This Old Carnival
By Sora G. Silverwind

Summary: After working hard on Epikyur fighting against the BHB Army, Bomberman and Pommy unexpectedly run into Lilith at the amusement park. Plotless cuteness ensues.


Author's notes: SO HEY I've had this thing sitting around for a while, and although it's not finished, I figured I might as well toss it up here since I'm about 75% certain that I'm not going to be making major edits to the first two chapters. Story is set in chibiverse, which means that you can read it without fear of having your innocent Bombervisions broken into a million little pieces like a rainbow of nonpareils. Watch out for the Bomberman/Lilith flying around, and make sure it doesn't crap on your head. You can feed it breadcrumbs if you like, though.

Disclaimer: Hudson owns Bomberman, but it's not like they're doing anything cool with him, those jerkfaces. Pair up with Namco Bandai and give me Tales of Second Attack already!

Title comes from a lyric in Vanessa Carlton's "Carnival", because why the hell not.


"Bomberman, Pommy's hungry! Pommy wants popcorn! And cotton candy! And ice cream! And candy bars!" Pommy jumped a 36-square hopscotch pattern all around Bomberman as the two of them exited the labyrinthine Castle of Time. They'd just destroyed the Gravity Generator deep in the basement of the castle. "And can we buy churros? Pommy loves churros, especially the strawberry ones!"

Bomberman stopped in his tracks on the castle drawbridge and crossed his arms, glaring at Pommy. "I thought you said you had enough fun for one day."

"Pommy had enough fun! But not enough food!" Pommy pouted. "Pommy's starving! We haven't eaten for hours!"

"We ate two hours ago."

"That's a lot of hours!"

Bomberman put a hand to his face and groaned. How can Pommy live with only two brain cells: one for talking and one for eating? He pulled out his wallet to check his cash stash...and found all of three singles. "Well, if you really need something to eat, I'll get you something. But only one thing, okay? Don't make me get cash from the ATMs here, because their withdrawal fees are ridiculous."

"Oh, Bomberman! Nice to see you again!"

Bomberman nearly dropped his wallet in the castle moat at the sound of the familiar blush-inducing voice. "Oh, uh...hey," he said, secretly congratulating himself on not stuttering madly. One had to appreciate the small victories in life as well as the larger ones. "How are you? Is everything all right?"

There was the briefest of pauses before Lilith answered. "Everything's fine! I just thought that I might see what was going on here. Did you...?"

Bomberman nodded. "We just came back from disabling the generator."

"Good, that means we're one step closer to taking down Rukifellth. What about Zoniha?"

He looked away. "Gone. But someone else got to her before I could."

Lilith blinked. "That's...interesting. Do you know who?"

"She called him Bulzeeb, but..."

"But?" Lilith prompted.

Bomberman shook his head. Seeing Regulus of all people here in this stupid black hole was something he'd sooner forget, even though he knew they'd be meeting again eventually. As if there weren't enough people after his bomberhide already! "Never mind. It's nothing."

"Well...okay." She looked like she was thinking about something.

"Pommy's glad to see Lilith again!" Pommy scurried up to hug Lilith's lower leg, since he wasn't really tall enough to hug her anywhere else.

Lilith picked him up in her arms and hugged him back. "And Lilith is very glad to see Pommy!" she responded with a playful tone.

Not jealous right now, Bomberman told himself as he saw Lilith cuddle Pommy before setting him on the ground. Am not, am not, am not! "Well, we were just going to leave," he spoke up pointedly, "since we've destroyed the Gravity Generator and gotten Zoniha's Elemental Stone."

"You're not going to stay and explore the park?"

He simpered. "We sort of did already, what with trying to find Zoniha and all."

"How is it? Happyland is supposed to be really popular in these parts?"

"It's all right, I guess." Bomberman hadn't exactly been able to enjoy himself, what with being chased by ghosts and trying to find card keys to let him into the more restricted areas of the park. And then, of course, there were the not-so-minor issues of Zoniha (who quite honestly was one of the most frightening people Bomberman had ever met in his life, which was saying something considering his job), Regulus (who had apparently changed his name to Bulzeeb — identity crisis?), and the Gravity Generator. Ideal conditions for enjoying a visit to a theme park? Sure...if you'd gotten a little too many knocks to the head after having smoked a pile of paint chips while listening to Manowar for three hours straight.

"Just all right?" Lilith asked.

"Pommy thought the rides looked fun," said Pommy. "Well, except for that roller coaster that took us to Zoniha. That was scary, myu."

Lilith laughed. "I'll keep that in mind when I see it. Scary roller coasters are the best." She waved. "I'll see you guys later!"

"W-wait!" Bomberman called.

Lilith did.

Bomberman fidgeted a bit, suddenly second-guessing what he was about to do. I have my priorities completely straight! Really! "Um...if you want...I can, you know..." He took another breath and gestured vaguely. "Showyouaroundthepark."

"But Lilith already has a map," Pommy said helpfully.

Bomberman subtly kicked Pommy in the side. ("Myu!")

"This thing?" Lilith held up a colorful brochure and rolled her eyes. "Completely unreadable. I've seen paint splatters that make more sense."

"Well, you know what Freud would say about...never mind." Bomberman cleared his throat. "But anyway. If you don't want me — er, us — around, that's..."

"Oh, no! I'd be glad to hang out with you guys!" Lilith smiled. "Three's a company, and I personally think I'm in pretty good company right now."

Bomberman quickly turned to keep Lilith from seeing the blush on his face. "All right, then!" he said, starting to walk off. "To the museum!"

"But Bomberman," Pommy pointed out, "that's the way to the haunted house, myu."

Bomberman blinked. Sure enough, the blue-tongued ghost statue heralding the way to the spook shack was front and center in his vision. Talk about a wrong turn at Kanatia Star.

"I don't mind," Lilith said. "We can go visit the haunted house. I'm not picky."

"Trust me, you don't want to step inside that place," Bomberman muttered.

"Why? What's wrong with it?"

Let's see. Flaming doors? Check. Tiles crumbling into a shadowy abyss? Check. Spikes in the wooden floorboards? Monster dolls roaming the rooms? Check and check. Oh, and ghosts. It was like that place was made solely to kill him. Which he was inclined to believe after meeting Zoniha. "Just...seriously, it's not a good idea."

Lilith shrugged. "I'll take your word for it."

"We should be going to get something to eat, anyway!" Pommy piped up. "Bomberman said he'd get something for Pommy to eat!"

"Oh, I did, didn't I?" Bomberman groaned before letting out a long sigh. "Well, that's as good a place to start as any. You want anything to eat, Lilith? I'm a little broke, unfortunately, but if you want cotton candy or something..."

Lilith waved him off cheerfully. "I'll pay for everything."

Bomberman stared. "What? No! It's don't really have to...!"

"It's not a problem! I by the bank before I came here. I have money to throw around." She patted a side pocket.

Bomberman was still reluctant. What kind of guy was he, that he couldn't even pay for a meal for his friend? But he supposed that he didn't have much of a choice at the moment. Those ATM fees were going to eat him alive if the BHB Army didn't. Heck, maybe those ATMs were BHB brand. That would explain a lot. "Well...okay," he said. "But I'll pay you back as soon as possible."

"Don't be silly! Your company is enough repayment."

Bomberman almost fainted into the moat.