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Someone Like You

Chapter One: All In My Head

Panama City, Panama

"Mia, were here" Dom yelled tossing the bags by the door and walking further into the house.

"I'm upstairs giving Jesse a bath, be down in a minute Brian's already outside grilling the steaks"

Dominic Toretto looks back to the doorway of the house and sees his fiancée of a year and a half walk into the house, he smiles at her and gestures to the backdoor "I'm going to go make sure that the food is still edible baby, Mia's upstairs." He walks over to Elena and gives her a quick kiss on the lips and heads out towards the backyard.

Elena slowly makes her way upstairs tracing her fingers along the picture frames hanging on the wall smiling at all the happy memories that were captured on film. She slowly heads towards the bathroom linked to Mia and Brian's room and laughs at the sight in front of her, "Oh god, Mia when are you going to learn that he hates baths?" In front of her Mia sat in a pool of water next to the bathtub with little Jesse splashing water all over her.

"What do you suggest that he never bathes?" Mia asks with a smile on her face, she quickly turns off the water and picks up Jesse from inside the tub and quickly wraps a towel around his little body. Elena smiles and follows her into Jesse's room and helps her dress the little man, thinking back to the day three years ago when he was first born and Mia and Brian had asked her to be the baby's godmother "My, my you've gotten so big my little man, you're not gonna be so little anymore."

Mia laughs as she picks up her son and places him on the ground where he promptly said his goodbye and ran out to join his father and uncle, "Yeah, like that is ever going to stop you from calling him little man, let's be real." Mia reaches over and gives the other woman a hug "I missed you guys so much, it feels like I haven't seen you in forever."

Now it was Elena's turn to laugh, "It's only been a month Mia, but I missed you to I guess" she said teasingly. Mia pushes her lightly and they walk downstairs together to join their men outside.

Once they got outside they heard the front door open again and shouting come from inside, "Were out here" yelled Brian and a few seconds later Roman and Tej came outside smiling at everyone. "Uncwlee T, uncwle Ro Ro hiii" Squealed Jesse and ran towards his two uncles and jumped into Tej's arms, Tej spun him around "Oh man look at you, you've gotten so big you're gonna be causing trouble in no time," Mia scoffed at the comment "You mean even MORE trouble." Everyone laughed at the shocked expression on Jesse's face.

After about a half an hour they heard the front door open again and in walked Han and Giselle, everyone cheered and went to say their hello's but Dom was a little cautious of the guarded look on Han's face. When Dom finally reached Han he pulled the man into a hug "What's up brotha? How you been? How was Germany?"

"It was good, went sightseeing saw a little more than I was expecting actually." Dom looked at him confusedly and tried to figure out what he could have meant by that when Mia announced that dinner was ready and that everyone should grab a seat, during dinner everyone was talking loudly and catching up on what was new with everyone recently, but Dominic paid close attention to Han's behaviour realizing that the man wasn't as animated and lively as usual. He quickly snapped out of his staring contest when he heard Giselle talking about their time in Germany.

"There we were sitting at the cafe talking and eating breakfast when Han gets up all of a sudden and just walks away from me, I swear to god it looked like he had seen a ghost he just stood there staring off into the distance for a good 5 minutes until I finally had to slap him to get him to snap out of it. It was the weirdest thing" Everyone laughed at her story at Han's expense, he had a smile on his face but you could tell that it didn't reach his eyes.

When dinner was over and Mia went to go get Jesse ready for bed, and everyone else was outside sitting by a fire and drinking Dom went to find Brian. If anyone had noticed the weird behaviour that Han was displaying it would be the former cop, just as Dom went to go outside Brian came to the door. "Hey Dom you think I can talk to you for a sec," he asked

"Sure, I was just about to come find you actually I need to ask you a question," Brian looked at Dom for a second before he quickly jumped in "Look man I don't mean any disrespect and Han is a cool guy and everything and I know he's your friend, he's OUR friend and I've known him for a while now but I really think he's hiding something. When Giselle was talking about when they were in Germany he got this look on his face, kind of like a mix between him not wanting her to tell the story and him being scared. I really think something's wrong with him man, and we need to figure out what it is before he does something to get us into some sort of trouble."

After Brian was done his rant he looked up half expecting Dom to be pissed at him but when he did he saw that Dom had a small smile on his face. "I was just going to tell you the same thing except without so many extra useless words," he punched Brian in the shoulder "Never gonna get rid of those cop instinct are you O'Connor?" he asked with a smile on his face. Brian just punched him back grinning, the grin slowly faded off his face though.

"Dom what are we going to do? Do we just ask him or do we wait and see if he tells us? I don't want any trouble Dom; we agreed that Rio would be the last time we ever did anything crazy. I can't risk my life I have a family now I can't risk THEIR lives," Dom looked down at Brian and understood what the man was feeling because he was feeling the same thing. He was about to get married to Elena, they were going to start to try and start a family and he wasn't going to put that in jeopardy especially because it wasn't fair to Elena for him to do anything reckless and stupid, those days were supposed to be behind him.

He couldn't help his mind drifting off to the one person who made reckless and stupid seem like a sport, his partner in crime and the only woman he had loved with his everything. He quickly snapped out his thoughts before they took him down a road that would lead to drinking for days and successfully scaring the crap out of his entire family.

He looked over at Brian who was trying to decipher what he was thinking, "We'll give him to the end of the week. If he tells us then we'll deal with it then if he doesn't then we'll talk to him about it on the last day, there's no point in ruining our annual vacation on something that could be nothing at all.

Brian frowned but decided to keep his mouth shut and not say anything at all, after all Dom knew Han better and he could be picking up on something that Brian didn't know about so he just let it be for now and they both went back out and joined their family outside.

The week flew by and Han still hadn't mentioned anything to anybody and Brian was getting really antsy, he had a really bad feeling about what was going on and he just wanted to find out what it was deal with it and continue on with his life. He looked around the beach house that everyone had pitched in and purchased three years ago after the last heist, it was a three story white cottage style mansion on a private beach that they had taken to visiting every year in the same week that they had held the heist three years ago.

This year Rosa and Nico and the guys couldn't make it to so it was just Brian, Mia, Jesse, Dom, Elena, Han, Giselle, Tej, and Roman; he couldn't help but think if this lifestyle that they were living was gonna come crashing down around them. Han and Giselle had made their way through Europe finally settling in Tokyo, Tej owned his own shop in Miami and Roman was a free spirit that tended to always find his way back to Miami. And Dom, Elena, Brian, Mia, and Jesse were back in L.A Brian and Mia in a house two blocks away from the Toretto home, and Dom and Elena in that very house.

They had a cut a deal with the police that they would keep their noses clean and give information on the smuggling ring in Baja and in exchange they would be left alone and their records would be cleared, leaving them to get back to some sort of semblance of normalcy.

Brian walked out into the backyard and watched his family having fun in the sun, his eyes slowly drifted to Dominic who was standing in the water his arms around Elena; as if he felt someone watching him Dom looked up and spotted Brian staring at him. "Hey Han," called Dom his eyes never leaving Brian's "Can I talk to you in the house for a second." Han got up from his spot in the sand where he was building a castle with Giselle and Jesse, "Sure man" he said and made his way in the house past Brian. Dom met Brian's eyes and Brian said I silent thank you, Dom just nodded his head and motioned to for Brian to follow him inside the house.

When they all sat down in the living room Dom turned to Han but before he could speak there was a knock at the door, the three men looked up shock all over their faces no one had ever come up to the house that didn't know to just walk right in. Dom got up slowly followed by Brian and Han and walked to the door and peered out the window seeing no one there, he looked back and shrugged opening the door and stepping out onto the porch.

Once he stepped out he felt something under his foot he looked down and noticed a manila envelope, he bent down to pick it up. "Holy fuck" he heard Han swear behind him, "No, no, no this isn't happening" Brian grabbed Han "What the hell is in the envelope Han?" he asked shaking him when Dom looked back at the look on his friends face he realized that Giselle was right, it looked like he had seen a ghost but he wasn't staring at anything but the envelope his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

Brian pulled Han back into the house and Dom quickly got in and shut the door behind him, Han yanked himself out of Brian's grasp and walked back into the living room shaking his head and mumbling under his breath. Brian and Dom shared a confused look and followed him into the living room "What the fuck is going on Han? What the hell is in the envelope?"

Everyone ran inside when they heard Dom roar at Han, Han looked up at everyone and told them all to sit down he took a deep breath and started his story. "When Giselle and I arrived in Germany we checked into our hotel, dropped off our stuff in our room, and immediately went out for dinner. We didn't say hi to anyone see anyone we knew or anything" Han seemed to stress that part, as if wanting everyone to know that small detail and to remember it.

"When we got back from dinner Giselle went to go take a shower and I was just lying on the bed watching some T.V when I heard a knock at the door, I went to go answer it but by the time I got their no one was there and there was an envelope on the ground just like the one you're holding in your hand right now. I opened it and inside were pictures of a little boy at first he's smiling and he was in the arms of his mother, you couldn't really see her face she was just a brunette with her back turned or her face was blocked or she was wearing big sunglasses she could have been anyone. A first I thought that someone had left the pictures at my door by mistake but when I flipped to the last picture it showed the brunette tied to a chair, she was blind folded, bruised all over and she was covered in blood."

Mia gasped clapping her hand to her mouth and Elena and Giselle had tears in their eyes. "On the back of the picture there was an a note addressed to me with an address to a café and it said to be there at 10:30 sharp to rescue my beloved sister, only I don't have a sister; not one related by blood anyway" he glanced briefly at Mia who smiled a little. "That's why you were so adamant on going to that random little coffee shop, I was wondering how you even knew about it" gasped Giselle. Han nodded and continued on with his story;

"Once we got to the coffee shop I tried to act as normal as possible; I got a table outside on the patio so I can keep an eye on the inside, outside, and the door" the men all nodded as if silently approving of his smart tactics. "We ate our breakfast and I was really starting to drag out the time when all of a sudden something caught my attention, there was a woman with dark curly hair wondering around looking around frantically. She almost got hit by a car she wasn't paying any attention at all and I could have sworn it was…" Han broke off mid-sentence. "You could have sworn it was who Han?" Dom said getting a really bad feeling about where this story was going.

"I could have sworn it was Letty," Han looked down as everyone gasped and Mia started crying. "I'm so sorry man by the time I snapped out of it she was gone, I don't even know what to say right now" he said looking up at Dominic's shocked face. "I'm about 100% sure it was her man,"

"Open the envelope Dominic," said Elena everyone looked at her as she slowly got up and walked over to Dominic's frozen figure and slowly slipped the envelope from his grasp and started to open it carefully. She looked at the single picture in her hand and turned it over, she gasped and tears quickly sprung up in her eyes. That seemed to snap Dom out of his reverie and he quickly jumped to her side and pulled her in for a hug and took the picture out of her hands, he looked at the picture a little boy who was maybe a bit older then Jesse, he flipped the picture over and stared at the back as Elena stepped out of his arms when she felt him stiffen.

Dom felt the world fall out from underneath him and his body filled with rage as he read the note on the back of the picture, "Give me back my money and get back your sweet son and your love, before I decide that you don't get your happily ever after and finish them both off myself" he threw the picture on the ground and stormed out of the room and out of the house.

Mia picked up the picture and quickly read the back; she sank down onto the couch and sobbed into her hands as the picture was passed around to the rest of the group. "What are we gonna do Bri she's alive," Mia sobbed "Why the hell has she been making us think she's dead all this time."

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