It was a Wednesday. Jim, Stifler, Kev, Oz, and Finch all went to the restaurant they loved so much. Stifler was having a party this Saturday at his house. Jim and Stifler still didn't have dates. Stifler was looking at this girl who was talking to his cousin Sara. "Jim I bet you can't get that girl to go with you to the party Saturday," said Stifler, pointing at the girl. Jim, not having such good eyesight walks over to Sara instead of the other girl. "Hey there," says Jim. "Hey," says Sara. "There is a party at my friend Stifler's this Saturday and I was wondering if you would like to go with me?" asks Jim. "Sure," answers Sara. "I'll pick up at 7:00," says Jim. "Ok," says Sara. "See ya then," says Jim. "Yup," says Sara. Jim walks back over to Stifler. "You idiot!" shouts Stifler. "What?" asks Jim. "I pointed to the other one not Sara," says Stifler. "Least I got a date," says Jim. "Watch this," says Stifler. Stifler walks over to the girl that Sara is talking to. "Hey. Whats yo name?" asks Stifler. "It's Faith and you?"asks Faith. "I'm Stifler and I was wondering if you wanted to go my party with me Saturday?" asks Stifler. "Sure," says Faith. "Right on," says Stifler. Stifler walks back over to Jim. "See it's that easy," says Stifler. "Ok," says Jim. Jim then goes home. His telephone rings. He picks it up. "Hello,'' says Jim. "Hi Jim this is Nadia," she says. "Oh hi," says Jim, shocked. "I'm coming to your hometown for a visit and I heard that Stifler was having a party. Do you want to go?" asks Nadia. "Sure," says Jim. "See ya then," says Nadia. "Ok," says Jim. He hangs the phone up forgetting that he was suppost to go with Sara. Sara is currently staying at Stifler's house. Stifler walks into Sara's room. "I can't believe your going to that party with Jim. He is so fucking gay and gets his dick off easy," says Stifler. "Well I will be the one who determines whether he gets his dick off easy or not," says Sara. "Fine," says Stifler. He walks out.


Sara is looking out the window waiting for Jim because it is past 8:00. He was suppost to be there at 7:00. Sara is still waiting. Meanwhile, Jim is at the party with Nadia. "This party really rules doesn't it?" asks Stifler. "I don't know," says Jim. Stifler then goes up to a room with Faith, where they fuck. "This party sucks," says Jim. "It does," says Nadia, agreeing. "I'm taking you home," says Jim. Jim then takes Nadia back to her hotel. "Maybe I'll see ya around again some time," says Nadia. "Maybe," says Jim. Jim drives home. He sees a message on his answering machine. He plays it. "You asshole I never wanna see you again!" shouts Sara, through the machine. "Fuck! I was suppost to go with Sara damn it!" shouts Jim. He plops down on his bed, feeling dumb. He falls asleep.


Jim walks over to Sara's locker where she is standing. "Sara I'm so sorry about Saturday," says Jim. "Sure you are. I heard from people that you went with Nadia to the party," says Sara. "I know I just forgot," says Jim. "Stifler said you fucked her too,'' says Sara. "No I didn't. The only people there that fucked was him and Faith," says Jim. "Look I'll give you one more chance and thats it," says Sara. "Ok," says Jim. That night Sara and Jim go out on a date and fuck.