This is my first Lying Games fanfic. It's Emma/Ethan with Sutton as the main villain. Hope you enjoy!

"Kiss me." We were almost touching, our lips barely millimeters away. The heat of his body radiated onto mine. "Kiss me, Ethan." Our lips touched and it was kismet. The kiss was the most amazing thing in the world. "Ethan…" His name lingers in the open air.

"Sutton…" Why did he call me Sutton? He knows I'm Emma. "Sutton." Someone shakes me and I jerk up. It was all a dream. Of course I wasn't actually kissing Ethan. He was dating Sutton, my twin sister. We wouldn't; actually we couldn't date. Not without breaking Sutton's heart. "Sutton, you need to get ready for school." It was Sutton's mom staring at me confused as to why I wasn't moving.

"Right. I'll get right on that." She walks out and I grab my phone. No new messages from Sutton. Great, I was over a week into playing her, but I didn't know how much longer I could do it. I was falling in love with her life; her friends, her family, and most importantly her boyfriend.

I walk into Sutton's closet. Dresses in here cost more than my foster home in Nevada. I grab a purple dress that chinches to show my waist off. I hear a knock on my door and see Ethan slip through the glass door connecting the outside world to my room. I grab some wedges and my tote and go back out to join him.

"Ethan." I looked like a mess. My hair was wrecked and I was without make-up yet I didn't care. Ethan made it easy.

"Emma have you talked to Sutton?" As soon as he asks Sutton's laptop chimes with a video chat request. I accept and my identical face pops up.

"Oh my god Em, can you do something about your hair? I would never go to school looking like that." I grab a hairbrush and a straighter and get to work. I hear Ethan and Sutton talk. She says she loves him and he returns it. He's your twin sister's boyfriend. She loves him. He loves her. This isn't your life. Once I'm done I walk back to the laptop.

"Better?" She nods. "Have any news?"

"Not really. I haven't gathered much except her name which I already told you. I'm going to do more today I just wanted to check in with you guys."

"We should get going to school. Laurel will be checking in on me soon."

"Love you Ethan, but could you give Em and me a second alone." He nods and walks out the glass door.

"What Sutton?"

"You are wrecking my life. I knew this wasn't a good idea."

"What do you mean?" I wasn't wrecking it. I was making better. How could she hate this sweet kind people who love her to pieces?

"I've read comments on facebook. You wrote my essay for me and I got an A. I've never gotten an A in my life. And then you punch Nisha at the party. I let that slide since that's something I would actually do, but now you're bringing Ethan into it."

"It was the only way to clear his name. Your parents don't hate, in fact, your mom likes him. I mean he's no Luke, but he isn't dangerous like they thought."

"Look Ethan is my boyfriend. And I don't want you bringing him into our mess."

"It's not our mess. It's yours." And with that I hit end and close the laptop. Sutton made me trade lives with her. She created this disaster by not telling me about her life at all before leaving. I wasn't wrecking her life she was wrecking her own.

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