The Amethysta rose

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Chapter one: our meeting

I was waiting for this day a long time ago, the day that I will get my revenge. However, something I have not thought about it happened but that what happened it but I wish I can change it.

Carmina's POV:

Today is Monday, which is workday, and this is my lucky day all I need is to prepare myself for the crime but first I need to be a normal woman who works all day and rest at night. Therefore, I dressed my job suit, fixed my hair and makeup, and went for work.

At my office:

"Morning, ma'am" said my secretary

"Morning, Sam" I said

"Ma'am today you have a meeting at 12:00 pm with the founder of M.A.R.S"

"thanks Sam I won't forget, I want you to focus on your job and I want a hot chocolate drink" I said while I was entering my room

"Yes my lady, five minutes and the drink will be at your table," she said while ordering my hot chocolate drink and reading some papers.

I was on my chair thinking about the meeting forgetting about the designs that I should check it out.

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