and let the two look him over. However when they started to pull at his clothes he snapped a little in annoyance. "I swear you're worse than Ratchet." Sam huffed as he tried to fix his more ruffled appearance. The CMO obviously couldn't be beaten by the twins in medical expertise but the Autobots had yet to catch onto sarcasm when they heard it. Sam stood up a little wobbly as he became silent. His eyes raked over Sunstreakers and Sideswipes forms, no one spoke a word. He walked onto Sunstreaker's hand voicelessly asking to be picked up. When he was at level with the others chest, he reached out a hand, brushing over the area that once had a gaping hole in it. He raised his head and smiled happily, being able to finally see and touch his guardian. Sunstreaker gave Sam a soft hug against his chest before holding him out farther.

The other Autobots watched quietly. Sideswipe and Ratchet could see the tension just melt out of Sunstreaker, even if the front-liner himself didn't notice.

"It's good to see that you're alright." Sam said as he scanned over everyone present, "I see you got your legs back Bee." The yellow Camaro bounced as little, excited from being noticed.

"You betcha!" Some man's voice came out of Bumblebee in response. Sam laughed at the strange southern sound that obviously didn't match his yellow bubbly friend.

"The more important question is how are you doing Sam?" Ratchet stepped forward picking Sam out of Sunstreaker's servo before either of the two could do anything. The medic made Sam sit down as he scanned his medical sensors over the boy's body. Sam squirmed as the light almost felt as if someone was grazing their fingertips across his skin. Sideswipe chuckled at Sam's predicament as he watched. "Hmmm." Ironhide raised his head to look at Ratchet.

"What's wrong?" Ironhide whirled his cannons agitatedly. Ratchet raised Sam to his eye level as more of his intensive and invasive scanners washed over Sam's bruised and battered body. Sam held still as he set the Allspark in his lap. The artifact seemed to be dormant as it lay lazily in his protector's hands. Ratchet hummed again as he set Sam on the ground suddenly as he began thinking deeply. Ironhide didn't like it when he was kept in the dark especially when it came to Ratchet. The CMO looked to Optimus who had been quiet since Sam's arrival.

"Optimus." Ratchet pounded on top of him with his fist. Everyone else in the room tensed as the Autobot leader's body rattled as he transformed. He had to deck down to fit into the room because of his height. He shot a glance at his huffing CMO as he ghosted a hand across the back of his helm. He hated to admit it but sometimes even Ratchet managed to get under his plating.

"Ratchet it is not time." Optimus's eyes gazed down at Sam softly who looked very lost and confused. Sam glanced around noticing everyone looking between the three of them. He shifted the Allspark around in his hands before noticing that he still had the Allspark. It was difficult for Sam to grasp that he was actually the supposed protector of the essence. It just felt so normal for him to hold the ancient artifact. He felt something pulse in his hand, as he realized that it didn't matter if he had the "container" for the essence or not, the Allspark was going to be with him until he could strengthen it back to its original power levels. He absent mindedly rubbed the top of his hand trying to sooth the essence and his own emotions.

Optimus and Ratchet took notice of Sam's absentminded rubbing, but didn't say anything. Ratchet really wanted to talk about the strange levels coming from Sam's body but Optimus was definitely not in the mood. But Ratchet knew he would get his way eventually, he was the medic after all, and even Optimus heeded his warnings even if he didn't want to. Sam glanced up at Sideswipe quietly pleading to be picked up. Even if he knew the Autobots would never step on him he didn't like feeling like an ant if he didn't have to. The red Lamborghini could feel Sam's emotions and torrent thoughts but knew it wasn't the most opportune time to have a discussion on the new link they shared. Even if he didn't want to believe that his brother was right about Sam having a bond with them now.

He picked up his small, fragile ward and rested him on his shoulder plates, where he was snug and wouldn't fall even if he moved around. Sam sat contentedly; he was strangely happy and didn't really know why.


Primus still existed with his broken and dying planet. He was saddened by the state of his once beautiful and thriving world. His children had forgotten that at Cybertron's very core he existed. He missed talking with his vibrant and intelligent children. They would always be his children no matter what they did. He cherished them all equally. No matter what they thought of each other or what they thought of him.

He could feel himself weakening slowly, his life force slipping away. He knew it was only a matter of time before he perished along with Cybertron. But until that day he would keep the planet alive on what little energy he had left. He only hoped that the small brave human, Sam, would be able to restore the Allspark to its original power in time.

He knew he wasn't being entirely fair to Sam but, if Cybertron was going to survive some sacrifice would have to be done. The Essence however probably had other plans. In truth, Primus didn't know what the Essence would do once it was back to its original power levels. The Allspark was a sentient being even if it didn't speak. Primus could control the Essence if it was with him but Earth was far too many eons away for him to have any effect on the artifact. He only wished that Sam would contact him often or he would learn to, because even for a god-like being like himself, he was lonely. Terribly lonely.

And he knew that soon his time would come. It was only just the matter of when his spark and soul would finally exhaust themselves.

Because time is the true bringer of death.


Sam jolted on Sideswipes shoulder; a sudden chill running down the length of this spine. He didn't know why or where it came from but Sam was suddenly very afraid. His happiness that he had earlier dissipated rapidly. He felt as if a block of ice had encased itself around his heart.

Something was definitely wrong.

Luckily Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had moved to the back of the warehouse while Ratchet spoke to Optimus just outside so that the prime could stand. All the others were still inside trying to relax.

Sideswipe shifted his shoulder getting Sam to look at him. Sunstreaker also looked at Sam who tried to shake off his sudden movement as nothing. Sadly he didn't know that they weren't buying it even if they didn't say anything.

:: Sunstreaker, we can't wait forever. We have to talk to him soon.::

:: I know. Now isn't the best time.::

:: Obviously. I'm worried about him Sunny. Just a moment ago he was happy, now he feels like he wants to hide in a corner.::

:: Maybe we can sneak out?::

:: As always.:: Sideswipe smirked at the thought of going back to their old pranking days.

Sam leaned against Sideswipes facial plates, sighing as he tried to relax and seeking comfort from his guardians touch. The red front-liner stilled trying not to rattle Sam, as his tired eyes slipped closed. Honestly Sideswipe wasn't surprised; Sam had been through a lot in the past week. He felt guilty that he wasn't able to properly able to protect his charge. Although Sam seemed to think no differently towards them, he wasn't angry about being hurt. When Sam touched his brothers chest plate earlier with such a serene look on his face he couldn't say anything. So many things filtered across his mind at that moment. As he was sure others did as well. At some point Sam had crept into their sparks, making a special place for himself. He stroked a finger down Sam's back in a calming gesture as the other snuggled against him. He vowed that next time he wouldn't get hurt. That he would try to make sure that a "next time" never happened.

Sunstreaker watched his brother, who didn't care to filter his emotions as they traveled over their shared link. He wouldn't lie, he felt much the same. Sam was special. He didn't know if it was his demeanor, his laugh, or his smile but the little human managed to pick at his more sensitive side that tended to get covered by his rough exterior. The strange part was that he didn't mind either.

The twins noticed that Ironhide, Jazz, and Bumblebee were silently watching them even if they didn't have their heads toward them. More precisely they were watching Sam. Somehow everyone must have been thinking the same thing.

Sam was special. And he was now one of them.


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