"The new day on this unknown world, upon which the Robinson family find themselves, finds Will Robinson, Dr. Zachary Smith, and the Robot exploring an as-yet-unexplored region situated several thousand feet further from the Jupiter Two. They would come to find something neither was ready to run across in this rocky wilderness."

"William, I simply must rest," moaned a lazy-as-usual Dr. Smith to the boy for whom a friendship has formed from early on upon landing upon this planet. "My delicate back and my poor, poor feet are screaming for a respite from this exploratory excursion into yet another desolate landscape."

"Okay, Dr. Smith," replied Will Robinson with a tone that told the tale of friendship felt for the grumbling gray-haired companion on this little trip. "But let's not stay here too long. We still have a way to go to explore the more distant areas surrounding the Jupiter Two."

"Prehaps Dr. Smith would be more apt to travel," the bass tones of the Robot uttered unerringly, with a hint of humor seemingly improbable for a mechanical construct, "if there were the promise of food ahead of us."

"Spare me the joking barbs, you robotic boob," shot back a suddenly insensed Zachary Smith. "My back issues are not open to comment by such as you. Just a few more minutes, William, and I shall be good to go. At least, for a few more hundred feet further."

"Like I said, Dr. Smith," readily reittered Will Robinson to someone as much a friend to him as was the Robot, "let's just not rest too long, or else we'll have to come back again tomorrow to pick up where we left off today."

"Just a few minutes more, William," reassured Dr. Smith, while rubbing his booted feet as he sat upon a rocky outcrop from the land into which they were, indeed, exploring. "Long enough for my delicate back to recover, as well as my poor feet. Just long enough for that, dear boy."

No more was said, at least for the next few minutes, as Will walked about, anxious to strike out and explore again. And as the Robot remained ever-vigilant for any potential danger that his sensors could pick up within walking distance of their current location.

He would protect not only Will Robinson, as was his ongoing programming, as incorporated into his memory banks by Professor John Robinson, the boy's father, he would also stick close to the one other friend he had, other than Will: Dr. Zachary Smith.

It would be during this time of resting for Dr. Smith, still sitting upon a rocky outcrop of such a desolate land, rubbing his booted feet and bemoaning his "delicate back" issues, that the Robot's sensors caused him to cry out...

"Danger, Will Robinson, danger! An alien craft has entered into orbit about the planet, and my sensors detect the transporting of two individuals to the planet's surface! Danger!"

"What?" exclaimed a suddenly reinvigorated Dr. Smith, swiftly standing and stepping behind Will, in order to grab him, thus keeping him in front of the cowardly Doctor. "Where, you cybernetic nincompoop, where?"

"Approximately twenty-five feet ahead of us," answered the Robot with less exclamitory loudness than a single solitary minute before. His claw-like appendages pointing straight ahead of the three. "There."

Suddenly, amidst a strange whine that immediately preceded the swirling of atoms and molecules coming together in the definitely humanoid forms of two individuals from said alien craft currently in orbit about this lonesome world.

As a terrified Dr. Smith, and a held in front of him Will Robinson, more curious than scared, and an alert Robot all looked on...

The two forms solidified into a being with pointed ears, wearing a blue tunic over black undershirt, with equally black boots and trousers, and a definitely human being wearing a gold tunic over black undershirt.

The pointy-eared being brandishing metalic braids of two on his sleeves, while the human next to him had two metalic braids and one smaller one in-between them. A visually certainty that the one in the gold tunic outranked the one in the blue.

"What do you want?" Dr. Smith almost sobbed, as his personal terror grew greatly now that the two individuals had solidified a short distance before them. "Why are you here?"

"I don't think they're here to hurt us, Dr. Smith," stated Will with more unemotional logic than one could come to expect from a boy. Who, after pulling himself away from Dr. Zachary Smith, stepped forward and said, "My name's Will Robinson. This is Dr. Smith and our Robot. Who are you?"

Astonished that the boy, and the terrified elder man, spoke Standard English, it would be the gold tunic-wearing man who responded.

"My name's Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Will. This is my First Officer, Commander Spock. Our sensors picked up the group of humans located a few thousand meters from this beam-down point. We mean you no harm."

"If that were true," cowardly commented a still-terrified Dr. Smith, as he pointed to the phasers held within the holsters hanging about their two waists, "then why are you both armed."

Speaking for both of them, the logic-minded, emotively stoic Mr. Spock promptly replied, "It is merely a precaution against the possibility that your group of humans turned out to be hostile toward us. Our sensors did also pick up a collection of laser rifles and laser pistols at the centralized location of your group."

"That makes sense, Dr. Smith," stated, with a smile and a nod, Will Robinson, as he stepped closer still to the two beamed-down individuals, one unmistakenly human, and the other just as unmistakenly alien, with an outstretched hand. Welcome."

A smile spread across the handsome face of the sandy-haired, blue-eyed Captain Kirk, as he took Will's hand in an expression of friendship and trust.

"Thank you, Mr. Robinson. Now, with your permission we'd like to make the acquaintance of the rest of your group."

"Sure thing, Captain Kirk," excitedly said Will, even as he turned to lead these two newcomers to his family's planet back to the Jupiter Two. "I'll be happy to do that. Come on, Dr. Smith...Robot."

"Oh, the pain, the pain," grumbled, beneath his breath, Dr. Zachary Smith at the prospect of having to walk all the way back to their permanent encampment a few thousand feet away from their current position.