The Amethysta flower:

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I was staring outside the window until the door was knocked.

"Enter," I said. Then the door was opened and a strange man with a clad man in white came.

"How do you dare to enter my office without permission?" I said with anger and amazement

"Calm down Miss Carmina… you don't need to be afraid," said the strange who was wearing a blue suit with metal mask.

"Really?... Sam, Samantha, he-" I said but the clad man cut me off by touching my neck and I felt everything is spinning around, then darkness.

Hours later:

"AWWWWWW my head" I said while putting my hand on my head.

"Don't worry…Miss Carmina you're okay" I looked and saw this clad man who said.

"Who are you?" I whispered

"I'm storm shadow," he said

"What do you want from me? And WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?"

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Don't scream we are at midnight, if cobra waked up you won't be happy" he said in scared accent and put his hand on my mouth. I nodded.

"May I know what's happing here?" I asked calmly.

"Well…I don't know if you will get it but cobra want you to work with him. This all I know" storm shadow said

"Okay, I get it but why he wanted me to work with him?"I looked at him and I felt I needed to…

"I don't know but are you okay?" he looked at amazed.

Flash back:

"What is this? It seems like a letter." I opened the letter and read it.

Dear carmina,

I wish for you a happy life. You are growing into a beautiful woman and I'm sure you will be a successful designer at future. I will be waiting for you tell then my future wife.

Secret lover.

Later at night, guns shoots screams, blood everywhere, life less bodies, police cars, ambulances and a scared teenager.

Me: uhhh, what a terrible night (crying face)


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