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Diamond in the Rough

Chapter 4: Devil's Nectar

What was this feeling? So warm, so safe. Almost like when mother would carry me off to bed when I had fallen asleep reading.

"Mama," I breathed pulling myself tight into a ball not wanting to open my eyes in fear that this feeling would go away. But the urge to see was greater and I opened my eyes anyway letting in the bright sun and the realization that someone was actually holding me and it was definitely not my mother.

Instantly I froze not knowing what to do my mind in a whir thinking that the individual could be a rapist, molester, creep, who likes sleeping with poor innocent okatus and in the fresh rays of the morning sun fondle their nipples with one hand with the other in the red valley.

The person behind me released a pleasant sigh rousing from sleep and yawned pulling me tighter into their body and then released me and left my bed. A soft click sounded through the room signifying that the person had just left the room.

My pounding heart slowed gradually as I regained mobility and I rolled over in bed to only come face to face with Kuranosuke. Screaming I flew of the other side of the bed getting tangled in the sheets. This reminds me of the time I woke up and found him staring at me.

"Tsukimi," he scolded looking at me from on top the bed.

"Ku-ku-Kuranosuke,"I stuttered, "How? When did you?"

I froze when I saw he had no shirt on and what happened the night before came back with a rush bringing a wave of nerves in my stomach causing my cheeks to burn.

"Tsukimi," he laughed pushing his hair behind his ear, "You already know I have a key to Amamizukan." Then he added shortly, "You should be accustomed to seeing me out of drag already, why are you freezing up? Do you want me to hug you until you are?"

I gasped my heart beat quickening as he crawled of the bed cat like and kneeled between my legs. I shied away, my body long recovering mobility, but he just kept on coming.

"Kuranosuke, what are you doing?" is what I wanted to say, but all that came out was a feeble sigh of "Ku-ku-rano…" that even sounded pathetic to me.

"Tsukimi," he sighed leaning closer, I shut my eyes afraid of what was going to happen, but nothing did. I kept my eyes shirt by breath coming out in shallow gasps. My body felt as do it was about to combust and my eyes were shut so tight I was seeing red. Slowly I opened my eyes to face Kuranosuke but he wasn't there, was I dreaming again? Was I only imageing that he was here.

My hand knocked the empty sake bottle near my night stand, I kicked it skeptically.

"You are truly the devil's nectar." I snarled rolling it further beneath the bed.

Kuranosuke's pov:

What the hell just happened? I sank to the bathroom floor my hands wrapped in my hair. The whole idea was to seduce her but she ended up being the one holding the reigns. Damn Tsukimi, you really are my devil's nectar.

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