AN: For "THE for lack of a better name DRABBLE CHALLENGE" on HPFC. Character: Sirius Black.

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1: Carefree

He started out so carefree, so innocent. He was the kind of kid who had the easy life. For the first eleven years of his life, he hardly had to lift a finger. After all, that was what house-elves were for, right?

He was untouchable. And it didn't matter that he wasn't quite sure this was right, it didn't matter that he wasn't quite sure he believed in the pureblood supremacy they'd been force-feeding him from birth, it didn't matter.


Until he went to Hogwarts and became a Gryffindor.

Until he alienated himself from everyone he'd ever known.

Until right and wrong started to matter.

And the carefree became a fa├žade.