"You're just... soft," the wonder in Jane's voice filled the quiet of her bedroom. "Everything about you is so soft," she ran a line of kisses from the soft spot just below Maura's ear to her mouth, placing a strong yet undemanding kiss on the parted lips of the medical examiner. "I don't think I've ever felt anything like it." Her hands continued to run patterns over the slightly writhing form below her.

"You're a tease," Maura moaned, chewing at her bottom lip as she watched the wild haired detective hover above her, watched the normally rough hands of the other woman run gentle patterns over her body.

"No, I'm not," dark brown eyes danced with mischief. "A tease never makes good on her promises, and I," Jane leaned down to capture Maura's lips again, the hand not supporting her weight coming to a stop atop one heaving breast, "have every plan to make good on my promises." She smiled broadly.

"I thought," Maura moaned, arching her back into Jane's touch, "you didn't plan."

"You're right," with an evil smirk on her face, Jane slid down the doctor's body, letting the friction of their naked skin set them both on edge. "I don't. Tell me if you like this," she growled before running her tongue across Maura's torso, nipping as she we along.

Gasping, Maura managed to make a few mewling sounds as her hands flew to land in the mess of Jane's dark hair.

"Never mind," a husky chuckle rolled up Maura's body, sending shivers down her spine. "I think I got it. I'm just going to keep going with it, and you let me know if it's not working for you, okay?" With that, Jane's mouth moved further over Maura's quivering and writhing body.

"Still soft," Jane mutter, just barely awake as the morning sun tried to peak in around her bedroom curtains.

"Mmmm, so are you," Maura yawned, rolled onto her back to stretch, and then returned to her position as the big spoon. "You're also hogging all the covers." Demonstrating her point, the doctor reached down to yank the sheets around until the were both covered again.

"Can't help it. Got cold," smiling, Jane looked over her shoulder, scooting back to get as much contact as she could with the other woman. "Someone took all my clothes off last night and refused to let me put any back on."

"Are you complaining?" Legs tangling together, Maura wrapped one hand under Jane's neck and down her chest while the other snaked up so that she encircled the detective.

"Nope," a contented sigh escape as Jane closed her eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being held. After a time, she sighed; her brain was refusing to relax despite her body's willingness to do so. "We're moving fast, Maura. We were just going to sleep, and, well, yeah... that didn't happen."

The doctor's body stiffened. "No, it didn't, but I thought this was a mutual decision. You seemed more than willing last night. Jane, I didn't..."

"You didn't force me, Baby, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just surprised. I don't normally move this fast, that's all. I mean," Jane rolled over so she could look the other woman in the eye, "it's not a bad thing."

"But it's not a good thing either," Maura withdrew, making certain the sheet kept her covered.

"It's a thing, and it's a thing that works for us. Go with the flow, remember?" Jane reached out, placing a hand on Maura's where it gripped the sheet. "Don't over think the stuff I say. I made an observation, not a complaint, and," she grinned, "I don't regret anything. Last night was awesome. When do we get to do it again?"

A relieved laughed escaped the doctor. "I'd say after we both shower and eat... unless you've got something else planned?"

Jane pretended to think on it for a moment. "Does running out for doughnuts count as a plan?"

"No, and it shouldn't count as breakfast, but," Maura's smiled brightened, "I suspect we'll work those calories off. Why don't you shower first while I pick up a bit, and, while I'm taking a shower, you can go out for doughnuts?"

"There you go with your planning again," Jane teased as she slipped out of bed. "I won't take long." Stopping at the edge of the bed, she leaned over and gave the honey brunette a peck on the cheek. "Good morning."

"Good morning." Maura's eyes sparkled. "Let's go brush our teeth."

With a shake of her head, Jane gave a mock irritated comment of, "So demanding."

"I want a proper kiss," Maura shot back as she headed for the bathroom.

The taller woman hopped out of the bed and sped past the other woman and into the tiny bathroom, giving Maura a little slap on the rear end as she passed. "Teeth brushing, on it!"

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