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My Diamond in the Rough

I ran my slender fingers through my wet hair absorbing the feel of the warm water on my skin. Despite Tsukimi's protests I took a bath. The other Amars all went to some convention of some sort so I didn't see why I couldn't have my bath, but of course it's Tsukimi. She confused me a lot, just when I thought I had her figured out she goes back to being confusing and damn stubborn too. I splashed the water on my face playfully. Then got out of the tub, the same tub the little jellyfish swam in the night I first met Tsukimi. I had to admit the first time I met her I thought she looked like a helpless excuse for a woman and very unlike the women I slept with and dated and she's come far from that after that faithful night, still unlike the women I grew up among but the most beautiful and strange woman I've ever encountered.

I walked out the bathroom without wrapping a towel around me; there wasn't any so I had no choice, and made my way to Tsukimi's room ruffling my wet hair. Yawning I pushed open the door I walked right into someone and fell over, it could only be Tsukimi.

I looked down to see the girl petrified beneath me. I rolled my eyes a bit annoyed.

"Damn it, Tsukimi," I sighed, "you would think that after all this time you'll be accustomed to seeing me out of drag already."

"Ku-ku-kuranosuke," she stuttered blushing furiously.



'Spit it out." I demanded.

"You're parts are touching me." She blushed pulling her hand to her mouth.

"So, you're acting like you're a-." I started then remembered that she was. Easing onto my elbows I looked her up and down, all she had on was a bath robe which didn't cover much as I could see most of her shoulder and the shadow of a pink nipple peaking at me. Being the boy I was I couldn't help admiring her smooth ivory skin, how could someone with no knowledge of make-up keep such beautiful skin without trying?

Leaning all of my weight on one elbow I lifted my other arm to brush the soft skin at the collar bone. She gasped grasping my hand, her skin flushing a pretty pink.

"Would you relax please, I'm not about to eat you." I reassured with a smile on my face, "I just want to see."

I bent my head to kiss the soft skin it felt perfect beneath my lips. Unconsciously my hands ran up and down Tsukimi's legs making her gasp again. This excited me so I further, wanting to see what other reactions I could get from my Diamond.

I trailed a finger up her stomach and stroked her, ran my hand in her inner thighs. The reactions she gave were erotic and like nothing I've ever heard and turned me on more than any woman I've ever slept with and I haven't even had her.

I looked at her small virgin face, her eyes were closed and her lips were parted, her skin had a pink hue to it that made want to kiss her right here right now and so I did, but it was the wrong move. She was away from me in seconds pulling the robe about her like a shield and then she was gone.

"Seiko!" I swore mentally slapping myself. How could I do something like that to a virgin? I quickly dressed knowing that she wouldn't come back from the bathroom as long as I was here and left.

At home I couldn't focus on anything but Tsukimi. Her skin, her lips, her voice, it was all just engraved in my head. BAD THOUGHTS! it screamed, how could you think of Tsukimi that way, how could you think of a virgin that way. But there was one thing I couldn't deny, I wanted that virgin and I was determined to get her all to myself. My Diamond in the rough.

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