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The Sinister Descendant

Kapitel 3




"Konatsu, are you sleeping?" Allan Warren—Konatsu's grandfather knocked the door of his grandson's bedroom at the residence of Warren. Probably that great and charismatic figure was the only one who cared about the existence of the blonde teen with that honey colored eye. He hadn't seen Konatsu at all since he had sent him home to relax a bit. He only knew that the blonde teen didn't step out—even just one step—from his bedroom after he ordered him to take rest from their tiring job.

"Konatsu-niisama…" Shuri who accompanied Chairman Warren also called the older cousin whom he really admired. Shuri tried to open the bedroom door.

"It's not locked, grandpa…" Shuri said softly.

"Let's get in. I'm worried a little since he didn't respond to our call at all…"

Shuri opened the door and politely let Allan to go first into Konatsu's bedroom.

Konatsu's bedroom was so dark. In that room—which was big enough—there's only a few personal things such as books. Placed on the desk, in a mess. The rest was so common, nothing special, and didn't reflect the personality of the owner as a personal room should be.

There's only one oddity in that room. The big window was opened widely. Made the wind that blew gently in the third floor area entered the room and caused the room temperature almost like freezing. The silvery light of the moon was the only light that illuminated Konatsu's room.

"He's not here ..." Allan muttered. In his heart he wondered, where Konatsu is. "Where is he?"

"I don't know, maybe in the library on the first floor ... I often saw him there ..." Shuri said with a shrug. "Let's try searching him there, grandpa..."

Shuri just about to open the door and invited Allan out of the room first, when aman figure who's so tall with a black hair came straight out of and Allan both surprised to see the figure of the stranger standing in a large window that open widely. Especially when looking Konatsu lying unconsciously in the arms of the figure.

"Ara ... I do not expect that in my Konatsu's room, there will be people ..." That figure said casually as if his presence in that place is no big deal. With a light step as he possesed a wings,Hyuuga went through the room from the window and step his feet into Konatsu's room.

Both Allan and Shuri were surprised to see that Konatsu covered in blood. That blonde boy still closed his eyes in peace. Not because of sleepiness. Absolutely not! He was recovering himself this time. Moreover Hyuuga blood was like a drug to him. No wonder he could sleep tightly like that even he'd had too much sleep before and Hyuugawas speaking in a voice that could not be said 'soft'.

"Wh-Who are you?" Shuri asked.

Allan's eyes narrowed, he stared suspiciously at Hyuuga but Hyuuga seemed totally unaffected by that gaze. That noble vampire—oppositely—seemed to enjoy the increasing tense between him and those two vampire hunters in front of him.

"I'm just a person who helped this cute boy ..." Hyuuga said with a playful tone. With a nonchalant attitude like there's none else in that room, HyuugaliedKonatsu in the large bed and sat beside him, wiping his back of hand on Konatsu's cheek. Konatsu's cute sleeping face made him didn't want tothrow his gaze anywhere but at Konatsu. Slowly he combed the blond hair of the young man with his finger. "Well, there's no 'thank you' for me?"

Allan's honey colored eye—similar to Konatsu's—narrowed as he stared at Hyuuga. Observing black hair, sapphire iris which was hidden behind dark lens of his glasses, tall appearance.

"You ... Hyuuga?" Allan said cautiously.

He noticedHyuuga's possessive behavior toward his grandson, and he knew he should not speak carelessly or perhaps his grandchildren would be forever taken away from him. However, the upper-class vampire like Hyuuga had different aura and power levels compared to regular vampires, and with that ability, they could be doing unpredictable and unwanted things easily. They're able to do that after all.

"I'm flattered. I thought no one knew me ... "Hyuuga replied with a smile on his thin lips. "Well ... How do you know about me? Dear Chairman Warren ... "Hyuuga asked without taking his eyes from Konatsu. His large hands now graspedKonatsu's pale white hands which smaller than his. Marveled at how delicate hand in his clench, even though he knew clearly that those hands even though look so soft and fragile,had been killed so many times before.

"It does not matter how I know ..." Allan said angrily. He clenched his fist tightly—suppressing his anger.

"Is that so? I just thought that I wouldn't mind to tell you what had I done with Konatsu all day long if you willing to trade it with let me know about your source of information…"

"I can tell just by looking at the state of my grandson ..." Allan replied coldly. Hyuuga just chuckled softly.

"Is that so?" He said indifferently. He casually spread collar of Konatsu's cloth. "I did not leave any marks... you don't have to worry about it…"

Hyuuga smile sarcastically. "Though it seems okay even I leave a mark. Due to fact that you always told him to cover up his identity…"

Allan threw his gaze away from Hyuuga—dislike how that raven man told him about that. He had known since a long time ago that Konatsu was always depressed if he had to meet someone who was not from Warren family. He's afraid that someone might see the tattoo on his neck. He's afraid to bring a shame to his family.

Afraid. Afraid.

That feel was the only emotion he could feel when it comes to the mark that proves his existence as a vampire. He's ashamed of that. Ashamed to be a filthy descendant. The descendant of a sinner.

"I did it to protect him..." said Allan. "I love Konatsu, he's my grandson. It's not weird if I'm willing to protect him, right?"

"Protection by told him to deny his true self? I think you have a weird definition of 'protection', Chairman Warren…"

Cynical. Hyuuga looked at him contemptuously. Mocking smile curved on his lip.

"None of your business! You will not even understand why I did it and how much I wanted to protect my grandson. I really regret the fact that he had already involved in a matter with you..."

Shuri who had been silently listening to a conversation between two people in front of him could only swallow his fear in silence. He knew perfectly well that Konatsu-niisama was Alan's favorite grandson. Grandson of the most beloved daughter. Eve. So far, no one ever dared to talk openly in front of Allan about Konatsu and the possibilities of great shame he might caused to whole family. No wonder why this time, Shuri was surpised to see someone dare to critics his grandfather method of educating Konatsu.

"If I were you, I prefer to set him free ..."

"You are not someone who thinks carefully before deciding something—just like in information I heard about you. you can say that because you are not stand in my position. Not love him as much as I do… he's my grandson…"

Both Hyuuga and Allan stared at each other with an irritation. Hyuuga can see Konatsu's resemblance with his grandfather in their warm gold eyes.

Hyuuga smiled mysteriously for a minute before he threw the same question as before. "What do you know about me? And how? "

"You don't need to know..."

"So stubborn..." Hyuuga murmured softly. "Then I guess I should not linger here longer. I also still have business I need to take care of..."

Hyuuga bring Konatsu's hand which is still in his grasp to his lip and kissed the back of it—didn't care that Shuri and Allan were still in the same room.

"Then I'll see you again, Chairman Warren ..." Hyuuga went to a big window and then disappeared into the night.

"Who is he, Grandpa?" Shuri only dared to speak a few moments later, when Hyuuga had completely disappeared from their sight.

"Hyuuga ..." Allan said softly in a little annoyed tone. "One of the noble pureblood vampire whom we can not kill..."

"One of? There are some more?" Shuri asked stupidly.

"Yes, a small group whom are not too threatening..."

"How could it be not threatening?" Shuri said; panic. During this time he had been told just how different the power of ordinary vampire compared to pure-blooded aristocrats vampire. The idea that mixed-blood alone was already strong was troubling him enough, he became more upset thinking about the possibility of the capabilities of pure blood.

"It's okay, Shuri… it's already time to tell you that we can not touch the existence of those pureblood so easily. Keep this incident and what you've heard before as a secret from the others…"

"But…" seeing his grandfather's stressed expression, Shuri didn't dare to ask furthermore though—honestly—there was desire to know more.

"Well, now, help your cousing to clean the blood stain. Only grandpa, you, and Konatsu who know about today incident. Big fuss never give any good result…"



Ayanamis' pov


I throw my back to my cozy chair. Outside the window, full moon is looked great in a cloudless sky. A picture of a silent night is match for vampire like me huh?

Dreary. Dark.

The silhouette of that wonderful Konatsu Warren comes back replying in my mind. That kid sure is wonderful. His eyes is just like a crystal, his perfect gold blonde hair and his pearl alike skin. He's just like an angel. I'm sure he would be look great if he has a pair of white wings on his back. He's just like a light and he's really a wonderful.

If only Hyuuga didn't interrupt that time…

I still remember vividly how Konatsu's pale neck looked so delicious. Red liquid flowing there and made sense of thirst arise immediately. It made me wonder if he might have the same blood taste like one of his parents.

[Knock. Knock.]

"Who?" I ask while turning my chair direction into the entrance door of my room. Actually, I don't need to ask about things that I already know. Teito had reported me before.

Hyuuga has come home.

"It's me…" a low deep voice of a man who has been a loyal company for me for a long time answered. The door opens slowly and he enters.

"You know that your appearance now is rather inappropriate to come see me?" I ask in a calm tone. "Hyuuga..."

"Do you really think I care about that now?" Hyuuga says with clear annoyance in his tone.

I smirk at him and got up from my chair. "That Warren brat is really wonderful. He can make you attitude towards me change so fast…"

"Seems like you know that I come here to talk about him…"

I and Hyuuga stare at each other. If only he knew that Konatsu is…

"Aya-tan, I wanna ask you about all of this. You mentioned about Konatsu's father, right?"

"What's the point of asking when you already read that boy's memories? Or are you really that stupid?"

Hyuuga is annoyed. "Don't joking! I'm really serious!"

I try to examine the seriousness in Hyuuga's eyes. He is not kidding. I can guarantee that.

"I refuse to tell you about that now. How could I let you know about it first when the one I promised for information was that kid?"

Hyuuga's look even more upset because I evade the topic perfectly. He smacks the table violently with his hand—causing a noise from creaking wood. His sapphire orbs full of emotion. I maintain my composure.

"You're really sly…" he hisses. Hyuuga turns his way to the door quickly. It seems like he's really annoyed.

"Hyuuga…" I call in monotone.


"One thing that I can tell you. You also know 'this person' well enough…"

And you will be surprised to know who…



Normal Pov

That blonde teen was seemed really surprised to find himself awoke in a bed in the room he's really familiar. Question about why he could be in there spinning on his mind which is still fogy and unorganized.


"Konatsu-Oniisama? You've awakened…?"

Konatsu threw his gaze to the owner of that voice and found his cousin—Shuri—stood up there with a food tray in his hand. Forced—unnatural—smile curved on his lip.


"How could I be here?" Konatsu asked—straight to the point. He could remember clearly how Hyuuga sucked his blood greedily and he lost his consciousness after that. He wouldn't able to get home in an exhausted state like that, right? So, there's must be a good explanation why he could be in his room after he regain his conciusness. More over, with a clean cloth without any blood stain.

"T-That…" The confusion was evident in the turquoise colored eyes of Shuri.

"Answer me!"

Konatsu's amber orbs stared intently at Shuri. He wanted a clear answer. Shuri trembled a little to Konatsu's intent and cold gaze. He's not used to get that kind of gaze. Moreover, he knew that Konatsu was almost always avoid eye contact to anyone in Warren family because he simply didn't want to see the disgust and rejection on their eyes.

"We can talk about that later, Konatsu…"

Konatsu jolted when he saw Allan in his room. He stood there with both of his arms crossed in front of his chest—high and mighty—his eyes stared intensely to his grandson, show how much he didn't want Konatsu to disobey his order.

"Don't force your cousin like that. Shuri know nothing about this. Anyways…"

Allan's sharp gaze built a tense atmosphere in the room. Konatsu could feel a little bit regret appear in in the depths of his heart.

"You better have a good reason about this. Together with the details of the event that grandpa don't know yet…"

"Grandpa… I…"

"We have a lot of time to talk about that later, Konatsu. Your only duty now is to make sure your own condition is fine…"



Konatsu's Pov


I never predicted the situation would be like this.

I was so stupid! My business with that Ayanami hadn't finished yet and I had fallen into Hyuuga's trap again, yesterday! I wonder what kind of relationship Hyuuga has with Ayanami. Maybe Hyuga told Ayanami to allure me to that vampire's nest? How sly! That mad guy!

I watch my grandfather who still standing in the doorway—waiting for me to response.

"Yes, Grandpa ..." I had to. It seemed like I had no way out anymore. "I'll explain later..."

A nod from my grandfather makes me happy to know that for a while at least I can draw a sigh of relief. There is a bit of sadness actually in my heart when I see my grandfather turns his back away towards me. I know he's disappointed. I know him very well.

A feeling of regret appears in my heart now. Make me hate my very own self. Though my grandfather is painstakingly cared for me; as a replacement of my mother, but I only make him angry. I'm really sad.


I've decided that I will not give up. I've decided that I'll meet the man who hurt my mom.


Just wait, maybe this time I made a wrong move. But for later, I will definitely drag "him" before my grandfather and my mother. ! I will not fail for a second time.

But this means...

I have to see Ayanami once again!



I knock the door of my grandfather's office politely. Ugh, I feel like I have no more confidence to see my grandfather right now. His favorite grandson brings shame to him by letting Hyuuga sucked his blood. That damns leeches! I'm so grateful that grandfather told Shuri not to talk about his in front of others. I really have no idea what will happen if another relatives know about that I…

"Come in…"

Grandfather's voice is so authoritative. So patient. This is the reason why dealing with him is always far more difficult that any other people. I feel like I will be relieved more from guilty feeling if he just hit me and scold me directly. That will make everything easier for me. But I know my grandfather is not someone like that. He always understands. Really kind. The only one cares about me. That fact is making me feel worst, now.

Slowly I open the door, but still the creak sound from a heavy and old door can be heard.


"Come in, Konatsu. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. I'm not angry at all…"

His voice's so gentle. Grandfather holds my palm and leads me to sit down on the couch. He's so kind even after so much I did. He makes me grateful that even another relative don't care about me, at least I still have him who accepts me for who I am.

I sat on the opposite direction to my grandfather in the couch. I start the conversation. It's better to be honest, right?

"Grandpa, about last night, I…" I try to prepare my heart before continue my sentence, "It's not like I want to keep a secret from you, but… there's something I want to know…"

With a pair of eyes which seems like knowing everything, Grandfather stares at me and waiting for me to continue.

"And… there was a vampire offering an information for me…"

"What do you want to know, Konatsu? Is that thing can only be told by Hyuuga?"

Wait! My grandfather knows Hyuuga?

"Hyuuga? You know a vampire named Hyuuga?" I asked; confuse.

"It's a long story. You don't have to know, Konatsu…" Grandfather answers me in a flat tone. "So… What kind of information did he offered to you?"

"But the on who offered information to me wasn't Hyuuga, Grandpa…"

Grandfather's eyes widened in disbelief. There's gotta be a misunderstanding here. And why he can think that I got the information from him?

"Bu-But the one who sent you home yesterday was…?" Grandfather speaks as if he had lose ability to speak clearly.

Hyuuga brought me home? What kind of joke is this? The last person who was with me maybe him but…

"Grandpa, maybe it'd better if you listen to me first…"



I try to cut the long story about how a purple eyes vampire come to me and offered me information about my dad, and how he persuade me to come to the castile of vampire which was located in somewhere that no human can go through easily. of course, I admit that I lost my consciousness and after I regained it, Hyuuga was the first person I met.

Grandfather seems surprised when I mention about my dad but I don't want to hide anything from him anymore. That makes me fell guilty. I can't pay back all of his kindness toward me by lie, right?

"Is that so?"

I only nod as an answer. Oh just let it be. It's time for grandfather to know that my wish to meet father has not vanished yet. But I won't tell him that the reason behind it was because I want to take revenge to him who had made my mother suffer. I think there's no need to add grandfather's worry.



I can see a slight of uncertainty in my grandfather's eyes before he say, "All of this time, grandpa tries to give you freedom and let you do as you wish… But, only for this time… Grandpa's begging for you not to search your dad anymore…"



Ayanami's Pov

The memory is still so fresh in my mind. A figure of a person who knows me best more than anyone. A person who also hurt me in the same time either he chose to do that or not.

Or maybe our only choice is to hurt each other.

Maybe the three of us was born to hurt each other.

Me. Eve. And Yukikaze.

I remember, all of this time of my limited life period, only both of them whom I can really loved so sincerely. And none of us could really betrayed each other till the point love hurt us so much.


"You are more appropriate man for Eve-sama, Ayanami-sama…"


Your voice was so calm. Your power of guts always impressed me but in the same time it's also annoy me. You think that I don't know that your love for Eve is just as big as mine.


"Things that make me the most happiest is when people I love feel happy. That's why… I want both of you to be happy…"


I remember now. You said you love me too just like you love Eve. Thanks.

Although this pain we feel maybe can't be healed.

Why do you let me go with a smile? If you were more egoist a little maybe I might not feel as painful as I feel now. how kindness could hurt. Now I know.

I'm sorry for hurting you…

And also Eve…


"Ayanami, Yukikaze… I really love both of you…"


We love you too Eve. Really love you.


"I'm sure the marriage will be so magnificent, right? Both of you are really matched to each other…"

"Thanks, Yuki… Ah, if only I can have you too…I will have two best husbands in the world…"

"Hahaha… you're really good at making a joke, Eve-sama…"


Yukikaze… How much did I and Eve hurt you? Tell me.


"The time has come… for our kind to live together, right, Ayanami? I'm really happy…"

"Have your family know about this, Eve-sama?"

"My father will tell them, Yuki… this will be the happiest political marriage, Yuki. Because both Ayanami and I do not feel forced to do this. A peace between two clan only a bonus of our marriage, right?"

"That's good… and when you'll tell the other, Ayanami-sama…"

"Hm,,, I don't know yet…"

"So this is still our three little secret…"


I shut my eyes. This memory fragment of mine feel like a blade that slice my heart.


"Yuki… are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Eve-sama, Ayanami-sama… only feel a little headache…"

"Ayanami, can vampire get sick?"

"…as far as I know, no…"


If only I've realized there' s something wrong with you that time. Why I was so stupid so I didn't realize it?



"Please don't cry, Eve-sama. I'm sorry… It's almost time for your happy time and I disturb it…"

"Don't be silly! Look at yourself! Be selfish once in a while!"


"Why you never tell us about this, Yuki? You do know that Ayanami and I always here for you, don't you?"



I really love you Yuki. And so does Eve. You're really important for us.




"Our marriage… I think we need to talk… follow me…"



~To be Continued~



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