No one really knows when it all started, though many guess it was not long after the string of mysterious gas explosions that plagued the Karakura area a while back. After that it took root and festered until it grew into what it is today.

Like aged silver, it tarnished.

Like a thirsting flower, it shriveled.

Like a dam filled to bursting, it broke.

Finally, it was only a broken shell; a pale reflection of what it once was. Many people mourned at its loss, wishing they'd somehow seen it coming so they could have done something about it. Even more mourned those in their graves who would never again be able to mourn for the tragic loss.

This is the story of how Inoue Orihime deteriorated into madness…


"And remember, kids," Ochi-sensei announced seconds before the bell would signal the beginning of summer, "do your summer reading assignments, and try not to die before school starts again in September!"

No one in that class really gave the Ochi-sensei's humorously ominous farewell much serious thought; this was normal banter for their slightly aloof teacher. Had they know the unwitting prophetic significance those words had, they probably would have hidden themselves away for the summer.

For one particular girl, these words were the beginning of the end of her sanity.

"Oh Hime-chan~! I know what you're going to do this summer!"

No, Honso Chizuru was not that person. (Besides, her sanity left her long before this dark adventure started.)

"Really? Cause I was kind of planning to visit some relatives over Summer Break," Inoue Orihime said, confused at her classmate's statement.

This was the girl who would be the epicenter.

"Aw~! You're so kawaii when you get confused, Hime-chan!" Chizuru reeled herself in enough to get back to her original point. "I was maybe thinking that you and I could spend some girl time together. My parents are taking a trip in a couple days so we'll have the entire house to ourselves. Just think about it; You and me. In the house. Alone. No one else around…" Chizuru was starting to work herself into a frenzy. "Maybe a candle light dinner, hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, Barry Manilow playing in the background…" She began to fondle herself. "We'd both be wearing some sexy Chiffon lingerie, and we'd share a lover's kiss! And then we'd finally decided to go for it, and then…THEN…OH YES! YEEESSS! DO IT ORIHIME! RIGHT IN MY-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!" Arisawa Tatsuki screamed, punching Chizuru right in the gut. "You and your damn hentai fantasies… Isn't there some other poor sap who you'd rather harass?"

"You're just jealous because I don't fantasize about you," Chizuru retorted, wheezing a little.

This earned her several more kicks to the stomach.

"Tch, fuckin' dyke… C'mon Orihime, let's get out of here and go meet up with the rest of the guys at the Urahara Shoten; I'd rather deal with normal insanity instead of the perverted kind…"

"Huh? Oh, OK!"

This was common occurrence at Karakura High school. Most days Chizuru would attempt to seduce Orihime, whether subtly or overtly, only to be beat back by Tatsuki.

Orihime, for the most part, just grinned and bore it. She knew what Chizuru was like, but being the kindhearted (and slightly naïve) person that she was she never really saw any harm in it; besides, Tatsuki was always there if things started to get to out of hand.

"Your…love taps are the highlight of my day~…" Chizuru grunted from the floor. Tatsuki tensed up noticeably at this and only paused for a moment before her walk out of the school.

"What's the matter with Tatsuki-chan?" Orihime asked in the "cute" way she sometimes did. "She's got little anger marks on her forehead~!"

"Knock off the 'cute' voice Orihime, I'm fine."

"No you're not," Orihime said, becoming "serious" again. "You always get mad and grumpy when Chizuru-chan is around. Why can't you ever get along with each other?"

"Because," Tatsuki began, "she just…." A moment after she trailed off she looked Orihime straight in the eye, "I hate the way she always tried to take advantage you all the time."

"Is that all? Tatsuki-chan doesn't have to worry," Orihime reassured her friend, slipping back into "cute", "I don't think Chizuru-chan means anything serious by it."

"Did you not hear her back there or something?" Tatsuki asked incredulously. "Because she sounded pretty damn serious to me."

"She just gets a little excited sometimes…," Orihime chuckled nervously, sweatdropping.

"Hime," Tatsuki admonished, "I know you think that everyone is basically good deep down, but sometimes people are rotten inside, and there's nothing they can do to change it." Tatsuki heaved a sigh, "I guess that's why I'm so protective of you all the time; I just couldn't bear to see you up against someone rotten on your own." Then Tatsuki broke into a fit of chuckles, "Listen to me, I must sound like some cheesy soap opera." She ran to the end of the street and motioned of Orihime to hurry up. "Come on! We need to make it to the Shoten before everyone hogs all the good stuff!"

Orihime smiled and hurried after her stalwart friend, eager to meet up the rest of her friends from school: Kurosaki Ichigo (her secret crush), Ishida Uryu (a member of the Handicrafts Club she was in), Matsumoto Rangiku (an upperclassman at the beginning of the school year), Hinamori Momo (another Handicrafts Club member), and Yasutoro "Chad" Sado (Martial Arts Club member).

A week earlier they had decided that they were going to end the school year by getting drunk. It had been Matsumoto's idea originally; apparently it was a school tradition for a third-year to take a group of younger students out on a binger. Uryu had been against it initially, but in the end he'd been peer pressured into it. Tatsuki had also been a hard sell, and had only relented when it was mentioned that Chizuru had done it last year, and eagerly too. Rather than be outdone by lesbianic rival, Tatsuki had vowed that if she didn't drain at least four gallons of alcohol she'd make out with Chizuru in front of the entire student body. (A promise she'd never have to fulfill if she had anything to say about it.)

When the arrived at the Shoten Matsumoto, Hinamori, and Chad were already waiting for them. A few minutes later Ichigo appeared, a sulky Uryu trudging along behind him. "I still don't know how I got connived into this," the bespectacled youth bemoaned.

"Because after tonight you won't have that stick up your ass," Ichigo snapped. "Just shut up and don't ruin it for the rest of us…"

"I see you two finally made it," Matsumoto said as the two boys joined the rest of the group. She motioned for them to follow her, "Everything's all set up if the back; come on!" They followed to buxom Third year student behind the shop where several bottles of wine, saké, and other liquors were set up.

"Geez Rangiku, did you rob a liquor store?" Tatsuki marveled, her eyes wide at the display.

"You didn't," Hinamori fretted, "did you?"

"That'd be bad…," Chad muttered.

"Hell no! I'm not stupid!" Matsumoto exclaimed. "I just walked in and told Urahara-san about our little tradition." She winked coyly, "It also helped that I had a button or two on my blouse undone~!"

"It's a wonder why I even hang out with you guys at all," Uryu sighed.

"Now let's all get drunk!" Matsumoto shouted, popping the cork on a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. After a while everyone was well and thoroughly soused, even the more reluctant participants like Uryu and Orihime. By midnight they were all singing drinking songs taught to them by Matsumoto. Only Uryu, Tatsuki, and Chad were didn't join in the festivities.

By 2 A.M. the liquor was gone and everyone decided to head home. Since they were all still in high school none of them had their driver's license yet; on top of that no one had thought to bring any money for cab fare, so they all ended up walking home. Tatsuki had volunteered to walk with Orihime, and threatened to kick anyone's ass who said otherwise. Her exact words were "Orihime's my friend, so I'll take her home. Comprendé?".

"Tatsuki-chaaan~!" Oruhime whined, being "cute" again, "how much longeeer!" They were just up the road from her house.

"It's *hic* just up ahead," Tatsuki slurred. "No need to *hic* worry." She had made very well on her boast.

"That's greeaaat~! *hic*! I looove you~!"

"I love you too, *hic*!" Tatsuki gave her a big, sloppy kiss on her cheek, secretly reveling in the fact that she was probably making Chizuru very jealous right now.

"Tee hee~! Tatsuki-chaaan , stop it!" Orihime giggled. She playfully nudged the other girl off of her, only for her to slump to the ground. "Tatsuki-chan?" She dropped the "cute" when she realized her friend wasn't getting up. She began to get frantic, kneeling beside the unconscious girl, "Tatsuki-chan!" Not her, she thought as tears began to stain her face, pleasepleaseplease not her!

"Well well well, what do we have here?" a voice said from behind her. She gasped and truned to see a tall, lanky man, with shoulder length black hair and a white eye patch over his left eye. "A couple of drunk, teenaged girls alone at night…," he licked his lips lecherously, "must be my lucky night!"

"Wh-wh-what fo you want?" she whimpered.

"Same thing every man wants, a little piece of pussy!"


"Imma fuck you up," he said, grabbing her by her face, "to put it into terms you can understand. And then I'm gonna fuck your friend over there." He threw her down and she collided with a lamppost, bashing her head. "Now to relieve you of all that unnecessary clothing…" He reached into his back pocket and took out a jackknife. He flipped it open and started to advance on the helpless girl.

"~I wouldn't do that if I were you~…" Orihime said in a sing-song voice as she picked herself up.

"What'd you say, bitch?"

"~It's not nice to force yourself onto other people, Mister~…"

"Fuck you!" the man shouted, rushing forward, his knife ready to pierce Orihime's porcelain skin. She waited until he had almost reached her, then with inhuman speed she tore the knife from his grip and stabbed his through his eye patch.

"~Funny,~" she chuckled, "~I was thinking the same thing about you.~"

"FUCK!" the man screamed, clutching his empty socket, "Shit fuck! What the fuck you stupid bitch? I'm gonna fucking kill you!"

"~No you're not, because I'm going to kill you first.~" She giggled cutely and stabbed him in the stomach. As he fell to the ground she grabbed him by the hair and stabbed his other eye. She let him scream for a moment, letting his anguish wash over her in sweet waves of ecstasy. After a moment of relish she grabbed him by the mouth and slammed his head into the pavement. "~I don't think you're a nice man,~" she said, forcing his mouth open, "~but maybe there's something pretty inside you.~"

She smiled as she slowly slid the knife across his throat, letting his precious life fluid leak onto the asphalt. It was a happy smile, one that only said she was proud of what she had accomplished; like a child standing in front of their first finger-paint masterpiece.

"~Sleep sweet, mister,~" she cooed as he let out his final gurgle, "~I hope you enjoy eternal life…~"

After staring sweetly at the corpse for a few minutes before her smile fell and she began sobbing where she stood.

"Why is this happening again?" she sobbed, "I stopped this three years ago, why is it happening now?"

"Why am I doing this again?"

to be continued…