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Chapter 23

Harry drove home after Glee club with a reluctant Kurt following in his Navigator aka "His baby". Harry felt like he was about to go play the Quidditch finals, his stomach was in knots while he gripped his steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned white. He was going to finally figure out how much risk of exposure Kurt actually posed, but at the same time Harry knew he would have to start providing answers. Without having the chance to consult with Burt. Crap. Harry might have been able to defeat the Dark Lord, but he wasn't so sure he'd survive the wrath of the magical mechanic.

Harry pulled into the driveway with Kurt behind him. The wizard was fairly certain Kurt hadn't noticed Will's old beat up sedan parked in front of the house. Rather, it seemed as if all of Kurt's attention was focused solely on Harry as if he thought if he starred hard enough or wished enough, Harry would provide answers. Harry thought Kurt was lucky that he wasn't so far off. Without speaking, Harry motioned Kurt through the front door where Harry dumped his bag and pulled off his shoes. After a few seconds, Harry realized Kurt had frozen.

"Kurt, what's wrong?" Harry asked. The answer became rather obvious when he started to pay attention to his surroundings to hear Hermione and Will's voices coming from the kitchen.

Harry nervously scratched the back of his neck. How was he supposed to explain the presence of their choir teacher? "Um, I asked Will to come; he's going to help us."

Kurt shot Harry a look of betrayal before he started to pull his shoes on almost violently. "No! I trusted you, Harry! Who else have you told? Should I expect the rest of the Glee club to show up and tell me that I am even more of a freak?"

Harry pushed the front door closed before Kurt could open it all the way. He knew he was going to have to reassure his friend, but he wasn't sure how without scarring him or giving too much away just yet. "Kurt, you need to listen to me. Didn't you come here for answers?"

Kurt warily turned around and nodded.

"You think that whatever is happening, Hermione and I know about it?"

Another nod.

"Will is Hermione's family. He has known about her for her entire life and has done nothing but help love and protect her. Can you please trust us? I promise everything is going to be fine."

The two boys stared at each other for awhile. Harry silently pleaded Kurt to trust him while Kurt seemed to search Harry's face for some kind of answer. Whatever he was looking for, he seemed to find it.

Kurt took a shuddering breath and nodded. "Fine. I trust you. Please don't make me regret it."

Harry lightly gripped Kurt's shoulders and looked him straight in the face. "Kurt, I will do everything in my power for you to trust me and keep you safe."

The boys were interrupted from yet another starring contest by the entrance of Hermione. She quietly stepped up to Kurt and gently grabbed his hand. "Why don't we all go to the living room. Shall I make some tea?" With one more squeeze to Kurt's hand Hermione bustled back to the kitchen while Harry led them to the living room. Five minutes later found Harry, Hermione, Will, and Kurt sitting around the living room sipping tea in silence.

Awkward silence.

Kurt finally had enough. "Hermione, thank you for the tea, as always your British elegance brings a touch of sophistication Ohio is sorely lacking. However, I think it's time you all start talking. Right about now would be great."

Harry and Hermione had a silent conversation that ended with Harry nodding and walking over to Kurt before kneeling in front of the seated boy. "Okay, I can give you some answers, but first we need to asses exactly what's happening and to do that, we're going to need something from you."

Kurt's eyes went wide. "What do you need? Blood?" Hermione burst out laughing.

Harry tried again. "No, no, we don't need your blood. I need you to sing for us."

Harry sighed. Now Kurt was looking at him as if he were crazy. If only, crazy would mean less problems in his life.


"Yep. I want you to sing a song for us. The piano is over there if you'd like to use it."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Anything in particular?"

Harry regarded him thoughtfully. "Actually, a song that you feel a strong emotional connection would be better."

Will spoke up for the first time, "what about 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'? I don't think I've ever seen you project so much emotion as you did then."

Kurt regarded his teacher for a long moment before nodding and heading to the piano. "So, I just play the song?"

"Yes," said Harry firmly. "You play for us. Bring us into the song with you. Try to show us what this song makes you feel."

After a few moments of plucking at the piano keys, Kurt began to play and soon joined in with his voice while his audience remained silently captivated.

Harry watched Kurt. He allowed himself to get caught up in not only the music, but in the boy. He noticed the way Kurt's long fingers played the chords, the way his form rocked on the piano bench while still maintaining a perfect posture. He allowed himself to see the emotion pouring out with each word. But most of all, he allowed himself to embrace everything he felt for the beautiful boy in front of him. Harry felt his love for Kurt flow though his body like an energy all its own.

One measure into the song Harry and Hermione were able to detect Kurt's aura. One verse into the song, Kurt began to glow. The tangible aura seemed to embrace the teen, making him seem impossibly beautiful.

After a few minutes, Kurt finished with the song and looked back to his audience. All three were crying from his performance and Kurt couldn't help but feel a bit pleased he was able to touch his audience.

Harry forced himself to tear his focus away from Kurt, he had a job to do. The wizard turned to Will to ask what he saw, but he didn't need to. Will simply starred at his student in awe, as if he had never seen something so beautiful, which when Harry came to think about it, he doubt he ever had.

Harry gently placed his hand on Will's shoulder as to not startle the man. "Will?"

The choir teacher seemed to shake himself out of his trance. "Harry? Um, how about we talk in the hall before I go." Harry nodded and they stood up. Before he left the room, Will walked over to Kurt still seated at the piano.

"Kurt, that was amazing. Everything is going to be okay, I want you to trust these guys, alright? Just know you can come talk to me at any time."

Once in the privacy of the hall, Will turned to Harry. "He glows. I never really believed you at first, but I saw it with my own eyes. His aura is beautiful, thank you, Harry for letting me share this."

Harry grinned at his teacher. "I'm just happy you took this so well."

"What does this mean for Kurt performing? Clearly this can't happen in public."

Harry stared at his shoes. "I'm not sure," he replied softly. "This is only a problem when I am around, so I'm going to have to figure something out."

With that statement, Will offered his goodbyes and left the teens to their own explanations. Harry reentered the living room to find Hermione and Kurt sitting together on the couch.

Harry caught Kurt's attention and said, "Alright. I believe I promised you some answers?"