Bitter Sweet Honey

Chapter 10

"I believe our children would look beyond adequate enough for my tastes." Doom told her as they ate breakfast, her parents having gotten up yet. Bianca was ignoring him. Again. As she'd been since he woke her up to talk to her about this topic. "I don't see any negatives about marrying me. I'm wealthy, the ruler of my own country, powerful, and I'm handsome." Bianca stared at her food, dark plum circles under her eyes.

"With a face only a mother could love." She said darkly, trying to eat but kept jabbing her chin with her spoon, unable to correctly put it in her mouth from the hours of sleep she lacked. "Doom. Put a bullet in my head and kill me now. Please. Just get it over with." Michael came in, yawning and stretching in a mid-calf robe that belonged to his wife, but it was closed. "Hey dad." Michael jumped and hissed, looking at her.

"Who the hell are you, ghost! You're not my daughter!" Michael accused, before quickly making his way back to the guest room and shutting the door. Bianca groaned, pushing her food away from her and, instea,d lying her head on the table.


"Doom, let's just talk about this another time. I'm really tired. Winter is coming and I need to stock up." She mumbled and Doom grunted,

"No, I want to talk now." Doom stated and she looked at him.

"If you keep talking to me, I'm going to put my hand down your throat and pull a nice, pretty, black rabbit out of your ass. Judas! Lucifer!" Her two gladiators cleared their throats to remind her that she need not call for them. "Take me back to my room. I'm so tired." Judas picked her up and Doom pulled her back down.

"She will sit here until I get a straight answer from her." Doom grunted, before Lucifer launched himself at the man so Judas could carry her off to her bedroom quickly. When Judas was safe inside, Lucifer was forcefully reattached and badly damaged but managed to crawl to her bedroom doors.


A little girl at a park sat on a swing, alone, as the sun set, having run away from home. A little boy approached her, "You're Biana-ka, right?" The little girl looked up, "I wanted to tell you, that I like like you." She stared at him, and as she started to smile the boy added, "But the other kids say you're a monster, so, I don't like you anymore. Bye." With that, he ran off and she watched. Her lip quivered and she hiccupped, tears falling into her lap.

"Nana?" A tall man appeared, covered in leaves and twigs, before looking at her, "Nana, there you are! I was worried sick…why are you crying, my little star?" She wiped the tears away stubbornly,

"I'm not." She huffed, but started sobbing again, running off the swing and jumping on her father who held her close. "No one likes me here, Papa! I want to go back. I don't like it here." Her father sat down on the swing she was just in.

"This is our home now, my little one. We can't go back." He answered and she buried her face in his robes, "Sometimes, this get off to a rough star when you start a new life. That's the cost of beginning anew." She looked up at him, "But, soon, it will get a lot better. You may not have a lot of friends now but you'll have so many you can't keep track of them soon."

"So many that I can bring them over for a tea party?" "Yes." "Will they all fit in our house?" Her father laughed, "Probably not. We'll have it in the backyard where there's a lot more room." She hugged her father and he hugged her back.

"I love you, Bianca. Just try your best." She nodded, "I love you too Papa."

Later that night, the girl stood outside of the boys house, her father standing in front of her. She looked up, blood smeared all over her face. "I had to, Papa. He said he liked me and then said I was a monster." Her Father stared down at her, and she reached up and took his hand,

"We're both monsters, Bianca." Her father said, before looking at the house, blood splattered all over the walls and the windows and the curtains inside. Any surface that could be touched, the blood had monopolized. "Look at the mess you've made." She looked back,

"But I didn't make this mess, Papa. Benny did." she said, as her father stared down at her with a sad silence about him. "He said 'I like like you, but since you're a monster I have to leave you alone.' Papa, will someone like me knowing that I'm a monster?"

"…Yes. Someday, someone will like you for who you are. Not what we are." He answered after a while, tears running down his cheeks.

"Why are you crying, Papa?" She asked and he picked her up, hugging her to his white robes, "Are you sad?"

"You will understand some day, Bianca."


Bianca opened her eyes, lying on her bed, staring out of the closet balcony doors. Why had she remembered that? She sat up, getting to her feet and ignoring the cold floor as she walked to the balcony doors. Bianca shivered as her finger tips brushed against the glass, before she put her palms on the handles and turned them, opening the doors and stepping onto the balcony. Judas wrapped a shawl around her and her father popped his head out of th ebushed below the balcony,

"Ah, little one, you look much better." He greeted, and she looked at him, "Did you have a nice dream?"

"…I dreamed about the first time I blacked out." Michael shuddered, before pulling himself up onto the balcony. "What did I do that night?"

"Things that are in the past should stay in the past, my little star." He kissed her forehead. "I love you. Now, I must go fight Victor."

"Stop bullying him, Dad." Michael chuckled,

"But he's just like you when I bully him." Michael told her and she blushed, "You should wear something pretty to encourage him to win the fight." Bianca looked away, covering her mouth with a hand and blushing violently. Something…pretty?

"Ye…yeah, I should." She answered and Michael left her room, She glanced over, Doom at the door, flustered about how Michael got in her room and Lucifer was refusing to let him in.

"Quiet down. She's changing into something special." Michael could be heard, as the door shut and she went to her closet, looking through the boxes of things salvaged from her old home. She pulled out just what she was looking for,

"Judas, do you have the technique in your databank to help me put this on?" she asked and he was silent a moment, before answering, "Yes, Master." "Then assist me." "Of course." She twisted up her hair and clipped it up, slipping a pin in her newly made bun. Judas finished and she handed him the second part of her outfit, as Doom and Michael stood in the back of the Castle with a wide open space.

A small pain brush was swirled around in a plum-colored liquid, before she brushed it over her lips carefully, applying just on the borderline of 'what was needed' and 'too little'. A she put on her mascara, her father stripped down to just a pair of pants to show off the scar-marked torso and muscles, claw marks and bullet wounds alike riddling his flesh while black paste riddled her eyelash curler. She smiled and left her room ad Michael turned to Doom.

"We only get one item for this fight. I chose a spoon. It is what I will gorge your eyes out with." Michael said, and Doom tapped his chest, "I'll keep my armor." "Fine." Anastasia stood on the side, smiling. Doom looked over, Bianca not there. "Where is Bianca?" "Hm. Not here yet, obviously. You know the ladies, they take their time to look nice." Doom felt uneasy. "Come, you can make the first move." Doom side stepped before a bolt of lightning passed him narrowly. "Hn. Nice dodge."

"Good luck." Doom looked over, Bianca standing next to her mother in a black and purple kimono, a silver obi around her waist and her hair put up in a bun with a butterfly pinned in it. In his daze, Michael punched Doom in the face and sent him flying.

"You need to pay attention to me and not my daughter." Michael said before he was blasted away. Doom got to his feet.

"You look radiant, Bianca." Doom commented and she looked away, as he received a punch to the stomach.

"HA!" Michael said, before Doom's armor electrocuted him ,"Aaaaaahhh!" He pulled away, snarling. Bianca covered her mouth as Doom blast her father almost of the cliffs that were behind his castle. Anastasia nervously shuffled. Michael struggled back to his feet before vanishing, doom looking around and finally looking at Bianca. She smirked a little and pointed up ward discreetly. Doom jumped back as her father slammed into the ground like a meteor, standing up and crackling his knuckles, "Impressive that you dodged my attack from above. Now, how about my frontal attack?" Michael crouched down, sneering, on all fours. But nothing happened.

Bianca appeared in front of Doom putting her arm up. Her sleeve was slashed and blood was splashed across the ground. Doom was confused, "That's fighting dirty when he can't see it!" She declared and Michael stood up,

"I'm proud you knew what I was doing, but it's not my fault that he doesn't know." Michael said, and Bianca looked back at Doom,

"His main attacks aren't physical fighting. He fights long distance. Mental graph him, and where the air doesn't hit, you'll know exactly what to avoid." She told Doom as he father roared, "How dare you?" She vanished, on the other side now. Doom graphed it. Where the wind didn't hit? Was that what she meant? He listened closely. There were sharp curved and spines. A Tail? "Doom, duck!" Doom ducked, dodging the tail. There was more, sharper curved- moving- floating in the air? No. Wings. Michael had wings. Doom opened his eyes.

"I got it." Doom said bluntly, grabbing the tail and slamming Michael into the ground. Michael snarled angrily. Doom drove his fist into what seemed to be his face- but it was next to his head. "I win."

"…" Michael calmed down, "I admit, to graph so quickly is a talent. I will admit defeat this time." Doom helped Michael to his feet, "For a man younger than me, I'm not surprised you have more vitality than a hundred year old man does." Doom walked over to Bianca and she looked up at him.

"I apologize for this morning." Doom told her and she looked away, but he turned her gaze back towards him, "I'm sincere about this. I will wait until you're ready to talk to me about the topic this morning, before I bring it up again."

"…Are you kidding me? 'Sincere'?" She asked, Doom standing there, "I'll accept your apology as long as you stick to your day job, got it? But that doesn't mean I forgive you about waking me up. You're going to have to work for that." Doom laughed,

"Fine, but this will be resolved by the end of the night." She covered her arm with her sleeve that was in tact, smiling behind the material, "Are you smiling? I don't believe I've seen your smile."

"The fact that you say this problem between us will be fixed tonight…" She looked down and away, "It's funny." Doom chuckled, "You won't fix this unless you drop the topic- I'll tell you that now."

"I believe we should discuss it after another relaxing dinner between the two of us." She giggled softly at his offer, "Redeemable any time."

"How about when my parents leave?" She offered and Doom nodded, "My parents have gone inside. We should join them." "We?" "You want a clearer description? 'You and I'." Doom chuckled, "I ruined my nice kimono. What will you do about this? I should have let my father kill you. Then my garment wouldn't have been ruined." She said, walking off and Doom chuckled,

"I was fine on my own. You didn't need to step in." He told her and she looked away,

"Yeah, well, you would be dead if I hadn't." Bianca said and he laughed, "Just shut up. Moron. You should be ashamed that you couldn't kill my daddy because you were being a pussy." She snapped, flushing angrily and darting back into the house, Doom going after her and pinning her next to the door back into the house.

"What did you say?"

"I said that you're being a bitch. The only time I've seen manliness from you, is when you killed those two guys at the airport and Loki being over." She told him,

"The super heroes-!"

"I hold you not in the benefit of the doubt. I know you'll come in get me but your delaying decreased my respect for you." She told him bluntly, "I'm happy about your kindness to me, but I would be a lot more attracted to you if you were back to yourself." she leaned forward, hugging his neck, "You want to know a secret? I like bad boys." With that, she went back inside and Doom laughed.

"I should have known." Doom said, going back in.

"Victor." Michael stated, as Anastasia bandaged her husband up, the two at his dining room table. "I have decided you are a good man. You take care of my daughter, you are in a stable position and seem well-off." Michael said, "I will leave her in your care knowing you will keep her safe. You will keep her safe, correct?"

"Of course, Michael. I stake my life on it." Doom responed and Michael nodded curtly.

"Good. We will leave later today." Michael said promptly, Anastasia smiling.

"So soon?" Doom asked, and Michael nodded.

"Yes. Unfortunately, it seems we brought a cold front with us. The Winter is coming and it is ill-advised for my family, aside from my wife. Ana and I must get to my mansion in Switzerland in the next two weeks." Michael explained, "We cannot put off returning back any longer."

"The Winter is hard on everyone."

"My family members die in the littlest of cold, Victor. Bianca has lost many uncles and aunts due to their carelessness during the winter. If she is to avoid such an easily-caught death, she knows what to do. " Michael said, and Bianca nodded. "I have already booked our train and flights, and we will leave tonight, but I only wish to trouble you for a ride ot the train station."

"That will be easily done." Doom said, and Bianca frowned, "I will arrange it." Bianca walked off,

"Bianca." She stopped, "Are you going to stay here with Victor, or come with your mother and I? The temperature in Latveria drops dreadfully low during the winter."

"I'll be staying here. Excuse me, I have to change and tend to this cut." Bianca said before vanishing into her room. Doom slipped in, Bianca sitting on the bed, staring at her arm as she wore a night gown. As the door shut, she looked over, and she quickly tied her arm up. "…I didn't mean to snap at you, but…I've read a good deal about you and your evil ways." He sat next to her, taking her arm. He un wrapped the bandages, "No." she said, taking her arm back and covering the wound with her hand, "I'll have to re-sanitize it again. Thanks." Doom pulled her arm back and looked at it.

The cut she's taken on, had cut her down to the bone and a dark rune was carved into her bone. "Who did this to you?" Doom asked and she took her arm back, re-bandaging it. "Answer me."

"I don't remember." She answered, Doom was silent.

"What do you need for the winter?" He asked and she closed her eyes.

"Blankets and a warm room. I'll be sleeping a lot, waking up long enough to eat and shuffle to the bathroom. Probably fall asleep in the bath a few times. Just a constant source of warmth and I should be fine." Bianca answered, Doom pulling her too her feet,

"I can be a constant source of warmth." He told her and she laughed, kissing him on the cheek before walking past him. "I've been told I'm very good in the bedroom." "I'm sure you are, man-whore." "At least I get paid." She laughed as she left her room. "I'm serious."

"Let's just sit down and have dinner with my parents then send them on their way. How about another movie night?" She asked and Doom followed,

"That sounds satisfactory." Doom answered.

They had dinner together and took her parents back to the train station. She leaned on Doom as he drove back. "It is frosty outside." Doom grunted a 'not really', but she elbowed him in the chest. "How long is it going to take for you to get the hint?"

"I think you need to shed a bit more light on the subject, I'm a bit lost." Doom said and she sat up, crossing her arms.

"I've never been good at this whole thing." She said, before adding, "Its cold outside and I really don't feel like sitting in front of a fire to get warm." Doom chuckled,

"Well, if my memory suffices, I have whipped cream and cherries in the kitchen." doom answered as he parked the car and got out. They both vanished in their own directions- Doom getting the whipped cream and cherries and going back to his room. Bianca was waiting with a tub of ice cream and her night gown. "…It…seems as if I've gotten the wrong idea. I thought we were having sex."

This seemed to be a mistake that neither of them could fix.