This is a new story I'm attempting to get out since it attacked me the other night and wouldn't let go. I was inspired by a travel channel show about Gaslight Bars, WFE Rob (in that tux and with those sexspenders-yum) as well asKristen Stewart's W magazine 2011 photo shoot.. So here we are now with The Champagne Club, a story set in the late 1950s/ early 1960s gentleman's club. I did minimum research on this, btw. Let's not hate on that fact.

This story is an exercise for me to try my hand at brevity and sexy-times more than anything else, though I do have a basic plot outlined. I don't use a beta at present, so mistakes lay ahead though I promise to catch what I can.

Chapters will be between 100 and 1500 words, unless otherwise posted and usually come from Fictionista Witfit promts. I plan to post 2-3 chapters per week when applicable (meaning I have them ready to go).

And lastly, I do not intend to have A/Ns longer than the chapters (excluding this one) as it kind of defeats the point of brevity. Plus no one reads these things anyway. With that in mind, here is the disclaimer for the entire story:

I'm not Stephenie Meyer, nor do I have a financial investment in Twilight or its franchise. I only swim in the ocean of someone else's creation.

I think that covers everything for now. Enjoy!

1- Fidgety

Word count: 594

Bella shuffled from side to side, nervous about what she was considering. It had been a several weeks since she was offered this opportunity but she was hesitant to take it still.

Once she accepted the job, her life would never be the same. She knew this without a doubt.

She stood on the street, studying the deceptively serene entrance, the cold wind whipping her long, dark tresses around her face as she weighed the pros and cons. She pushed the loose ends of hair behind her ear and took a deep breath, fidgeting on her feet as she made her decision.

She was going to do it. She had to; all her other options were exhausted. If she didn't want to be forced back to Forks and into a drab, mono colored existence she would have to walk through the dark oak door.

Doing so would ensure she got to stay in Chicago, where she knew she belonged.

Something about the city spoke to her, called for her. Somehow this city had more for her than lonely winter nights filled with empty dirty dishes in a sink and broken furnaces. More than fall leaves dusting empty streets and knowing eyes judging her for failures as she walked them. The place of her birth wasn't home, but a cave she would be summoned back to if she couldn't find the means to make it work here in Chicago.

Bella resolved within herself to do everything in her power to keep that from happening. Steeling her nerves, she lifted her eyes, held her head high and moved across the street to the grand door. She lifted the intricately carved brass knocker and clanked it three times before stepping back to wait.

A small sliding door opened, a pair of dark eyes staring out to investigate the visitor. "Business?"

Bella took a shaky breath before answering. "My name is Isabella Swan. I was told to come here to audition with Mr. Sloan."

The dark eyes gazed heavily through the small slit before slamming it closed. Bella's heart plummeted, feeling rebuffed before she'd even gotten a chance. Her reject was short lived as the oak door was pulled open, the owner of the dark eyes moving to the side and ushering her in with a wave.

Bella stepped inside, thankful for the warm rush of air the club provided. The man wasted no time in walking through the lush and extravagant rooms of the club, allowing Bella no time to take in the details before he showed her into a small office nestled in the back.

"Wait here. Mr. Sloan will be with you momentarily."

He left without further ado, Bella alone once again. She took in her surroundings with awe, never having seen so much opulence before. Bella could hardly believe her eyes, the idea she might soon be working here, experiencing this lifestyle on a daily basis left her dumbfounded. It was so very far removed from her small, safe life back in Washington.

The office door swung open and Bella turned back to it, startled by the sudden appearance of someone else as she'd been lost in her thoughts. The man who walked into the room was intimidating in his black pin striped suit, gold chain watch shining in the low light.

The man smiled broadly at her, his dark eyes shining at the sight of her. He had been looking forward to the day she would come to him. He knew it was only a matter of time.

They all came eventually.

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