"Argh!" Kevin cried out, firing out two energy blots at the trees in front of him. It was around midnight and he was out in the town's forest practicing his new powers. Before he never once thought he could use energy again without going insane but now thanks to Alona he could use it as much as he wants. He was covered in crystal and because of that he could control the energy he absorbed without losing his sanity. "Urgh!" with once last grunt he fired out the last of his energy and the crystal armor came off his body. Alona told him to always use up all the energy before he takes off the crystal or else it would enter his mind and he would go crazy all over again.

"Oh man, I'm beat." he let himself fall onto the grass, heavy eyes staring up at the wide night sky. He was tempted to just fall asleep right now. "Maybe I should of asked Gwen to come." he groaned, placing his arm over his tired eyes. Alona had said that his body would feel weak after using his new powers and it would be a while before he got used to the new strain that was being put on his body.

"Kevin Levin!" he sat up instantly, his hand going into his pocket to absorb the crystal and fight whoever was after him.

He froze however when he saw that he was surrounded by Plumbers. "Yeah?" he relaxed some but he still kept his hand in his pocket. Something was wrong. He was a Plumber himself so why were his so-called comrades holding him at gunpoint.

A man with orange skin, black eyes, and horns at the top of his eyebrows walked up to him with a hard look on his face. "Kevin Ethan Levin, you are under arrest by order of the Plumbers."

Kevin gasped, eyes wide at his words and mind spinning wit questions. Questions that he would ask later, but right now he would fight them all. "What? I didn't do anything!" he jumped to his feet.

"That doesn't matter," the orange man stepped closer. "You're going back to the Null-Void." before he could try and absorb anything Kevin cried out when a dart hit his chest and his body suddenly became heavy and his mind went blank. He was hit with some kind of sleeping poison and it was working. Perhaps a little too well.

"Urgh..." he groaned, fighting to stay conscious but it was pointless. The drug was in his system and his was falling asleep.