Chapter 1. (Visitors)

As I slept very soundly, I was dreaming that I was back in Jane Austen's world of Pride and Prejudice. In the dream, Mr. Darcy and I were getting married, and everyone was around us, while we sat in the carriage. I saw Jane, Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Mary, Lydia, Kitty, and everyone else whom I had met when I was there. I was smiling and so was Mr. Darcy... his smile that had made me weak in the knee's, when he first showed it to me, that time when we first kissed.

Suddenly, my dream was disturbed and I was awaken from my deep sleep, by giggles coming from the bathroom. I groaned as I slowly got out of bed and went to see who was in there.

I opened the door and to my surprise I saw Lydia and Kitty Bennett standing there, holding up a pair of my underwear, as though they were observing it.

"Lydia... Kitty?" I said, as I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I was dreaming. The both of them smiled widely.

"Hello Miss. Price! How long it has been since we have seen you." Kitty said. I definitely knew that I wasn't dreaming.

"Wow! I can't believe you two are in my bathroom now... the first time, it was Elizabeth. Please tell me that she and Mr. Darcy got married?" I said, as I picked my underwear up off the floor, where Lydia had dropped it when I had walked in the bathroom.

Lydia and Kitty nodded in unison.

"So, it finally happened... they fell in love?" I asked. I was upset inside and disappointed, in my own selfish way, at hearing that Mr. Darcy married. I had fallen so in love with him last year, but I could not let that bother me so much anymore, because I was the one who chose to go back home, to my time.

The girls looked at each other and then Lydia shook her head and replied,

"No, Miss. Price. Lizzie married Mr. Darcy because she had too, she had no other choice."

I was surprised when I heard Lydia say this. Why on earth would Elizabeth be forced to marry Mr. Darcy? How could that have happened, it is not in any Pride and Prejudice copy I had ever read. There has only ever been ONE version of the book, and it is the one, by Jane Austen, that was published in 1813, and as everyone knows, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get married because they fell in love.

"But Lydia, that doesn't make any sense... Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were supposed to fall in love. I don't get it."

"Lizzie married Mr. Darcy because papa died exactly six months ago, only two weeks after you had left and gone home. The head injury that he had suffered, the one that you treated, is what killed him. That is what the doctor told us." She paused for a few seconds, and then continued.

"After papa's death, we had no way at keeping the house, and we were all upset and wondering where we would live when the house got taken away from us. Then, not long after, Lady Katherine showed up at the house asking to speak with my mother... Jane and Mr. Collins had come with her. Jane had begged Lady Katherine to find a solution for us to keep the house. She finally came up with the idea that Lizzie would marry Mr. Darcy, so she would have money to give us, so we could keep the house."

I could hear the quiver in Lydia's voice as she told me this. I embraced her, because it was sad to hear that Mr. Bennett had died.

"I am so sorry girls, it is most sad to hear about your father." Kitty nodded.

"Is this why you have come here?" I asked.

"It is one of the reasons, Miss. Price, but there is another..." Kitty replied. I nodded and she continued.

"You remember our cousin, Mr Collins... the man that Jane married?"

Mr. Collins... ugh just the sound of his name made me grimace. I remembered how so very creepy of a man he had been, and how I had been engaged to him... of course, that was until Mr. Wickham spread the false rumour that my father was a fish monger. Mr. Collins quickly changed his mind about marrying me when he had found that out, and how glad I was!

"Yes, I remember him..." I replied.

"Well, he died two months ago. Jane is now a widow, with a four month old daughter. We all knew that she never at all loved Mr. Collins, but after his death she began to change rapidly. Mama and her began arguing a lot, so she packed up her belongings and left with her child, and we did not see or hear from her." ...

"Then, two weeks later, we went to visit Elizabeth at Pemberly house, and to our surprise, Jane was there with her daughter... we were all relieved to know that she was safe and well. Mama asked her why she had left and not written to let us know where she had gone. Jane apologized to us, and said that she had just needed to get away because she could not handle being in Meryton after Mr. Collins death." Kitty explained. I sighed in relief that nothing had happened to Jane and that Lydia, Kitty, Mary, and Mrs. Bennett, knew where she was.

"I have to go and see Jane and Elizabeth, please... can I go back with you?" I asked. Lydia and Kitty could hear that I was serious and that I really wanted to, so they both nodded.

"Of course you may Miss. Price... it will be refreshing to have you stay with us again."

Lydia said with a smile. I followed her and Kitty through the door.