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Shitsuo & Sakuraya Omake

1935 Tokyo, Japan

The almost silent swish of the silk enchanted him as he delicately ran the pads of his fingers down the lush, soft fabric. He then carefully allowed himself to rub the edges of an elegant 3D flower decoration that was sewn with many other flowers in an intricate pattern on the sheer outer layer of the kimono. The pure white flowers stood out against the bright, blushing pink color of the kimono that was his favorite color. Although he somewhat wanted to be traditional and wear a completely white kimono on his wedding day, pink seemed more fitting. Besides, the reason why brides wore white was to reflect their purity, which was something he definitely did not have if his late nights with his lover were any indication.

A happy smile curling up on his lips, Sakuraya thought about his lover—and soon-to-be-husband—Shitsuo. So much had happened between them in the past couple years, some of it happy and some of it sad. But now was a time for celebration. After harboring a love for each other since they were young, innocent children, Shitsuo and Sakuraya were finally going to be tied to each other eternally. Today was the day Sakuraya had been hoping for since he became aware of his feelings towards Shitsuo.

The sound of the door creaking open caused Sakuraya to look up from admiring his dress.

"You know it's not going to be of any use if you just keep staring at it. Why haven't you put it on yet?" An almost perfect reflection of Sakuraya stood in the doorway as the young man placed his hands on his hips, raising an eyebrow in question. Like Sakuraya, this youth was pale, slim, and had inky black hair. The only difference was his deep blue eyes and his fiery personality. At first, Sakuraya had been a bit unsettled by Shitsuo's former lover, Michael Williams, but after getting to know him a little, Sakuraya and Michael had become the best of friends. He was, in fact, playing the role of Sakuraya's maid of honor.

"I just wanted to look at it a little more," Sakuraya told Michael with a wistful sigh. "It's very beautiful."

"Well it would look even more beautiful on you," Michael pointed out as he moved to take the kimono off its hanging rack to help Sakuraya dress. "Especially when you walk down the aisle later."

Although Sakuraya had opted to wear a traditional style Japanese wedding dress for the day, they were going to have a Western style wedding since his family and lover had adopted Western ways due to their international import business. But they had allowed Sakuraya to choose what kind of dress he wanted to wear since it was his special day, and Sakuraya had always felt more comfortable in kimonos than Western clothes. Besides, Sakuraya knew that his lover enjoyed seeing him in his white and pink kimono than his Western clothes. The kimono was kind of a wedding gift for Shitsuo, since the blonde hadn't seen what kind of dress Sakuraya had picked.

"Come on now," Michael urged as he held the kimono open for Sakuraya. He winked as he added with a smile, "You wouldn't want to keep your future husband waiting any longer, would you?"

"No, of course we wouldn't want that," Sakuraya played along as he returned Michael's smile, getting up to dress.

Over half an hour later, Sakuraya stood in front of a full length mirror, staring at his reflection in awe. The skirt of his kimono trailed onto the floor, fanning out at his feet as it seemed like the flower decorations were growing on it. The pink color of the kimono contrasted against his pale skin nicely. Light, natural makeup had been applied to his face so that it looked like it was glowing. Faint, pink lipstick had been painted on his lips, making them look plump and full. White and pink eye shadow made his scarlet eyes appear brighter as dark eyelashes curled up, widening his eyes.

"Beautiful," Michael murmured next to him, expressing Sakuraya's thoughts exactly. He was beautiful. So much so that he almost started to cry. He had always been described as a beauty, but he had never thought of himself as one until now. Sakuraya was happy that he could look so beautiful today especially for his lover.

"Thank you, Michael," Sakuraya turned to his friend with a soft smile, giving Michael's hands that were clasped in his a little, loving squeeze.

Michael only smiled back, clenching Sakuraya's hands just as tightly, "Don't start crying on me now, you'll ruin your makeup and Shitsuo will be upset with me that the wedding was delayed because I had to redo your makeup."

Sakuraya laughed out loud, knowing that was certainly true as he held back his tears of happiness. He then allowed Michael to lead him to the entertainment room where their little wedding ceremony was being held. Considering it wasn't legal for two men to marry in Japan the ceremony was mostly informal and the only people in attendance were their close friends and family. Sakuraya's own father would be acting as their priest.

But it didn't matter that the government wouldn't recognize Sakuraya and Shitsuo as married. The only thing that mattered was that they both knew. No matter where they would go or what people said, they would be forever bound to each other after today. Because they would promise. They would promise themselves to each other forever.

"Are you ready?" Michael questioned as he and Sakuraya stood in front of the double doors leading to the room the ceremony was held in. Sakuraya only nodded, afraid to speak and have his voice crack with excitement as his heart thumped loudly in his chest.

He tried to resist the urge to run down the aisle as Michael opened the doors and Sakuraya saw his lover waiting for him at the end.

Shitsuo never looked as handsome as he did then, decked in a white tuxedo with pink accents, a small branch of cherry blossoms placed in the small pocket where one would usually place a small scarf or rose. His honey eyes were sparkling with anticipation and happiness, a wide smile spread across his face. The smile only widened when he finally saw Sakuraya.

There was almost no need for the ceremony when their eyes finally met each other, because they already knew they would always only love each other.

Present Time Tokyo, Japan

The headmistress, Yasu, sighed tiredly as she looked at her two charges with pity. She was quite surprised to be troubled by these two, who were normally her best behaved children, but she also understood as to why there was a sudden change in their attitude.

"We found them trying to hop on a train to Kyoto," the police officer informed Yasu as another officer kept a tight grip on the two children's shoulder. "Tried to run away from us again, but we were able to apprehend them with no further trouble."

"Thank you officer," Yasu smiled gratefully at the man, moving to take charge of the two kids. "I'll make sure that this won't happen again."

"You're welcome, Ms. Have a nice night." The officers tipped their hats and then left, leaving Yasu in the entranceway with two guilty looking children.

First glancing at the older, blonde boy, who had recently turned sixteen, Yasu wondered how Shitsuo could even act like this. He was normally a responsible boy who Yasu treated like her own son. As if he could sense her slight disappointment in him, Shitsuo turned up his honey brown eyes to look at Yasu before he looked back at the ground again.

Shaking her head and then turning to Shitsuo's raven-haired companion, Yasu felt a small tug on her heart when she spotted tears building up in the corners of the small boy's scarlet eyes. Just eight years of age, Sakuraya was barely over half the size of Shitsuo as he tried so hard to hold back his tears.

The reason why the two of them had even attempted to run away together in the first place was because a couple had come in a few days ago and was interested in adopting Sakuraya. But the young boy, who had been under Shitsuo's care since the blonde had found him as a baby in the orphanage's garden, didn't want to be separated from the blonde, and Yasu had a feeling that—despite the fact that he never vocally said so—Shitsuo also didn't want to be separated.

Sighing once again, Yasu wondered what she was going to do. She also didn't really have the heart to separate the two of them, but if the couple really wanted Sakuraya, it wasn't like she could say no.

"Yasu-san!" a voice wailed as Sakuraya finally gave up and started crying, propelling himself towards Yasu and hugging the woman's waist tightly. "Please don't give me away! I don't want to leave! I want to stay here!"

Yasu opened her mouth to reply, but she found she couldn't say anything to reassure the boy. By tomorrow, that couple would come back to sign the papers and make the adoption official. There wasn't anything else she could do.

Instead of giving false hope to the boy, she tried her best to smile and leaned downward so that she could be face to face with Sakuraya. "Sakuraya, why don't you sleep with Shitsuo tonight? You'll need a lot of sleep for tomorrow. Shitsuo?"

Knowing that his name was more of an order to take Sakuraya away than a question, Shitsuo nodded solemnly and led Sakuraya to his room, Sakuraya quietly sobbing beside him. The sound of the door closing behind them was the most hollow and saddest thing Shitsuo had ever heard in his life.

Turning his attention to the crying Sakuraya beside him, Shitsuo tried to calm him down, even though he felt like crying as well. "Shhh, it's okay, Sakuraya. Everything will be fine, I promise."

"W-Why!" Sakuraya cried out. "Why can't I stay with you? Why are they telling me that I have to leave? I don't want to!"

"But Sakuraya," Shitsuo tried to get him to see reason. "This is your chance to finally have a family. Don't you want that?"

"I don't need that! I just need you, Shitsuo!" Shitsuo was surprised when Sakuraya suddenly hugged him tightly, his voice small and afraid as he spoke. "Please don't leave me…"

"I don't want to leave you, Sakuraya," Shitsuo whispered comfortingly to the raven, feeling his own arms also squeeze Sakuraya in need. He knew he selfishly wanted to keep Sakuraya with him, but he also knew that the raven had expressed his desire to have real parents since he had never known his own. So as much as he wanted to keep Sakuraya there, he didn't want Sakuraya to lose his only chance at finally knowing what a real family was like. Searching through his head for some way to reassure the raven, Shitsuo finally came up with an idea. He would have to lie to Sakuraya, but it would be for his own good. "Listen, Sakuraya, there's a way for us to stay together forever so do you want to know what it is?"

"Eh?" Sakuraya questioned as he finally stopped crying, wiping away the last of his tears. "There's something like that?"

Shitsuo nodded, biting his lip in worry as he mentally asked Sakuraya to forgive him for misleading him later. "People who love each other a lot do this so that they can be together for the rest of their lives. They become family."

"So you'll become my family?"

"That's right. If I become your family that means no matter where you go, I can always go to you and you can always come to me. We'll always be there for each other."

Sakuraya's eyes shone with anticipation and hope now, his mouth curling up in an excited smile. "I want to know! How do we become family? What do I do?"

"Well," Shitsuo thought about it before he explained, "First, we have to give each other rings that way people know we're together."

"But we don't have any rings," Sakuraya pointed out, looking suddenly dejected.

Quickly thinking, Shitsuo looked around his room for anything to replace the rings and thought of something. He ran to his desk and opened the book he had there, pulling out a tan bookmark that had pressed sakura blossoms on it. Yasu had given it to him the day he had found Sakuraya as a keepsake. Grabbing a pair of scissors, Shitsuo cut the bookmark in half down the middle, two blossoms on each side.

"Here," Shitsuo held out the other half to Sakuraya. "Since we don't have rings, I'll give you this half to keep and I'll keep the other one."

Sakuraya took the bookmark into his hands, surprised that Shitsuo had given him his prized keepsake. Shitsuo had always treated it with care. His mood picking back up, Sakuraya asked, "What else do we have to do?"

"Now we promise to care for each other forever," Shitsuo told him, moving the two of them so that they faced each other. He then frowned as he realized something was missing. "Wait a moment."

Moving to the bed, Shitsuo grabbed the white sheet on there and threw it up in the air, flattening it out before he placed it around Sakuraya's head like a veil. Smiling in satisfaction, Shitsuo took his place back in front of Sakuraya and held the boy's small, pale hands in his own.

"Do you, Sakuraya," Shitsuo began, looking into Sakuraya's scarlet eyes who stared at his own. It was slightly unsettling, feeling Sakuraya's eyes bore into him. He felt his heart pounding loudly in his chest as he continued, "promise to care for me and to cherish me for the rest of our lives?"

"I do," Sakuraya nodded confidently.

Shitsuo couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face as he went on, "And I, Shitsuo, also promise to care for you and cherish you for the rest of our lives."

There was a moment of silence before Sakuraya whispered, "What do we do now?"

Shitsuo felt his cheeks heat up as he remembered the next part. "Well…they normally seal the promise by kissing each other, but we don't have to—"

Before he could finish, though, Sakuraya stood up on his toes and placed his lips against Shitsuo's. It was a soft and innocent kiss of a kid, but it practically made Shitsuo feel like stars were exploding in his chest.

Sakuraya then pulled away from Shitsuo with a wide smile, "Don't forget what we promised now, Shitsuo."

Getting over his shock, Shitsuo returned Sakuraya's smile, chuckling, "As if I could ever forget."

Eleven years later…

"Sakuraya, come by my office later, there's someone I want you to meet…"

The nineteen-years-old, scarlet eyed raven waved in greeting to his father's secretary as he headed towards his father's office. He wondered what his father could want. Despite living with the man for eleven years, his father was still hard to figure out. Smiling, Sakuraya remembered when he first met his adoptive father and mother. At first, he had been afraid of them, but later, when he finally relented and met his adoptive parents, he found that they were not bad people. In fact, they were kindest adults he had ever met, besides Yasu of course. And he was even more surprised to find that his new father was a successful entrepreneur. It was strange how everything worked out.

Thinking of his past, Sakuraya frowned as he remembered that although he had gained new parents, he had ended up losing someone very dear to him in the process. Sakuraya instinctively reached up and placed his hand over the pocket—the one near his heart—he always placed the half bookmark in. He wondered if Shitsuo still remembered their promise. Chuckling, Sakuraya shook his head as he remembered what a naïve kid he had been back then. He wondered if Shitsuo had lied to him on purpose about the marriage thing.

Looking up at his father's door as he finally reached the office, Sakuraya knocked on it, hearing his father inside, "Come in," and more quietly, "that must be my son, the one I was telling you about…"

"You wanted to see me, father?" Sakuraya called out as he opened the door, stepping inside. But he stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted the other person in the room.

"Ah, Sakuraya, come in. I wanted to introduce my new top executive to you. Sakuraya, this is Shitsuo. He just came in from England today."

Despite the fact that it had been eleven years since he had last seen him, he still looked the same overall. His face had grown a bit more angular and his honey eyes seemed wiser, but his blonde hair still fell in messy disarray that actually suited him and his smile was still the same one from Sakuraya's memories.

"It's nice to see you again, Sakuraya," Shitsuo said, moving to offer his hand for Sakuraya to shake. During that moment, Sakuraya saw the half bookmark sticking out of Shitsuo's inner pocket—close to his heart—and a smile broke out across his face.

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