A/N: Alright, here it is everyone! Last chapter of this story. This ending is one that I've had planned since basically when I started this story, because this last prompt was the author's choice. However, this may not be the last you see of this verse, or hear mentions and references to the events in this fic. It's basically become my headcanon for Olette/Namine, and so it'll probably pop up again, even if there's never a direct sequel. But, who can say what the future holds, right? Anyway, a million thanks to all of you, for all the support that this story has gotten. It's truly been a pleasure writing it and writing about this couple, and I'm thankful that I've gotten to share that with y'all. And I hope you've all had a fun ride. :)

Warnings: Light yuri, canon events, DiZ being an abusive asshole, Ansem!Riku, and the beginning of Roxas's mindrape. (I tend to shine a harsher light than most on the events in the KH2 Prologue, in case you couldn't tell. *shrugs*)

Pairings: Olette/Namine, unrequited Sora/Namine, and I suppose Namine/Riku and Namine/Roxas can be seen with shipping goggles. Heaven knows I can hardly to talk when it comes to shipping.

Dedications: Ghostwriter, Lys, and Fruity, because I'm proud to know all three of them.

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Watercolor in the Rain


Naminé had stayed away, up in the room in the mansion that she'd claimed as her own, while Riku and DiZ worked to subdue Roxas and contain him.

She stared blankly around at the white walls surrounding her. She normally didn't pay them much heed, as she was usually too focused on her drawings—or had been getting out of the mansion itself in those few blessed days; but now she doesn't dare to go—but now she's thinking that this room is too depressingly similar to Castle Oblivion. Perhaps she could hang up a few of her pictures, to give it at least a few splashes of color.

A knock heralds Riku's entrance as he pushes the door open. Naminé blinks up—and then up—at him, in surprise. "You're taller."

His shoulders hunch in defensiveness, but otherwise Riku ignores her. "It's time." His voice is different too, much deeper—an adult's voice, not that of a sixteen-year-old boy.


But she doesn't get any farther than that, because DiZ comes up behind Riku then, orange eyes glaring hard and unforgiving at her. Business as usual. "Naminé. You must make haste. Attend to…Roxas." There's a lilting sneer in the way that he says the name of Sora's Nobody. "He's going to need a new personality and memories and such things to keep him docile while you finish chaining together Sora's memory."

"I know," said Naminé quietly. She doesn't look him in the eyes, and instead stares into another corner of the room—anywhere he wasn't. She didn't particularly want him to read in her eyes her disgust for his callousness in the current situation.

He narrows his eyes angrily at her. "Be sure to not get too…attached." His eyes glow a darker orange as he huffs a deep breath of laughter. "Not that Nobodies can feel anything, of course."

Naminé has to resist the urge to clench her fists, and the sharp glint of his amusement follows her out the door.

Dread makes her footsteps slow as she nears the computer room, and she hovers before she settles herself into the chair in front of the screens. As it is, she sits on the edge of her seat, not letting herself relax into the back. What she was going to do next would be the dirtiest of work, and there's no need for her to be comfortable. Roxas certainly wasn't going to be.

Even still unconscious, his mind is prickly and thorny, and is radiating his rage, fury, and an underlying grief and fear. It's a noxious mixture, and Naminé hates that it's come to this.

"Roxas, I'm so sorry," she whispers. "You probably wouldn't accept that, and it doesn't make this better, but—I am."

Naminé makes sure her breathing is calm, regular, and even as she contemplates the task ahead of her. DiZ had decided that it would be easiest to keep Roxas in a data world—this would make it harder for the Organization to locate him and they would be able to control his environment, and thus, Roxas himself.

Naminé, therefore, must extract the giant ball of memories that Roxas has absorbed and accumulated from Sora, and in return, give him new memories of a false life, so as to keep him "out of trouble" (in DiZ's words). The only stipulation is that Roxas's simulated world had to be of Twilight Town.

Naminé thought of eyes, green like the summer grass of Destiny Islands.

Yes, she thought, fingers starting to tap at the keyboard. She could give Roxas this kindness, a friend, at least.