"Kevin…." Started Abby, almost speechless."… How did you….?"

"Aren't you glad to see me, honey?" he said with a big smirk on his face. Everything was going the way he wanted to. No policemen had stopped, not even the NCIS. You put on some glasses and a white coat on a hospital and you disappear. He was good, he was real good!

"This placed is filled with policemen and military, Kevin. If you're as smart as you think you'll leave before they shoot you. It's only a matter of time." Abby said, holding her gaze. She had to keep herself together, be in control. If she broke down she would be in the mercy of the killer in front of her…. No… She had to outsmart him somehow.

"Abby, Abby, Abby" chanted her ex, while he started walking closer to her. "You made me lose myself completely. Abby, so determined, a woman as smart as she is beautiful. My woman. Mine, mine, mine, mine alone. I remember you lips, oh, that first I saw them. They were painted dark violet. They drove totally insane… I knew I had to get you somehow"

Abby's looked softened a bit at the memory and she managed a half-smile.

"Well, you had your charms, too." She said, getting even closer "And you were almost as determined as me"

"We have so much in common, my little violet."

"And you went to great lengths for me, that's sure…."

Kevin's eyes lightened up when he heard those words. Finally! Some recognition of all the work he'd done! All the trouble he went through for her…

"Exactly! All that I did, I did for you! It was a romantic gesture, to show you the depth of my love. Oh, Abs…. I knew all those things you said earlier couldn't be true… You don't hate me, you were just mad, right?"

"Well, I couldn't be with someone who had killed a friend, you know how important this has been for me…". Abby was still reluctant, but not as much as she'd been before.

"But now that your teammate is safe and definitely not dead" he said, lowering his gun and taking her by the waist "… shouldn't we continue were we left off?"

Abby gave him a naughty look.

"How am I letting you convince again?" she said, almost giggling.

"Because I am irresistible."

Kevin was over the moon. Not only had he escaped from that horrid cell, now the dreams of going away with Abby come to life again! He had her, he had his freedom. Everything was going perfect.

"Whatever we do, we have to do it out of here. Gibbs and the other want you, we should act before they notice you're gone."

"Of course, my little violet."

She took him by the hand and the led him to the door of the room, to a new life. Kevin was overjoyed but not surprised. He knew that she loved him and the mean things she said were an act. He knew she'd appreciate the effort he made for her, respond to his careful work. Hell, he should've told her form the start! This was the grand finale of his life, the climax. He was getting the he'd always wanted with a woman that appreciated him and knew him deeply.

Kevin was so lost in his thoughts that he barely registered Abby muttering a low "Tony, Ziva, now!" and didn't see the agents until they had disarmed and handcuffed him. When he registered what had happened he look at Abby, with a hurt look in his eyes.

"But Abby…"

"I don't want to hear your voice ever again! Take him out of my sight!"

"But… you love me."

"All and every feeling I could have for you died the day you decided to hurt Tim. You are nothing but a possessive piece of human junk and I'll make you pay for what you did to Tim and that poor man you killed. Your life is over, Kevin, say goodbye to it."

As Ziva and Tony took her psycho ex away, Abby let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Was it really over? She looked up and saw room 435 in front of her. There was still something left to do.

She sat next to Tim, on a big beige chair. He hadn't made a move since she'd first arrived probably hadn't realized all the conversation that had happened moments before. He was just asleep, unmoving, silent. Abby noticed for the first time how sick he looked. His usual pallor seemed to have a grey shadow in it and there were bruises cuts all over his face and hands. She had never seen him like this, not even when he returned from Somalia all banged up, he'd never been this bad. And it scared her.

"It's over now, Timmy" she said, holding back tears "He won't hurt you again, you're safe now. And all those things I said to him earlier… all lies. I just wanted to lure him out so he wouldn't start shooting in this room. To even think that I shared a bed with that psycho…. While you were hurting…. Oh, Timmy, I'm so so so so sorry! All you went through these last days, I mean, I can't even imagine…"

Big bright tears were running freely down her cheeks as she continued.

"I should have noticed. I've been an investigator for over a decade! But I didn't see it. I made an error in judgment and you suffered the consequences. And I'm so sorry! So sorry, Tim! But I'll make all better now, ok? I'll have lunch with you anytime you want… and play those games you like and… just anything, ok? Us two, like in the old times!"

Apparently, Abby's monologue had reached McGee, who stirred slightly and slowly opened his big eyes and looked at her. Abby was scared. What if there was more damage than what doctors had seen and he didn't recognize her? What if he was in terrible pain? What if…?

"Abby" Tim's voice said, barely above a whisper " 's good to see you."

Without even thinking, Abby was up and planting a kiss on her friend's bruised face. They looked at each other, both very happy with the reunion.

And thus it began. The longest hug of all.

In fact, when the rest of the team arrived the next morning they found them still in that hug, peacefully sleeping. Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, Ducky, all of them smiled silently, not wanting to wake them up. They knew they had to enjoy the calm while it lasted, those little moments of joy, rare as they were. This time, they got their happy ending.

They knew that the next monster wasn't too far away.

But whatever evil it was they would face it together.


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