Vegetable Juice
o1: 'Popipo'

"Hi, guys!~ It's Miku-Miku here, telling you that you should always remember to eat your five a day so you end up an adorable idol girl like me!~ Ehhh, what's that? You don't like vegetables? Shame on you- I'll punish you! Teehee, just kidding~ Miku-Miku would never do that! For people who don't like veggies vegetable juice is perfect; it blends all that icky stuff green stuff together so you don't even have to taste it!~ Go buy some vegetable juice today- RIGHT now- or Miku-Miku will cry! Do you want me to cry? If you make me cry I'll absolutely never forgive you, so make sure to buy lots and lots of vegetable juice, okay? Miku-Miku's counting on you, nihi! … … U-um, did I do that right?"

Barnaby sighed, brushing his hair out of his eyes. Above him, all around him, the numerous LCD screens set into the tall buildings showed the same image- namely, that irritatingly loud, bubbly, up-and-coming idol with the long green hair tied back in two pigtails.

As per usual, she was trying to sell him things.

If there was one thing Barnaby disliked more than mindlessly cheerful young idols who wailed about love and pain and misery they had doubtlessly never experienced, it was cheerful young idols that sung about all that stuff and then tried to sell him things.

Wasn't that just a little bit despicable? All of Miku's music videos (yeah, all two of them) involved such a gratuitous amount of product placement it was a wonder the 'adorable' Miku-Miku could even be seen at all amidst the oh-so-subtle sea stuff.

Was it really necessary she did adverts, too?

And how in the hell, all minor complaints Barnaby had about Miku-Miku aside, had she so become so ludicrously popular over such a short space of time? It was unnatural, almost like the spread of some deadly disease!

Coverage of Miku-Miku and her long green hair and her schoolgirl's attire was even beginning to seep into Hero TV broadcasts, to Agnes' obvious despair.

Agnes might have been the only person who disliked Miku-Miku as much as Barnaby, because everybody else seemed to love her.

What a joke.

"Hey, Bunny...? What's wrong?"

A light hearted voice, and the equally light grip on his shoulder that accompanied it, was enough to rouse Barnaby from his strange stupor. Barnaby would have known that voice anywhere; not to mention that wide smile, or that stupid beard.

Even if he hadn't recognized the face or voice (unlikely), then he would have recognized the nickname.

Kotetsu was the only person who called him that.

Actually, Kotetsu was the only person able to call him that. If anybody else had tried, Barnaby probably would have kicked them. W-well, maybe not (that wouldn't gel well with his 'savior of the people!' image), but he'd sure as hell imagine he was kicking them, which amounted to the same thing, only there was less bad PR.

Barnaby would never imagine kicking Kotestu, though.

At least… not anymore.

Not when Kotestu was so inordinately skilled at getting his own ass handed to him every other day.

Forget the million power; that was his real superhero skill.

Baranaby tried to suppress a smile at seeing Kotetsu. Why should running into him in the street make him so happy?

It didn't make sense.

"It's nice to see you, Kotetsu," Barnaby replied, face impassive.

Kotetsu pouted. "Hey, that's a pretty frosty greeting for your partner, Bunny~ I feel so hurt."

Barnaby felt himself flush slightly.

T-that pout was completely unfair; always able to render him speechless for a few seconds- which was a few seconds far too much!

S-stupid old man…

"We're in public, you know," said Barnaby, voice calm. "Being too familiar with me would only draw people's attention. Do you want your cover to be blown, old man?"

"Ahaha, I guess that's a pretty good point…"

"Of course it is. Now, if you'll excuse me-"

"I was just a little worried about you, that's all- but if you don't want this 'old man's' concern I suppose that's fine, too… I don't mind, so you can go if you don't want my cover to be blown by these masses and masses of people, ahaha~"

The latter part was sarcasm, of course- though very light-hearted. It was dark, and the street was virtually empty. That lead Barnaby to question what, exactly, Kotetsu was doing outside (the crueller side of his brain muttering something like 'it's too late for an old man to be out by himself at this time'), but the bag of shopping Kotetsu was holding answered for itself.

Kotetsu was smiling widely, sincerely, as usual.

He was… worried about him…?

Well, Kotetsu worried about everyone. Barnaby wasn't surprised to see such concern in his face- but it still made him feel a little… funny, all the same.

He couldn't remember the last time somebody other than Kotetsu looked at him like that, or made him feel so… wanted?

Gah; what nonsense. Now that was truly embarrassing.

Overhead, Miku-Miku was singing on the LCD screens; her voice filtering through the relatively empty, quiet streets.

"…Bunny? You're doing it again."

"Hn?" Barnaby looked at Kotetsu with slight surprise. "What am I doing?"

"Staring off into space; like you're in your own universe or something. Unless…" Kotetsu grinned. "You're a really big fan of that new idol- um, what is she called? Michiru? Is that it?"


"Ah, so that's it," said Kotetsu, smiling widely as if he had just solved a vast and complex mystery. "You're a fan of Miku, right?"

"I'm hardly her fan just because I know her name."

"Hey, I didn't know what she was called!"

"That's because you're completely hopeless. How can you not know who she is? Her face is plastered to the sides of all the buildings 24/7 is Sternbild."

Kotetsu laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, I was never too good names. It sounds like you know a lot about her, though. Would this be…" He leant forwards, prodding Barnaby on the tip of his nose. His bag of shopping hit the floor. Barnaby hoped he hadn't broken anything, but given Kotetsu's clumsy nature that seemed a given. "Young love?"

At the sudden contact, Baranby's face turned pink.

It didn't help that Kotetsu was teasing him about his 'love life' (or lack of thereof, to the immense relief of his legions of female fans) as though it was something to joke about; something that he wasn't even involved in-

Which Kotetsu wasn't.

Not really.

B-but even so…

Barnaby felt a strange rush of sympathy for Blue Rose. Kotetsu really was oblivious.

"Young love? Hardly," said Barnaby, voice cold, as he pushed Kotetsu away from him. "Quite the contrary. I dislike Miss Miku-Miku greatly."

"Eh?" Kotetsu's face fell. "But… you were staring at her for such a long time I just assumed… Damn it; and I thought my reasoning was spot on this time!"

"I was staring at her to discover why, exactly, she is so popular. I wanted to know what others see in her, but it has eluded me."

"Well, I think she's pretty cute."

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah; she's definitely cute. Isn't that popular nowadays? I mean, look at Blue Rose!"

Barnaby's eyes narrowed slightly. Jealousy began to rise within him; a strange feeling that he knew was completely ridiculous, but he could not help it.

"You think she's cute…?"

"I already said that, didn't I? You really should learn to listen, Bunny! Oh!" Kotetsu's eyes lit up. "And maybe you could follow my lead! You always say such harsh things to people, Bunny; it's so uncute."

Barnaby looked down at the floor.

What did he care if Kotetsu thought he was 'uncute' or not? Kotetsu was hardly the one to judge.

"Look, just a word of advice, Bunny," said Kotetsu, resting a hand on Barnaby's shoulder. "People generally don't like it when you insult them like that, hahaha~ You'll never get a pretty girl if you hide your feelings like that."

Barnaby's breath caught in his chest as Kotetsu's fingers brushed his arm. His skin prickled slightly, as though it was being laced through slowly with pins.

Kotetsu really was… an idiot.

And yet… he was an idiot who always managed to cheer Barnaby up, regardless of the situation.

Barnaby opened his mouth (most likely to say something disparaging; he hadn't quite decided what), but Kotetsu cut him off, his smile crinkling the corners of his eyes.

"It's fine; there's no need to thank me. It was just a bit of information I've picked up over the years!"

Barnaby sighed- though he couldn't stop the slight, tremulous feeling fluttering, unbidden, in his chest.

"I wasn't going to thank you, old man. The day I take advice from you about my love life is the day I decide to commit social suicide. Slowly. And painfully."

And with that, Barnaby shook Kotetsu off him and walked off.

But he couldn't squash down his small, secret smile.

Miku-Miku's voice trailed after Barnaby throughout his entire walk home.

"U-um, did I do that right?"

a/n: Hauuu this was originally going to be a super short series of super short drabbles about Kotetsu & Barnaby using meme music as a base for each drabble but then it got really longggg (like longer than 400 words 'long' XD) so I don't think my original idea will hold up : But all the chapters will still be based on memesic so it's okay, it'll just have a /slightly/ (and I say 'slightly', not 'fully' XDD) more coherent storyline :3

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