"Can you live with them? My lies?"

"I guess so. If they're gentle enough, and make people happy."

Akiyama smiles as he walks away leaving Nao behind him.

Nao wakes up as soon as she heard her alarm clock rang. She sits on her bed for a minute before getting up to take a shower. It's been a month since the last stage of Liar Game Tournament ended. And since then, she didn't stay in contact with Akiyama. Just a few calls from the first week and then he's gone. She even got through several voice mails while trying to reach him.

I wonder what he's doing right now.

"Hello?" Nao greets the caller. She placed her cell phone in between her ear and shoulder. Her hand is busy preparing breakfast for herself before going out for school.

"Nao-chan. Are you up?"

"Yeah, I just got up. I'm having my breakfast right now."

"Oh, I see. So, do you mind going out with me for lunch after school?"

"Lunch? After school?"

"Yeah, our lunch date! Remember?"

"Umm, that. Well, umm… yes, yes of course. I would be delighted, Kuji-san."

"So, meet you after school?"


Nao and Kuji had stayed in contact since the game ended. It seems like Kuji has a big crush on her. Nao didn't really realised that no matter how many times Fukunaga had told her. Yes, both of them are still in touch with each other. Fukunaga seems better after the Liar Game. He treats her well and also mentioned that Nao is his new bestfriend now.

So, even without me by her side she still has a boyfriend?

Akiyama just stood there-far away that Nao can't even noticed him sneaking at her-looking at both Nao and Kuji talking outside the gate of her college. She was all smiling and laughing when he's with her. Akiyama took a deep breath.

Maybe I should just let her go.

But still, for a minute, he didn't even walk out of that place. His eyes were still on that two figure-Nao and Kuji-who is now walking out of the college compound. Somehow, he feels curious on where they are heading so he decided to follow them.

Wait a minute. Akiyama! You need to stop this. You're not her protector anymore. She didn't need you to protect her like you always did in Liar Game.

"So, Nao-chan." Kuji started to begin the conversation so that they are not in an awkward situation, as always.

"Hmm?" Nao just smile as she hand back the menu to the waitress.

"There is something I've been wanted to tell you."


"Well, umm... I don't know how to begin."

Nao just smile. "Just tell me."

"Uhh, well, umm... I know that we just got to know each other for less than a month. And even though I just met you when we're in Liar Game. I felt like I've known you forever. You are so sweet and kind and trustworthy and..."

Nao seems to not pay attention to what Kuji had said. She saw something outside the window of the restaurant.

I swear I just saw him!

"Nao-chan?" Kuji seek for her attention.

Nao snaps out of her fantasy when she heard Kuji calling her name. "I'm sorry. What?"

"Nevermind. Maybe later."

"Oh, okay."

"Is there something in your mind?" Nao looks at her father as he approached her with that kind of question. She just smile, not wanting her father to get worried about her.

"No, nothing is in my mind."

"So, how's college nowadays? I've heard that the college fees are rising, is that true?"

"Well, yes father."

"So, you need money then. Is that what you're thinking about?"

"Father, no... It's not about money. I can handle that. It's okay, right now you need to just rest."

"You know... I've been a burden to since this last few years. I'm sorry."

"Father, don't say that."

"So, what's bothering you?"

Nao stays quiet for about a minute or two. She looks at her father and breathes in deeply. She tried to plant a sweet smile on her face as always but she just can't. "I saw my friend on my way here to visit you."

"So, did you get to see your friend then?"

Nao just shakes her head no. "He just dissapear. I don't know where he went. I guess it's not him then."

"So, he's a guy?" Elder Kanzaki asks while Nao just nod with a smile on her face.