"Not much further," snarled Commander Korkon, disrupter pistol in hand, as he and his Klingon Away Team close the gap 'twixt their beam-down point and the Jupiter Two. "Then we shall destroy these humans for being upon a planet that the Klingon Empire has claimed for their own. Just as we claim this part of space for our own."

Even as Korkon and his group of equally armed Klingons rounded a rock corner, in order to put themselves dangerously close to the human encampment upon this nameless world...

"Keep all weapons ready to fire," Captain James T. Kirk cautioned, even as he and Commander Spock were doing with their unholstered phaser pistols, set on kill. "We should be coming face-to-face with the Klingons at any moment."

"You say these Klingons aren't open to diplomacy," Professor John Robinson said, still tending to lean in that direction with any alien. "Does that mean we open fire the instant we see them?"

"As much as I would like to seek a diplomatic answer to this Away Team of Klingons," stoically answered Mr. Spock in Captain Kirk's stead, his own phaser pistol at the ready for delivering death to their adversaries, "such is not the way of the Klingon Empire. Unfortunately, deadly force is the only thing such as they seem to understand. Therefore, such force is what we shall need to offer, once they are within sight."

Major Don West sneered, as he held his laser rifle tightly in a ready-to-fire manner, whilst still walking in the general direction of where Spock's tricorder had detected the Klingons from inside the Jupiter Two.

"If deadly force is all these characters understand, than deadly force is what I'll give them."

"I still wish," heaved John Robinson, even as his own laser rifle was held in a tight ready-to-fire fashion, "there were some way to reason with them. Though I'm ready to unleash the full force of my laser, I can't help but consider a less-destructive manner of contact."

"We should be seeing them any moment now," Captain Kirk interjected, his tone one of imminent combat, as his hand tightly gripped his phaser pistol in a shoot-from-the-hip manner.

Meantime, in high orbit above the desert planet...

"Alpha-Delta Two!" exclaimed Lt. Hikaru Sulu, even as he was entering such an attack-and-evade maneuver into his Helm station controls. "Fire all phasers!"

"Firing all phasers, sir!" shouted back, above the sounds of impacting beams of force from the Klingon ship K'THOTH, in which the ENTERPRISE was engaged in space combat. His own hands deftly tapping and touching the Tactical controls necessary to carry out such an order from Lt. Sulu.

Thus, while the ENTERPRISE was spinning up and away, its mounted around the saucer section phaser banks were spitting forth phaser energy that pounded against the K'THOTH's still-erected force shield.

So, too, however, did disrupter energy, spat forth by the K'THOTH as it underwent an evasive maneuver of its own, impact forcefully against the invisible shields surrounding the ENTERPRISE.

Such went the battle-to-the-death, as well as destruction, of the two equally matched vessels currently engaging one another in space combat high above the world upon which two equally armed factions, even now, were engaging in surface battle.

"Open fire!" shouted Commander Korkon, the instant he and his Klingon officers saw the human group approaching some hundred or two feet away.

"Fire!" came, at almost the self-same moment, Captain James Tiberius Kirk's raised voice, even as he and Mr. Spock lifted their phaser pistols in a loosely aimed manner, before pulling their triggers to spit forth, as rapidly as said triggers could be pulled again and again, red energy that, finding at least one Klingon, not as quick to hide behind an outcropping of rock, as did the rest, and sealed his sizzling demise.

So too did Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, John Robinson, and Don West find their own hiding spots behind yet another outcropping of rock. Something for which this planet had in abundance upon his desolate surface.

"Keep firing!"

Even as such was shouted by Kirk, John and Don unleashed as much hell as possible with their laser rifles...

"Kill the humans!"

While such was loudly ordered by Commander Korkon, disrupter fire was returned to impact with rock, yet still inches from killing one of these four well-armed human males.

Two more-or-less denizens of this worthless world, two top officers of the starship with which a single Klingon battlecruiser was, even now, fighting to death and destruction.

As solid rock began to break away, under the constant firing of lasers, phasers, and disrupters, still more Klingons found themselves in the direct line of fire.

One from the laser rifle fire, another from phaser fire.

As to the rock behind which four humans held back the Klingons, it too was undergoing several breaking points from the barrage of disrupter fire.

But, to their credit, the humans maintained an open fire-and-hide action that would soon see the two groups no longer even equally matched. For the aggressiveness of the Klingons would see two more killed by lasers and phasers, leaving only Commander Korkon and one of his lesser officers protected by the constantly sheered by energy fire rock.

Soon, Captain James T. Kirk would indicate to the others that he was going to slip around and catch the last two Klingons from behind.

As Don West slipped into Kirk's previously held position, still firing with his laser rifle, just like John Robinson, whilst such was also being done by Mr. Spock and his phaser pistol...

Captain Kirk used both scarce vegitation and the more abundant boulders scattered about to eventually make his way to a rear flanking area, where he surprised Korkon and his last Away Team officer.

"Put down your disrupters!" he loudly ordered, his phaser pistol aimed unerringly at their backs. "Do it now, or I'll open fire! And at this close, unobstructed range, both of you will be dead before you can turn toward me! Do it!"

Commander Korkon swore in Klingonese, as he dropped his disrupter, whilst raising his hands in the universally-understood sign of surrender.

The only living officer remaining with him did the same.

Kirk knew that, after forcing Korkon to contact his battlecruiser in high orbit, forcing the K'THOTH to cease all hostilities against the ENTERPRISE, the Klingon Commander and Klingon officer would be allowed to beam back up to their defeated vessel and streak away from a nameless planet and undeclared space region.

This would leave the human combatants free to return to the Jupiter Two, whereupon Captain Kirk would bid farewell to a certain exceptionally lovely blond-and-blue-eyed Judy Robinson, even as Major Don West stepped to her side in order to put one arm heavily about Judy's shoulders, thus making it clear that she was, in a romantic manner, his.

Such was accepted as fact, as Captain Kirk flipped open his communicator, to make contact with the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, and said, "Two to beam up. Energize."

Even as two figures were turned into swirling, buzzing atoms and molecules, to just as quickly materialize aboard the starship still settled hundreds of miles above the Jupter Two encampment...

"Oh, the pain, the pain," grumbled, as usual, Dr. Zachary Smith. "You would think they would've taken us back to Earth."

"You heard the reason Dad turned them down for that, Dr. Smith," came Will Robinson's older-than-his-age reply to his gray-haired friend. "We would be returning to a world that was centuries ahead of the one we left. We'll just have to continue refining fuel, until the day comes when we lift off to head out to Alpha Centauri."

"I suppose you're right, William," Dr. Smith said with a sigh laden just as much with disappointment as it was with hunger. "I need nutrition brought forth by the tasty treats cooked by your dear mother. Let's take our places about the table outside the Jupiter Two, shall we?"

As Will followed Dr. Smith to said table, he couldn't help but grin in amusement. Nothing ever seemed to keep the good Doctor from filling his belly with the food provided by his mother, Maureen Robinson.