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The Fourth

Harvey had done a lot of things to close a client. He'd gone parachuting (why someone would voluntarily jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane he'd never understand), he'd arranged tickets to the most outlandish theatres imaginable (who knew there was such a thing as mice performing Shakespeare) and even acted like a pimp (ok, that was more understandable to him). But this was the worst thing he'd ever done. And he had no idea what he was doing.

"I'm bored," Two pairs of identical brown eyes looked up at him. Harvey Specter, the best closer in New York City, was babysitting. It was for a client – of course- but that didn't make it any easier.

Harvey sighed, "What do you want to do?" He checked his watch; he still had five more hours of babysitting his client's two rugrats. The things I do to close a client…

The older one shrugged his 5-year old shoulders, "Dunno."

"That's helpful, Danny," Harvey said dryly.

"Paka!" The two year old Mia crowed, clapping her hands.

"Do you mean park?" Harvey frowned, trying to translate the baby talk. He'd thought that associates made no sense but this was worse.

"She means central park," Danny supplied helpfully as he walked around Harvey's office with his fighter jet model, pretending he was saving the world. Harvey wished someone could save his sanity instead. Who knew looking after children could be so difficult? "We go there all the time. Mia likes the ducks."

"-Ucks!" Mia copied her older brother but couldn't say the word properly. "Ucks!"

"I like the swings," Danny continued, talking over his sister. "Can we go? Can we go?"

"Um…" Harvey glanced between the hyperactive children and his ever-growing paper mountain. "I have a lot of work to do…" He couldn't say no outright – that wouldn't go over well with their parents. And he needed to get on their good side. Jessica would kill him if he lost another client.

"Pwease?" Mia looked up at him, giving him a doe eyed look that could melt many a heart.

"In an hour," Harvey decided after a second. Even if an hour turns into five, he added silently. A flash of red outside his office caught his eye. A slow grin grew on his lips. There is a God after all. "Donna!"

Donna sashayed into his office, depositing a cup of coffee on his desk before turning to greet his guests with a cheerful grin. "Harvey, you didn't tell me we had guests."

He returned her grin, albeit with fake cheer. "You had already left to get me coffee."

She looked at him over her shoulder, eyebrow raised as if to say, 'is it my fault you're so picky with your coffee?' and then she rolled her eyes. "Have you guys been having fun?"

"Oh loads," Harvey drawled, leaning back in his chair. "Danny here has been teaching me all about the air force and Mia's been telling me, well I'm not quite sure but I assume it was interesting."

Donna's grin morphed into a smirk as she caught the derisive tone. He really wasn't having fun. "Sounds epic."

"Oh it was. In fact, I was about to take them to the park."

"Pa!" Mia yelled, jumping up and almost falling over her pink sneakers.

"But maybe you should go," Harvey told her, ignoring the toddler's outburst. I hate to see you miss out on all the fun."

No, you just want to hide in your office, Donna mentally corrected him. "Sure," She nodded and walked over to where Danny was standing, staring at their conversation like it were an intense tennis match. "Hey, I'm Donna. Harvey's got to work but if you still want to go to the park, you can come with me. I'm going to go get an ice cream."

"Ice cream?" His face lit up.

"Ice cream?" Mia echoed, her expression a mirror of her big brothers.

"Yes please!" Danny cried after a moment, remembering his manners.

"I'll race you to the elevator," Donna said as she bent down to pick up Mia, who looped her little arms around the P.A's neck.

"You do know how to look after children, don't you?" Harvey asked, double checking. He wasn't completely irresponsible.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. "I baby sat through high school and college. Why do you think I was picked for this job? I'm the only one qualified."

"Are you calling me a child?" His eyes narrowed as she laughed playfully.

"Say bye bye, Mia!" Donna used the girl's hand to wave at Harvey.

He shook his head and went back to work.


Donna sat on the park bench, watching the two children in her care run around on the playground. She had to smile as Danny helped his little sister and another little girl up onto the see-saw. He was a good brother.

"That's some cute children you've got there," A southern drawl behind her made her turn around. A tall, blonde man stood behind her. A rather handsome tall blonde man.

"I'm just looking after them for a friend," Donna told him.

"My niece is the one your boy was helping. I'm Jack by the way," Jack said, sitting next to her.

"Donna," She smiled broadly at him. She wasn't stupid – she knew that he was flirting with her. And she had no problem if some southern gentleman wanted to sweep her off her feet.

"Nice to meet you," He shook her hand. "Do you come here often?"

"Isn't that a bit cliché?" Donna asked, pursing her lips in an almost flirtatious manner. At the same time, she kept one eye on the kids. After years of working with Harvey, she had multitasking down to a fine art.

Jack shrugged, "Probably. But I'm not very good with the whole flirting thing so I'd thought it better to stick to what people say works."

She had to refrain from rolling her eyes. "If I were a more cynical person, I'd say that you're running game on me."

The flash of guilt crossed his face in a millisecond. "Damn, you're good."

"I'm amazing," She smirked. "You should see what else I can do."

"I'd like that," Jack returned her smirk.

"Is that girl really your niece?"

"Of course," Jack said, a little offended. "I don't lie about the important things."

"She's adorable," Donna turned and watched the children clamber over the playground.

"Yes she is." There was no faking the pride in his voice and eyes.

"Hey Donna," Harvey appeared behind them. "Who's your friend?" He looked down at Jack, dislike barely concealed. He put his arm possessively on her shoulder.

"This is Jack. Jack, Harvey." Donna made the introductions, taking careful note of the strength of Harvey's handshake. She hid her amusement at her boss' antics. He really didn't like to share.

"Nice to meet you," Harvey said, almost trying to squeeze the life out of the Southern man's hand.

"You too," Jack returned the pressure.

"Thanks for sitting with my wife. She get's so bored sitting here when I duck into the office. Anyway, we have to go. The kids' parents are almost here."

Donna glanced back at Jack, almost apologetically. "It was nice to meet you."

"You too."

"Danny, Mia, time to go," Harvey called and waved them over. "Your parents are waiting."

"Mummy!" Mia yelled and ran over; eagerly taking Donna's waiting hand. Danny followed after her, a little more subdued.

"So," Donna drawled as they walked back to the office. "What was that about?"

"What was what about?" He gave her an innocent look.

"The whole passive-aggressive thing. And calling me your wife," She lowered her voice at the last part.

"Oh that," He acted as though he'd completely forgotten. "You can do better than him."

"Harvey," She glared at him. Where did he get off interfering with her personal life?

"Did you see his jeans?" Harvey continued derisively. "They cost twenty bucks max. Absolutely no taste whatsoever."

"He made them look good though," She masked her smirk at his indignant huff.

"You are incorrigible," Harvey retorted.

"I learnt from the best."