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Someone Like You

Chapter Three: Christina

Dom stood there in the doorway shocked and just staring at his sleeping son, letting the words the blonde woman had just spoken sink in. No there was no way she was dead not gain he wasn't going to let that happen he wasn't going to let her slip between his fingers AGAIN. He felt someone push him aside and he watched as Mia ushered the lady in and ask her if she needed anything, "I'm so sorry to just barge in like this, I didn't know where else to go Miss Letty told me that if anything were to ever happen to her or if I ever felt the least bit in danger that I should take Anthony and run."

"You did the right thing" Dominic hadn't even realized it was he who had spoken until everyone turned around to look at him, he saw that he was now the only one still standing near the door and went to quickly sit down in front of the woman. "Let's start from the beginning what's your name?" asked Brian from the seat next to hers getting into interrogation mode, Dom gave him a look as if to be careful and Brian nodded as he turned back to the woman.

"My name is Christina Abigail Scott daughter of MI6 agent Wren Scott, when Reyes had business to do in the UK he went to the top of my father's priority list no one wanted that scum to be in the UK for long ad my father had made it his mission to take him down. One day when my father and I were at a restaurant for my birthday Reyes had his men come in with orders to shoot and kill me in front of my father to warn him to back off only my father jumped in front of me and was killed with the bullet that was meant for me. I was taken by the men because they didn't know what to do with me, when I was presented to Reyes he was going to give me off to hand right hand man as a gift."

Mia gasped and covered her mouth with her hand in shock tears brimming in her eyes, "that night when he took me to his quarters I guess he hadn't really put too much thought into the fact that I was the only child of a widowed MI6 agent because he untied me and threw me onto the bed thinking I was weak. My father wasn't a fool, he trained me every morning before work and every night after work when he was home, I could take down a full grown man when I was only 10 and at the age of thirteen I could handle almost any gun you put in front of me. That morning, the morning of my fourteenth birthday my father had given me my own gun that I had attached to the ankle holster under my pants, stupid men thought that I wasn't a threat but with a bullet between the eyes I didn't exactly deem him one either."

Dom looked at the young girl with pride knowing that it took a lot of courage to believe in yourself when no one else did, he instantly liked her. "Anyway fast forward 6 months and I was put on daycare duty apparently evil men and women thought they still had the privilege of having children, I couldn't blame the kids though it wasn't their fault their parents were completely crazy. One day when I was watching the kids this woman comes in holding a baby she looked scared but determined, I liked her immediately and little Anthony was just so precious the youngest child there by 2 years. It took a while but Letty began to trust me especially after I told her my story and she told me hers." She turned to Dominic and smiled "She talked about you a lot, said that you were one of the good ones and that if anything ever happened to go to you and to tell you that she had sent me and that you would take care of us. Fast forward another 3 and half years to 3 weeks ago, I was sitting with the kids when Letty came running in yelling for me she grabbed my arm and told me to run, to take the Anthony and run as fast I could and not to look back she shoved a bag into my one hand and a gun into the other. I quickly grabbed Anthony and the other kids and took them into a panic room with one of the other girls just as men barged into the room, they grabbed Letty and beat her up," Dom clenched his fists together trying not to kill someone at the thought of Letty being hurt. " between trying to get the kids to the panic room and getting Anthony to look away and stop crying I couldn't help her" she looked down helplessly as tears poured down her cheeks.

Mia quickly shoved Brian aside and embraced the girl and her nephew holding them close, "you did exactly what you were supposed to do sweetheart that's what Letty would have wanted you to do to keep Anthony safe from those people to keep yourself safe." Christina looked down and nodded her head as if trying to compose herself, "it's okay to be sad, and it's okay to cry, no one here is gonna think of you as anything less than a hero" said Dom surprising her. "You saved my sons life and I couldn't possibly ever make it up to you."

Christina nodded and kept going with her story "after I put the kids into the room with the other girl I ran to my room and quickly grabbed a small box I kept hidden in the wall behind a portrait, my father always told me if you can't escape make sure that when you can you have the means to get far away and to stay away. For years I had collected little things, pictures I would steal from the compound of the people that worked there, important documents that I would steal from the garbage that were meant to be destroyed, and money. You would be surprised how trusting these people are with each other never suspecting that someone would steal from them, in the three and half years I was there I managed to gather close to fifteen thousand dollars."

Roman whistled and Tej laughed "Now you're talking girl, I could get used to you" Roman said with a smile on his face. Making Christina smile a little " after I grabbed my stuff and ran I went outside and saw Letty's car parked by the side door I knew it wasn't a coincidence that just days earlier she had told me that she keep a spare key attached to the bottom of her front bumper."

"I'm sorry to interrupt you but what exactly was Letty's job there?" asked Han who until then had stayed silent, processing all the information and trying to put the pieces together in his mind. "She was in charge of all things cars and was in charge of all the heists,"

"Heists?" questioned Brian curiously. "Yeah Reyes had heard about her past and decided that she would be perfect for the job that's why he didn't kill her that and the fact that he was in love with her." Dom choked on his words as he processed what he had just heard. "I'm sorry he what? He was in LOVE with her?"

"Yeah it was really creepy he was always buying her stuff and calling her his love, she couldn't stand it once actually pulled a gun on him." Dom smiled in satisfaction at what she had said, "Anyway Letty was like royalty there and it's probably why she got away with so much and got so much information out of people. After I took the car and got out of there by the time I got into the city I knew that they were probably just realizing that I was gone so I parked the car at the airport and then took a cab to the train station even though a plane was faster I knew that a train would be harder to track, less security means less cameras and less cameras means fewer chances of us getting spotted".

The guys all smiled at how smart this girl was almost like she had been doing it for years and in a way she had been, "On my way to the train station I stopped at a shop and got some hair dye and turned my hair blonde. I couldn't do anything to Anthony because it would have been too risky because he's so young so I just bought him a hat to cover his hair. Inside the bag that Letty had given me I found passports with fake names, lots of money and a letter, "

Dear Christina,

If you're reading this I just want to say I'm so sorry I never wanted this to happen and I never wanted to put you in this position, but you're the only person I can trust right now to keep Anthony safe for me. In this bag there are four passports two for you and two for my baby. One set of passports I want you to use to get to Venice; I want you to go to the address that's inside of your passport that names you as Michaela Lorenzo when you get there ditch the passports immediately and then call the number at the bottom of this letter, tell the man that answers that Letty sent you and that you need help, he will help you with anything you need. When you're done their use the American passports to get you to where Dominic is DO NOT leave Anthony with the man you meet, he needs to be with his father it's the only safe place. I love you Christina you are like my daughter and you will never understand how much you mean to me and to Anthony, please be safe mija and remember that you are not alone your father is always watching over you.

Love Letty

"When I finished reading her letter we hopped onto the next train to Italy I did exactly as she said and called the phone number when we got there it took about 10 minutes to convince the guy that I wasn't lying and that Letty had in fact sent us, I don't even think he believed me until he came to pick us up and saw Anthony. He said that he looked just like Dominic and that he couldn't believe this was happening then he went a little crazy pushing me to the car and speeding out of their like his life depended on it, we drove around for 3 hours until he was convinced no one was following us and then finally took us to his house. He was such a kind man him and his wife, they had a 6 year old boy named Luka, we stayed there for about 2 weeks while he tried to track you guys down for me. Finally when he did, it took everything to convince him not to come alone let alone bring us with him, I finally showed him the letter and he caved but he said that as soon as he got his wife and kid to a safe house he would be on his way here to us."

As soon as she finished speaking Anthony started crying haven woken up from his nap, everyone looked down at the little boy as he immediately stopped crying when his eyes landed on Dominic. "Daddy?" he asked so sweetly that Mia started crying, "Tia Mia why are you crying?" he asked again as she cried harder.

"Anthony why don't you introduce yourself properly to them," Christina said gently sitting him on her lap properly. "Hello my name is Anthony Vincent Toretto, where's my mommy?" he asked turning back to Christina, "She saiwd that she would be here when I meeted daddy." Christina looked at a loss for words for the past 3 weeks she had been telling him that his mommy had gone on a business trip and that she would be back soon. Luckily Mia took this as an opportunity to hold her nephew, she picked him up off of Christina's lap and put him onto her own, "You know Anthony I have a son who's a little bit younger then you his name is Jesse and he's your cousin," Anthony lit up at the mention of a new friend "Does he have cars?" he asked excitedly bouncing up and down at the thought of a play date.

"Tons" Mia replied standing up and leading Anthony down the hall and to her suite where Jesse was sleeping. As she walked away Dom stood up and walked towards the balcony as the others continued to ask Christina questions. HE took a deep breath in and let it out in a rush not believing what he had just heard. What in the hell had Letty gotten herself into and why the hell would she do it in the first place he thought remembering what Elena had said to him earlier about how she found it hard to believe that Letty would do this willingly. He heard a phone ringing inside and quickly stepped back into the living room as Christina scrambled into her bag trying to get the phone before it stopped ringing, she picked it up quickly "Hey, yeah were here we made it safely, I miss you guys too yeah he's right here one second, " she said as she held out her phone to Dominic "Uncle Leon wants to talk to you" she said.

Domini felt everything freeze around him as his eyes locked with Brian's noticing the look of disbelief on his face; Dom slowly reached out and grabbed the phone from Christina and put it to his ear.

"Hello? Leon?"

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