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Sasuke's POV

Sasuke stood from his crouched position behind the large oak tree, his joints cracking and muscles stretching painfully at the change. He had stayed hidden for quite some time, avoiding the police and search party sent out for him. He rotated each shoulder in turn and arched his back, trying to force a normal blood flow through his veins and chase away the tingling sensation that was plaguing the limbs that had gone numb after so long.

Shaking off the frantic townspeople who were running around screaming something about a crazy escaping was not an easy feat. They were a persistent bunch and could almost keep up with his quick feet…almost. After them chasing him around the forest for a couple of hours, they finally ran out of stamina and fell behind; he could still hear them calling out his name, though, trying to get a reaction out of him and promising pointless things upon his 'safe' return. He felt a burst of selfish pride: even without his wings, he could outrun and outlast any mortal by miles. It was actually a pretty well-known fact, but he still felt pride at proving the theory.

With a weary glance around to make sure he would not be discovered by frantic guards, Sasuke slipped back through the heavy brush and began to make his way to the small comfortable cottage strategically stationed in the center of Konoha's forest, searching for a man by the name of Kakashi Hatake.

Sakura's POV

Sakura stared in shock and horror at the magnificent set of wings displayed before her as if they were nothing more than a holy relic when, in fact, they were much, much more than that. These wings belonged to an angel, one of almost unimaginable power to the human mind.

Little did any human know that an angel's wings are its source of power and pride, and they would never be told for fear of an uprising, which wasn't likely, but any form of trouble was strongly discouraged.

These wings were some of the most complicated she had ever seen. The more elaborate the wings, the more powerful the angel. This particular pair, she knew, belonged to the Angel of Silence, one of the closest to Father's own heart. Silence-now known as Sasuke Uchiha- was a direct way for Father to speak with his children with no chance of corruption.

"Be still, be silent, my child. Only then will you know and accept my heart as yours" Father's voice rang through her head. He had told her this long ago, when she was a mere child and yet, somehow she was able to comprehend the words.

In a moment of sudden enlightenment, everything clicked in her head and came into focus and she stared again in newfound admiration at the set of gorgeous wings. Their long, elegant feathers were black with the very tips stained in dark crimson, only barely distinguishable from the rest. Their base was decorated with intricate swirls and sharp edges which faded away and began to sprout feathers as her eyes moved along, leaving only the top to continue with the design. Though she had noticed the beauty of them before, they took on a new, regal appearance with the realization that everything that Itachi had just said, however vague an explanation it may have been, was completely true.

A chill raced down her spine. Not only is it extremely difficult to remove an angel's wings, it is also excruciatingly painful for the angel, simply ripping them out would ensue the angel's death. The angel must be conscious and willing when the process was conducted, only the angel itself would know exactly how to extract their own wings, for each way is different; each pair of wings has a unique set of instructions to follow upon removal. This means that Sasuke had given his consent, something particularly uncommon. At the loss of wings, the angel also losses about sixty percent of his power, something most would not be willing to give up, even if the world and everything beyond it depended on it.

The fact that her four friends, along with Itachi, had shuffled in behind her, adorning some of the same expressions on their faces as she was sure she had on hers, barely registered in her conscious thought. So focused was she on these wings, she didn't sense Itachi come up behind her and rest a hand on her shoulder. Oh, the pain Sasuke must have gone through….

She turned to face her friends, completely unsure of what to make of the situation. They were no help as they were currently still staring with a flabbergasted look on each face. She then tilted her face to Itachi for some sort of explanation; surely this Orochimaru was nowhere near powerful enough to take on an angel with wings such as these.

"The Uchiha family was, at one time, a very large and prosperous one," he began. His voice was hallow but still polite and controlled, his eyes on the other hand, went from a void of complete darkness to one of sinister intentions. She could see hatred and betrayal that far outclassed any she had ever seen. It scared her, honestly and she knew what fear was, she was Death after all and she had absolutely no clue of what the man before her was capable of. She unconsciously flinched when he removed his hand from her shoulder, he, of course, took no notice of her unease but only continued in his explanation. "We were betrayed about one hundred and eighteen years ago, someone who actually had the power, and guts, mutated the entire family, every one of them other than little Sasuke and I. At the time of our escape, a strange man with grey hair instructed me to hide, to stay alive and avenge them one day, to show the traitor among us exactly how much pain each and every one of my loved ones endured on that night." He paused, and then continued with conviction settling in his voice, "And I intend to."

He assessed each of them in turn, but decided to lock gazes with only her for a moment. They gazed into each other's eyes in a moment that neither one of them understood, which was odd for the Uchiha considering he was quite bright and able to comprehend and analyze everything crossing his path. This, however, he could not understand, but he continued on anyway, apparently finding something comforting in her gaze. "You may not be aware of this, but Orochimaru is the original creation of Lucifer himself. Cloning what Father had done, Lucifer created minions for himself, certainly not as powerful, but powerful enough to corrupt the world the mortals live in. So, Orochimaru was never truly an angel as all other demons of that time were. He was the first, other that Lucifer himself, pure-blood demon.

"He had started as a faithful servant to his 'master' but over time, he had grown to crave more and more power and had eventually and inevitably, overthrown Lucifer himself. He, along with a trusted follower of his had ripped the wings off their 'master' effectively killing him." He paused there and looked away; breaking the trance she had been in from the beginning of his tale. She blushed a soft shade of pink and glanced over to the face of her best friend. Naruto was staring at Itachi, as were the rest of them, each lost in their own thoughts of this mysterious Orochimaru, wondering why they hadn't heard of the name before. Then again, angels normally wanted nothing to do with the demon realm and would explain why they were blissfully unaware of the horrors incased here.

After letting the details so far sink in, he continued, "Hungry for more, he set out on a quest to obtain something he never had…wings. As I previously stated, Lucifer had simply cloned Father's creation, that being himself, but he never gave Orochimaru any wings, and instead, gave him a helper. A snake, which would be the source of his power and the downfall of the angels. You see, when the source of life is nowhere near Orochimaru's actual body, he cannot be killed, and thus solving the problem of having to protect his back everywhere he went as an angel would, not to mention angels are sensitive of snakes. But what he neglected to think about, was the fact that a snake cannot alter its appearance, and thus, cannot contain more power than it was initially intended to house.

"By this time, my family had become all too familiar with the man and that was their downfall. He turned his back on the Uchihas and sold them out to a group of rouge demons bent on destroying all powerful families in this realm. Sasuke was only just born at the time, not but a few days old. I, being eight and already corrupted, was asked to care for my little brother as the battle raged beyond the doors of this very castle…this was the very room we hid in.

His face changed from that of hatred to that of soft happiness, a tiny smile turning the corner of his mouth up, "Then, out of nowhere, this older man waltzed in like he owned the place. He was an odd man that had a mask over half of his face, a bandana over the left eye, and wild gravity defying hair. I attacked him at first, thinking he was an intruder, here to steal my baby brother away. He batted me aside like I was absolutely nothing, and as I predicted, a woman with strange purple hair tied in a spikey pony tail and bangs framing her face came in and picked up my brother. I attempted to attack her too, but then, the older man, stopped me and…sat on me." He chuckled at the memory, "he said, 'Sorry, no time to explain.' and the next second, I was out cold.

"When I woke up, I was in a small cabin in the forest of Konoha, very near where you live, Sakura. I immediately leapt out of bed to search for Sasuke, only to find him in a crib at the foot of my bed, sleeping soundly. I stared down at him in confusion; his wings were still attached and whole, completely unharmed and untainted. That was when the couple that had taken us away came in and lead me downstairs to explain what happened and why I was in their house without waking the sleeping Sasuke. Their names were Kakashi, The Hidden One and Anko, Angel of Chaos. They were caring and intelligent Angels, a bit rash and odd, but I respected them all the same. They explained that Orochimaru had been planning to destroy the family and take Sasuke for months now, ever since my mother had first announced she was pregnant, and they couldn't let him get his hands on that kind of power. Sasuke, being only a few days old, was still pure and they were planning to raise him as such. The only catch…after a year, his wings would have to be removed to live a semi-normal human life and hide his existence from Orochimaru. While my forever dormant wings would not have to be removed, I would be required to remain in the human world until the day I turned eighteen, ten years later.

"True to their word, now, a hundred years later, he's grown into his powers somewhat, considering he doesn't even have his wings." He uncharacteristically smiled, "I've been waiting for the day my brother can come fully into his power for a long while now, and everything is finally stationed to do just that, to give him his wings back. He'll be the one to defeat Orochimaru and proclaim peace to the Earth once again." He glanced at us, "with your help, of course."

"Why not you?" It was Naruto who spoke. He was staring once again at Silence's wings, but turned his head to look Itachi in the eye as he gave his answer.

"Ah, you forget. I was corrupted when young, and thus am cursed to spend my days at only twenty percent of my potential power. I cannot defeat him in my state with my wings forever dormant." He smiled sadly, "No, my friend, I don't want to push all the responsibilities of the world on Sasuke, but I have no choice."

Kakashi's POV

Kakashi could already sense the powerful presence outside of his door before it came within a mile of the little cabin. The mere fact that someone had headed straight for it and had not waivered once in the wrong direction suggested that they had already known where it was, though he had put up many more barriers and traps since their last visitor, the intruder knew all the right places to escape.

Feeling more relaxed that it was someone that he and Anko obviously trusted, the swung the door open at the sound of quiet knocks. He stopped in his tracks upon the revelation of who the face belonged to and Anko, watching from her spot in the kitchen, hoped down from her perch on the counter and strode toward him and the front door calmly. She froze alongside of her mate at the sight of the youngest surviving Uchiha standing on their doorstep, looking as if he had finally reached a long lost home, which was probably accurate.

Snapping out of his shocked state, Kakashi, The Hidden One stepped aside for his-for all intents and purposes- son to walk through the front door as he had done so many times before.

After plopping down in his usual chair at the small table, slightly shabby from two boys growing up playing on it, and having a quick, uncomfortable conversation with his parents, Sasuke looked Kakashi in the eye and demanded something that he had never dared to before.

"I think it's time….I want my wings back."

Back to Sakura's POV

Sakura poked at her food in an attempt to make it disappear, her companions were in a similar circumstance. No one could eat after hearing the Uchiha's tragic tale. A frown appeared on the young angel's face while thinking of the youngest son of the esteemed family. She had never seen him before, though Itachi had given them a few details, she still had no clue as to what to expect.

Itachi had asked for help for his little brother, some guidance to be exact, but she had no idea of how to go about that. Her guess would be that he was one of those proud types that in no way would accept anyone's help…

She looked up at the demon that stood to her left, watching them. It was the same one that had happily dragged her down here, and looked as if he would be ecstatic at the opportunity to do it again, if they posed much of a fight on his mission to escort them to their rooms; which wasn't entirely all that bad considering she had almost no sense of direction in this accursed house…castle…thing.

When he spoke, his voice was a low growl; she would expect a sound like that to come out of some kind of beast, not a man. Well, he was a demon, but Itachi's voice had been so smooth and irresistible, it had been a voice she could listen to for as long as he would allow her to. She shook her head of such thoughts and focused on the demon, "Could you repeat that for me please?"

He sighed in exasperation, "Look, Kit, if you're finished with your meal, I'll lead you to your room. None of you are really fooling anyone by pushing your food around; all it does is irritate the staff."

She scowled at the sea demon for being so blunt-and for giving her an apparent nickname- but she had realized earlier that it was just his personality; he was one of the rowdy ones.

She pushed her plate away and proceeded to follow the terrifying man through winding hallways and various doors. She started to wonder why she had been chained in the first place, even if she had escaped, she would have no doubt starved to death trying to find a way out.

Finally, they came to a stop at the end of a long hallway. Before them stood five entrances, two on each side and one set of double doors at the very end of the hallway.

Kisame-she finally remembered his name-turned back to them, "You may choose any room you like, I'll be at the end beyond the double doors if you need anything." And with that, he strolled to his set of doors and disappeared inside, leaving them to themselves.

Naruto swung his head around to face Ino and Kiba, the only two out of the group that were an actual couple, and gave them a remarkably foxlike grin, "I suppose you two will be spending the night together."

At this Ino's face lit up like a Christmas tree and Kiba growled, glowering at Naruto's now face-cracking grin.

Snapping his face toward the first door on the left, The Watchdog took Song's hand and practically dragged her through the door, slamming it in the process.

Naruto chuckled and spun to face the two women standing behind him. As soon as his eyes landed on Hinata's face, Sakura spoke up with a quick "Goodnight guys!" before heading to the second door on the left as to not be distracted from her beauty sleep by the two couples across the hall. As she reached for the doorknob, she turned back to face Destruction and Kindness, "Don't do anything Kiba and Ino wouldn't do." She laughed hysterically as Naruto caught a slight blush and Hinata very nearly passed out. She shut the door behind her, not able to bear the feeling of companionship, love, and all that other mushy crap that she never really got to have.

She should really stop pitying herself and start trying to find her a mate.

She leaned against the thick wooden door and took a moment to glance around the room she would apparently be staying in until she could go home tomorrow morning. She had agreed to help Silence in any way she could, but she would do it from the comfort of her own home, not from some foreign mansion. Not to mention how she would be helping was still going to be a slight snag, she would speak with Itachi about it later.

The door across the hall opening and voices drifting through the thick door snapped her out of her thoughts. She shook her head, dismissing the voices as Naruto and Hinata; she pushed the thoughts of the oncoming task out of her mind and focused on inspecting her room.

It was far too lavish and…puffy for her taste. Every surface was covered in silk, gold, or fine lace; she shuddered and sauntered over to her bed, poking at the overstuffed gold bed sheets with white silk pillows. She groaned, missing her modern house with simple yet colorful designs and furnishings.

She jumped at the soft knock at her door and her hand flew to her heart, as if to keep it from flying out of her chest.

She did not expect to see Itachi standing there as she opened to door and dumbly stared at him blinking for a few minutes.

He gestured to his feet, "I brought your suitcase, I took some of your stuff upon capturing you." She gaped at the aloof genius as he walked away, not bothering to explain further or hear her embarrassed squeak at the thought of him gathering her personal items for her.

For the second time in the last ten minutes, Sakura shook her head to clear her thoughts. She bent and hefted her large suitcase inside and onto her temporary bed. She smiled in amusement as the comforter nearly engulfed it in feathers and silk.

To her utter mortification, everything from her toothbrush to her underwear was folded perfectly and organized when she took a look inside.

She snatched up the toiletry bag found neatly tucked into the appropriate compartment and found the bathroom door directly across from the entrance. She would have to be careful not to slip through the wrong one if she woke during the night.

The bathroom, unfortunately, matched the room in all its overindulgent glory. Though, she had to admit, her bathroom at home was not small by any means, but it paled in comparison to the extravagance expanded before her. It was enormous, and though she may not like to pamper herself, Sakura was still female, and she still loved big bathrooms.

There was always comfort in a nice, long, hot, shower. She thanked Itachi a thousand times for her own Cucumber melon shampoo and soap as well as her toothbrush and hairdryer. He really did think of everything. It really did worry her how he knew where everything was, maybe he had spent hours packing before she had even arrived in her own home…she wasn't about to ask, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

He had chosen a white T-shirt and black Skelanimal shorts (A/N: I do not own any brands that I list or mention in this story…and I just love the cute little "dead" critters) they were folded up and neatly labeled as pajamas -he LABELED the crap?- and she slipped them on. The familiar, clean smell of her detergent put her at ease and she thanked Itachi once again for thinking of absolutely anything.

She blow-dried her hair (it would resemble a haystack if she slept with it wet) and scooped up her stuff before heading back to her bed. She haphazardly threw her toiletries into her bag, not really caring if they were not labeled or that Itachi would probably be having an obsessive compulsive fit if he saw her, and slipped into the bed.

When had she come to addressing him so personally in her mind? As if he was nothing more than a mere friend?

It took quite a while to finally fall asleep, she simply had far too much to think about and she tossed and turned until she finally settled for throwing the thick comforter off and sprawling out in the middle of the bed in an effort to cool off. Finally, after what seemed like hours of fighting with the unnatural sudden heat that crept into her room, she succumbed to complete darkness and a dreamless rest.

Kakashi's POV again

Anko's head lay against his shoulder, completely relaxed and comfortable. She twitched in her sleep; he smiled, that was his Chaos: rambunctious even in rest.

His mind drifted off of his gorgeous mate and onto their youngest adopted son, who was currently asleep in the bedroom down the hall from their own. He had finally requested his wings back, they knew this day would come, knew that the evident battle of power and greed would bear down upon them; but when it finally came, he still wasn't ready for it.

Adopted or not, Sasuke and Itachi were still his boys, his beloved sons who he had raised for a solid twenty years before they were deemed old enough to go out on their own. They had left a hundred years ago, but he still missed his children. He closed his eyes and tried not to think of the horrors that he knew they were about to encounter.

Sakura POV

An overwhelming sense of relief met her at her front door. She had just exited the demonic realm and was safely and happily back on her front porch in the human realm. She had never been so happy to see her house.

She sighed then, there would probably be mounds of paperwork waiting for her in her office, which she really didn't want to think about. She had more pressing matters occupying her thoughts, like, say, saving the human and angelic race from an evil man named Orochimaru and help an one hundred and eighteen year old man to do so.

She sighed and face palmed, how did she get herself in this mess in the first place.

Walking through the front door and jogging up to her office was a normal routine and for those few quick seconds, she could forget about Itachi, Sasuke, and this whole ordeal. She discovered how right she was about the towers of paperwork scattered across her desk.

Sitting down in her office chair, she leaned back and tapped her scythe, summoning the nearest reaper to her.

As she waited, she stared at the chain around her wrist, dangling from it was a small sphere covered in an assortment of cobweb like décor. This small, seemingly insignificant trinket is actually her all powerful scythe in its dormant state. The cobwebs on the ball spread out and covered the handle and part of the blade itself when extended and she felt a wave of pride at her pure white weapon, it was more powerful than any human device and some angelic ones.

One of her many faithful reapers flickered into existence before her desk and smiled, "You called Mrs. Sakura?"

Sakura regarded the girl before her for a moment, she was small, almost pixie like with sky blue hair and eyes that were just as bright and just as clear. She was a beautiful one with an odd appearance, much like herself. Sakura smiled at the girl; pitying her because of the task she would soon be assigned.

Normally, the ranks don't cross, if she hadn't been working for her, Sakura was sure she and the girl, whose name was apparently Kimiko judging by the name tag on her stomach, would have never met.

"I'm sorry, my sweet, but could you take care of the paperwork on my desk, I'm fairly busy with outside occurrences and probably won't be back for a while. You have a week to complete the work assigned." Sakura smiled at her in a hopefully encouraging way. "Good luck, young one." And with that Sakura rose from her seat, offering it to Kimiko, and vanished to her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

She decided earlier to have a night of rest, to go out into the nearest village and be a normal human teenager.

She padded over to her suitcase in the middle of the room and squatted in front of it. She pulled out the toiletries she threw in late last night and headed for the shower. She repeated the soothing process of the night before and stepped out, wrapping a towel around her torso and searched through her closet for a suitable outfit for a night out.

Deciding to settle on a forest green, strapless, knee-length dress with a silver belt, she began to search for her shoes, a pair of silver platforms. She ties the look together with a bow in her hair that had actually been taken from the fabric of her dress and made into a ribbon.

On her way out she made sure that her scythe was latched securely to her wrist as she always did, minimizing the risk of it being stolen on the streets-pfft as if that would happen anyway- then let her wings extend skyward. The breeze ruffled the shining white feathers and she lifted her face to heaven, sending a silent prayer up to Father to thank him for the beautiful day and time for herself.

She smiled and her wings gave a slight push, and she was there, she could never truly get used to traveling at light speed like that.

Konoha was truly a beautiful city, in her opinion. She loved to visit all of the lights and colors that came with living in a village as opposed alone on the other side of the forest. She decided that she would visit her and Naruto's favorite ramen shop in an attempt at normalcy.

As she turned a corner two blocks down from the tiny shop, and slammed into something hard enough to send her flying backwards onto her butt. She rubbed her face to rid it of the stinging sensation and stop her eyes from watering, she felt as though she had run directly into a brick wall.

She glanced up to notice a pair feet not too far from where she was sprawled in the middle of the sidewalk and realized that she must have hit someone, a rather strong someone apparently.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm so clum-" she looked up, which had been a mistake. The teenager before her was one of the most gorgeous people she had ever seen. God, she thought, he's even more gorgeous that Itachi.

That's when her sense smacked her in the face; she recognized the teen in front of her. He had black, onyx orbs, raven hair, and a muscular build, just like his brother; but his hair was short and spiked in the back and there were no stress lines on his face.

She stared at him, mouth agape "Are…are you Sasuke?" It was really kind of sad that that was the question, out of all the ones spinning through her mind, she choose to ask.

He raised a raven eyebrow, "Yeah…"

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