Originally written for Monochrome, now a deleted drabble, posted here for your viewing pleasure.

"Ed," whispered a voice in my ear, "Ed, wake up."


"Come on- You've got to see this."

"Peter- What are you-"

A strong hand was tugging back my furs, grabbing hold of my arm and pulling with mighty force.

"Knock it off!"

"Edmund, come on! It'll be gone in a second." I struggled upwards and Peter helped me with his good hand. I scanned the hollow with bleary eyes, noting that Brigid was still buried under her blanket of wolfskins, the coals of the fire long cooled. Peter instistently ushered me out the front of the cave and around the oak before setting about climbing to the top of the small cliff face.

"Be careful!" I admonished, the dizzying thought of Peter losing his grip and plumetting down grating through my mind. But Peter was grinning down at me with such...boyishness, that I was compelled to follow him up.

And up.

And up still... Stopping only when he stopped and pointed out to everything beyond and below us:

Narnia cast in rose and fire.

The explosion of reds and pinks and oranges set the horizon ablaze with light, and stole my breath completely. A flock of birds evaporated from the tops of the Pine nearly three miles away, gusting in the cold breeze that fueled the fires of the sun. I could only stare out at Narnia's waking beauty, feeling as Aslan must have often felt- to look down from such heights, with such burning adoration in His heart. My shoulder was nudged, and I turned to my brother, whose face was split by the width of his smile.

"It's gorgeous, isn't it?"

I felt my mouth grin back, instinctual and natural, and turned back to the sunrise.

"Is it always like this?"

"I wake up to it every morning." He shifted, making to sit on the mossy stone beneath us, "It comes up just beyond my balcony and the light fills my room, so it's impossible to ignore. The Trees dance to welcome it and the Birds all start chattering at once. Sometimes I'll stand there and just listen, trying to pick out the separate songs..." he laughed, "I've never been able to, but I suppose with time I'll get better at it."

"I've never seen it," I confessed, and eased myself to sit beside him, never removing my gaze from the view.


"Well, except for-" I cut off, thinking of a blood red sky and a tawney Lion filling my vision as we walked up a grassy knoll, "My window faces to the West. But the Woods cover the sunset."

A heavy weight settled around my shoulders, and it took me a moment to realize that it was the weight of Peter's arm. He pulled me against him for a moment, and we silently watched the last of the red fade to a warm pink, then a mottled purple, and then finally a brilliant blue. Clouds that had been stained by the spreading sun grew pale and pure. The sun began to warm the rock beneath us, around us, and I could feel a faint tingle of warmth grow on my cheeks. It was like resting against Aslan's side, when I was tucked under Peter's arm.

"You and I can do this in the mornings, if you like."

I turned and craned my head up to find his eyes, which were fixed on the treeline miles away.

"Should we invite the girls?" Was it selfish of me that I didn't really want to?

"I think..." said Peter slowly, "I think brothers should have some things that they do just as brothers."

"So, sword fighting, archery, debate classes- None of those are things we do together?"

"As Kings, we do those. But we're brothers first, Edmund. Before anything else, you and I are just two kids. Well," and Peter's voice slipped into a cadence I was beginning to recognize, "I'm still in charge no matter how you look at it, but..."

"Be in charge of this" I muttered, shoving him roughly off to the side.

Peter laughed honestly and something rose a little inside of me as well.

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