The Doctor was sat, no perched would be a better wold for it, in the kitchen aboard the TARDIS studiously studying the object in question. The object currently under the intense gaze of a certain Timelord was amongst others of its like and kind, but this object stood out from the rest. He had smelt it, studied it, drawn it; even put it under a microscope before studying it again, this time with the geeky specs on, at different angles of course. He had even licked it much to the quiet amusement of Rose and finally decided it was the most beautifully perfect example he had ever seen. No. This fruit was on the top of its game. Pick of the bunch it was fantastic, perfection and any other adjective you could care to add, but the key word here is 'was'. Yes on board the TARDIS even the prime example of a banana wasn't around long enough to win a prize for its bananaery perfection.
Not with the Doctor around anyway.