Last night I had a dream.


I heard a voice, and it was calling my name.


I told Mum and Dad and Mickey. Anyone else would think I was mad, but not those three. They believed it because they've met the Doctor. So they listened to the dream.

And that night, we packed up, got into Dad's old Jeep, and off we went.

Just like the dream said.

I followed the voice across the water. Kept on driving hundreds and hundreds of miles. 'Cause he's calling.

Here I am at last.

And here he is. Transparent and tired. My Doctor.

"Where are you?" I ask.

"Inside the TARDIS," he says. "There's one tiny little gap in the universe left, just about to close. And it takes a lot of power to send this projection. I'm in orbit around a Supernova. I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye. And-" before he can continue, I interrupt him.

"You look like a ghost," I say.

"Hold on," he says, and waves his sonic screwdriver. There he is, more solid now. I wonder aloud if I can touch him. He tells me he is only an image, that I cannot touch him.

"Can't you come through properly?" I ask.

"The whole thing would fracture. Two universes would collapse," he says. "But I can give you one thing. One solid thing."

He holds out his hand. I gasp. It is a large ziplock bag, full of all of my drugs.

I begin to cry, and he smiles sadly.

"Like I said, I'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye. And to give you your drugs."

I take hold of the bag, wishing I could touch his hand, too. Somehow only the drugs can come through the universe gap now.

"It won't be the same," I say, "Getting fucked up without you." I am sobbing now.

"You've still got Mr. Mickey, then," he says, looking at Mickey in the distance.

"There's five of us now," I explain. "Mum, Dad, Mickey…and the baby."

The Doctor looks a mix of shocked, happy and sad.

"You're not," he says. "Rose, you can't do these drugs if you're - "

"No!" I say with a small laugh. "It's Mum. No, I'm just back working in the shop. They don't test for drugs in this universe, so I figure I'll be good to go."

"That'll be good for you," says the Doctor, smiling. The mood shifts from slightly joking to serious the moment he adds, "You're dead, officially, back home. You're on the list of the dead. Says you overdosed." I am shaking at these words.

"Yet here you are," he continues. "Living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have. And now you've got your drugs back. The one adventure I will never have with you again."

I am unable to form words through my tears for quite some time. After a while I am able to finally say what I have always wanted to say to him.

"I - I love drugs."

He smiles.

"Quite all right, too. And I suppose…if it's my last chance to say it…" I hold my breath, waiting for him to say it:

"Rose Tyler -"

And he is gone.

And now, all that is left is the drugs.